Weir still smokes?

“Weir & Pancake” are a sweet couple onscreen and offscreen. Whenever you see “Weir” Skollawat Kananot appear at a function, you can instantly bet his sweet heart “Pancake” Kheminit Jamikorn is there with him.

Standing side by side, the couple are willing to give the media an update on their work life & love life.

Pan: “I’m about to open up a new shop, at Wongwan. The shop that we have now, I haven’t had much time to go there. I mainly call up to check on what’s happening.”

“On Weir’s birthday, I didn’t buy anything for him because I was going to buy him something that he wanted but then he went and bought himself one as a birthday one”

What did you buy for yourself?

Weir: “It’s a leather jacket, for bike riding. It’s not that expensive, just 7-8 thousand baht, I want to wear it when I ride my bike”

What work do you have on now?

Pan: “I have ‘Douy Rang Athitan’ and ‘Tur gup kao lae ruk khong rao'”

There’s a rumour that Weir was seen perving at women at Chokechai 4 and he was smoking too, is that true?

Weir: “When did I tell you that I quit smoking? I don’t know, I haven’t seen any photos. It’s probably just gossip. I went there during Songkran with my friends, we were just hanging out, it was nothing”

Source via Innnews

11 responses to “Weir still smokes?

  1. They ARE a CUTE couple. I LOVE them but if Weir did smoke, how come there’s never any pics or videos of Weir smoking? He doesnt seem like that kind of guy.
    Anyways I wish them the best forever!

  2. So what if he smokes. It’s his choice.

    They’re cute and all, but I kind of find this interview boring….?

  3. Um..I remember she said he quit smoking already. I guess she was just trying to cover up? Because no matter what, when a man smokes it becomes hard to quit. Not even mens, womens too. Not that I’m a smoker but I dated two guys that smoke and it’s just a guy thing for them.

  4. Who gives a dang if Weir smokes? Thai press and netizens? I really don’t care if Weir smokes or not. It is his life. I don’t like him but still Thai press needs to leave him alone. I’m tired of hearing about this couple anyway…

  5. I thought it would be some scandalous news but it is just Wier smoking and what lakorn does Pan have lol. I don’t favor people smoking but it doesn’t mean I dislike them. Give it a break already Thai media.

    Anyways I like Pan but her lakorns is just blah!!! I do pity her that ch7 gives her some wacky roles and as for her pra ek, let’s say ch7 doesn’t have the type of pra ek I am interested in. And if there is an actor that I like from ch7, they usually characters and plot that doesn’t attract me. *sigh*

  6. LOL was that it? I thought something BIG happened but anyways what a boring interview

    But there was a post a couple of months ago saying ‘Pancake was trying to forve Weir to quit smoking’ but i guess he didn’t listen to her

    But smoking is someone’s individual choice and if they want to quit they’d make the choice

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