Porshe Sarun, the next big thing of channel 7

According to Gossipstar, actor “Poh” Natthawuth Skidjai has a young replacement. His name is “Porshe” Sarun Siriluck.

Khun Dang of channel 7 is preparing to promote Porshe as the next big thing, signing him on a 7 years contract.The plan is to make him as the new #1 Pra Aek of channel 7 in the future.

In an interview with khaosod news, Porshe reveals;

“I’ve been interested in becoming a channel 7 actor for a long time. When P’Poj took to me talk to the channel and the elders gave me the opportunity. I took it without hesitation. I didn’t even read the contract, I was so excited. The contract is for 7 years, I don’t know what the conditions are in the contract. In about two weeks the elders will call me in to the office to talk about it”

“As for the rumour that channel 7 is hiring me to replace P’Poh Nattawuth, I honestly didn’t know about that. I don’t think that I could ever replace P’Poh. P’Poh is talented and I know very well that my acting is not that great yet. It’s still not good, I still can’t get my pronounciation right, I still can’t clearly pronounce words wih S in it. I have a lot to learn and right now I just want to do the best that I can”

18 responses to “Porshe Sarun, the next big thing of channel 7

  1. First of all… Who the HELL is he? Can he act? He ok looking but can he act?
    Second… He can’t replace Por. Maybe he could replace Vee cuz that guy suck at acting.

  2. ok..he doesn’t know what’s in the contract? lmao
    is she going to promote him by putting him in tons of lakorns like pancake? i think that’s all she knows how to do.

  3. First of all, I dont think hes cute at all.
    Second, he doesnt look like an actor and doesnt look like he can act.
    Third, he is soo NOT gonna be as famous as the experienced CH7 pra’eaks.
    Lastly, how can CH7 choose him? Arent there any REAL cute guys for the future. Anyways I’m never gonna be his fan.

  4. He doesn’t know the terms of the contract? He didn’t even read it? 7 years? SMART move genius. So many wonderful people leaving this channel and here he goes jumping into the fire without thinking.

  5. What is up with all these channels hiring kiddy looking leads? Where are the big, built and mature looking guys? It’s like I’m watching a teenager series or something. It makes me miss the old days A LOT!

    • haha I wanted to ask the same question! I don’t understand how people keep saying these newbie ‘little boys’ are cute, handsome, etc. (I don’t only mean him but other new stars too) Where are all the older looking men? Gosh, I don’t want to watch some teenagers, puppy love lakorns.

  6. His not that bad, his actually alright at acting you can say he can act, his in a lakorn called ‘Ngao Ruk Luang Jai’ its not fair to him if you dislike him straight away because he was compared to Poh , but he cant relpace Poh, Poh is just too good to be replaced by a newbie. And i agree with WPBlogger where are the big, built and mature looking guys?

    • The newbie you are refering to is not in “ngao ruk luang jai” Ch3 lakorn not Ch7. Sorry 😦

  7. lol some guys here are really quick to judge, that’s just one pic, you know!!!! you can’t say he’s ugly already

    he’s the guy in nutty’s mv “puen rue faan” right??

    then he’s actually pretty cute!!!!!!!!
    and of course he won’t be that good in acting already, remember he’s a newbie, what do you expect???

  8. No, this kid can’t replace Por. I won’t judge his looks from this picture above because I have no clue who he is and I haven’t seen other pics of him yet. But I believe he can’t replace Por Nattawut Skidjai. Nopeee…

  9. i don’t know about being # 1!! cuz Por is hot….n this little kids, by the looks of it…it’s going to take over 10 years for him to get famous…actor and actress just don’t get famous n become #1 over night! i am still young so i’ll see…but i pretty sure that in 10 years from now i still might even know his name! or watch any of his lakorn!!!
    but best of luck to the kid! TRY HARD n u will make it!

  10. He’s cute……. why are you guys so judgemental? I havent seen him lakorns but He’s good looking for an actor!

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