Andrew Doesn’t Mind Newcomers Taking Over

Andrew Gregson isn’t offended when people look at him as being picky. He doesn’t mind that newcomers are taking over. He says that he is still single and denies that he’s hitting on a Politician’s daughter.

After starring in the lakorn “Mongkut Saeng Jun“, Phra Aek, Andrew Gregson will be joining the Pau Jin Jong company in their upcoming lakorn, “Kehart See Daengwith newcomer Nang Aek, “Mint” Petchara Wongwasana from the lakorn, “Ngao Rak Luang Jai”.

Andrew said that today was his first time meeting Mint and said that he was happy to be known as a “Daddy Pusher.

“I’m glad to be a pusher because I’ve been pushed a lot of times already. So, to do that to someone else is a good thing, but I can’t do much anyhow. All I know is that I have to survive through this first.”

With the times you were gone where have you been?

“I have been home doing things like everyone else with my business that deals with lakorns that I have been working with back and forth and starting on new projects. If there is anything that is sure I will tell you once again because if I tell you now then I won’t work on it later. Like with lakorns, a lot of people will ask what role will I next take and I’m not bold enough to tell them because these things can always change. So after lakorns what would I be doing? Wait until I’m sure then I’ll tell you.”

When you’re acting why do you star in a lakorn and then leave for so long?

“With this I don’t know. I can’t tell you why. I have been like this for a long time already, but this time it’s a long time. It’s been about 3-4 years already and before that I have not been active in the industry for years also. I want to accept a lot of work too, but every time it comes out like this all the time. A lot of people will tell me that I’m picky, but not only with my work am I picky, but anyone who tries to get a job are also picky with theirs.”

Are you upset over it?

“No, I’m not. A lot of people tell me that I’m picky, but who isn’t picky?  I must be the one that everyone knows of that is and most people just pick people randomly, but I think of my fans and I do wish to have more lakorns for them to see me in.”

Are you afraid that newcomers will overtake you?

“That’s good. They should come more, don’t be afraid. With my age increasing everyday, I hope that one day Thailand can be like other countries that when your age increases the more work you will get, but that is only a hope. Whatever I get I’ll just take it.”

Do you have someone that you’re close to?

“I still don’t have anyone and the person that I used to be in the news with (The Politicians Daughter) we’ve known each other since the lakorn, “Mai Meuang” and we’re just friends. I have met someone that could be the one, but that was it nothing else happened further then that and we’ve been over for a long time now.

I have never had an aim when I will get married, but if I do get married I will probably just announce that I’m getting married to show respect for the woman’s side.”

What kind of woman can conquer your heart?

“Someone who is willing to bite pieces of salt with me (willing to go through obstacles) and with that it seems that there is no one like that. It will be difficult to find one. At times I would get crazy feeling when I see my friends have children. I see others have children and I want to have children. When? I can’t tell you because with my life there are always surprises.”

[Source: Rakdara]

13 responses to “Andrew Doesn’t Mind Newcomers Taking Over

  1. Andrew is one of my favorite actors. I’ve liked him for so long now, like 11 years. I hope he has a long career and keeps coming out with new lakorns and movies. He is amazing.

    That is sweet about him wanted to have a family like his friends too. I only wish him the best!

  2. i didnt understand the interview at all. is something happened?? what did they asking him exactly? what is he talking about? Or maybe the living is just too loud, louder than the voice in my head 😦

  3. PJJ lakorn stinks lol there is only a few selection of good lakorns that comes from PJJ. And ever since they moved to Ch3, there hasn’t been one that I enjoyed watching. =(

    • I agree with you 100%. Andrew is too good for PJJ! They make horrible lakorns – from the clothes, the set, basically everything looks cheap and unprofessional. I wish Andrew wouldn’t work for them.

  4. I have a feeling one of these days he’ll pull a Tik and just get married. LOL.

  5. dito about pjj lakorn! i dont know why andrew has to accept another lakorn with them. they only had a few good ones in a past and the rest are soo boring. i wish he would have accepted one with p’da thairath cuz their lakorns are usually good..

  6. I like Andrew…he’s not insecure and welcomes newbies…and he has the right to be picky 😀

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