Richie Kul Shows Love For Thailand

With all the political occurrences happening in Thailand our favorite model, Richie Kul took to the streets of New York and along with many other Thai’s living in that area to show their love and support for Thailand and The King.

Not only are celebrities showing their love in Thailand, but those abroad also are showing how much pride they have with the situation happening in Thailand right now and in hopes that this will all die down and Thailand can go back to being “The Land of Smiles.”

“Hoping that a quick and peaceful resolution to the strife in Bangkok is on the imminent horizon.” – Richie Kul.

Nickhun Horvejkul showing support with his display picture on his twitter.

[Images via Richie’s Facebook]

11 responses to “Richie Kul Shows Love For Thailand

  1. hes cute and handsome.. And, he lives closer to me than the other dudes…. 🙂 *wink wink wink. they all live in thailand lol

  2. Seriously, he’s too good to be true… :\ whats the catch? lol his interview is soo REAL. XD damn him!! lol

  3. Ok so i am not thai so i dont know wats going on over there right now. so can someone please let me kno what is going on….. please 🙂

    • there’s the fight between yellow shirt people (they support the chakri dynasty & against Thaksin shinawatra, Thai’s former pm) and red shirt people who support Thaksin & against royal fam. Now the red shirt ppl are in Bangkok and there’s a kind of battle between them & policeman. 1 soldier got shot and die 3 days ago and there’r bomb in many places in Bangkok. For those who want to come to Thailand now, you need to avoid Bangkok, it’s dangerous.

      • do you think it’ll be the same next yr around this time of the yr? i have relatives planning to go there. my mom say no because there seems to be a lot of issues going on but you know, others have a different mind. i see on the Anthony Bourdain show when he went to thailand bangkok there were a lot of political fights. So much they had to avoid there, or something like that. i want to go there to see the people and food. 🙂

        • I’m not sure but I don’t think thing will last to next year. But if it’s still goin on, I think you can come in other cities like Phuket or Chiang Mai instead. If it’s not Bangkok, it’s still safe.

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