Pictures of Nadej and Primary School “Friend” leaks

Half Japanese actor, Nadej Kukimiya explains that the leaked pictures of him and a girl that seemed close is only his friend from his primary school days plus shows how ecstatic he is with the ratings of, “Ngao Rak Luang Jai” even though the actors/actresses are all newcomers.

Young actor, Nadej Kukimiya is pleased of the popularity of his lakorn, “Ngao Rak Luang Jai.” Even though the ratings are good is like a quarter of him being on his way to being a real actor, but he wants to give his all to school first.

There are leaked pictures of you and a girl.

“I’ve seen it already on ZupZip with the girl. I find it funny because we’ve been friends since Primary school in Khon Kaen. We took pictures in the car and it was normal. I was hugging my knees and she was sitting in front of me so there really isn’t anything. I don’t know if she saw the pictures yet or not (There are rumors that she’s an ex girlfriend.) She’s not an ex girlfriend of mine, but her releatives knew my relatives and my mom and her family sell meat balls. (Have you contacted with her?) I haven’t spoken to her, but if you ask about my status.. I just only work right now.”

How is your lakorn doing?

“The lakorn is already done shooting and right now I’m just following my work. I’ve been trying to look for things that I need to fix and correct it in the future. I have people come and greet me as “Naawa”, so I feel happy.”

Are you working full time in the industry?

“Right now I am taking my entrance exams to get into University. I want to major in film and production, but if you ask me if I’m a full actor yet? No, not yet. Let me finish school first.”

When you’re a bit more famous are you afraid of the rumors and gossips that will follow?

“It’s a normal thing and that’s something I have to accept that. If we do thing normally as we would do them and do them the correct way then there shouldn’t be anything bad that comes out.”

[Source: Rakdara]

15 responses to “Pictures of Nadej and Primary School “Friend” leaks

  1. Nothing wrong with the pictures, they’re both fully clothed and are taking a few snapshots….Where is all the harm in doing just that? It’s always like this…If a famous person is in a picture with the opposite sex, then it turns out to be this scandal…It’s just a picture. Anyways, good to know a newcomer is doing good with lakorn ratings, and he’s also adorable.

  2. he is so attractive! really good looking! hehe! and yea nice interview! and the pix look pretty normal! 😀

  3. Thai reporters need to get a life, really, at least come up with some interesting subjects. This is normal and BEFORE he was famous so no biggie.

  4. I understand if it was xrated lol but those pictures are like nothing near there lmao… it’s not as if he is kissing a bunch of foreign girl at the club lmao!!!!

          • really I was more concerned about the use of the word “foreign” rather than just a girl or bunch of girls as you said… don’t know why the comment needed to contain that kind of a distinction but anyway I get that you weren’t serious.

  5. the pics are very casual, many of us have them with friends. I don’t get why it’s a big deal or anything for that matter. I like the way he answers questions, insightful and thoughtful….sign of intelligence.

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