Ploy To Visit Navin in America And Working With Dome Won’t Make Navin Jealous

Making those around her secretly feeling uneasy and jealous, “Ploy” Chermarn reveals to Rakdara that she will be flying overseas to America to be with her sweetheart, Navin Tar. She also reveals that Navin isn’t jealous that she will be in a lakorn with her ex, “Dome” Pakorn Lum.

When will you be visiting Navin?

“It will be around next month. I’ll be there for a month and a half and after that I’ll be visiting my friends and family in England.”

Have you decided where you will go sightseeing at when you visit Navin?

“We’ll probably just go wherever because I really don’t get much time off to spend time with him and also I always work.”

Is Navin almost done with school yet?

“He is almost finished. Right now he’s doing his internship, but she should be finished and return back in September.”

There are rumors that you would be in a lakorn with Dome?

“It’s true, but right now it’s at the stage where they’re writing up the script still. We’re in the phase of preparing ourselves.”

Did Navin say anything when you accepted to work with Dome?

“He didn’t say anything at all. He’s very supportive with everything that I do. It was all in the past and work is just work. I see it as that we are friends and that we can work together is admirable with no problems at all.”

19 responses to “Ploy To Visit Navin in America And Working With Dome Won’t Make Navin Jealous

  1. Whoaa, I didn’t even know they were dating! Two such gorgeous people! ❤
    I hope she'll have fun in the U.S.!
    Navin is working hard.

  2. I remember he came out on the news and denied her and then she became all cracked face about it because that. Now they are open about it? Weird.

    • I don’t ever remember him denying her. They’ve been pretty open about their relationship with navin even admitting on wan wan young wan yoo about their status. But yeah they are a super cute couple and I hope they’ll be together for a long time. Navin’s really handsome in person and Ploy is a natural beauty without all that makeup in person as well. I hope they have a tremendous time vacationing together. Ploy says she invited him to Six Flags. That should be very enjoyable! ^_^

    • If I remember correctly he didn’t come out to deny anything – but his agent or someone?! came out and said they weren’t dating. But shortly after that news photos leaked out and it was confirmed.

  3. I didn’t know they were dating! Cute couple tho, let’s see how things go. Navin seems sweet and definitely a hottie!

  4. omg!!.. they’re a couple… awwe. how cute!! XD..

    im just happy that ploy & dome are able to work together still.. bcuz i am def anticipating their lakorn ^_^

  5. whoaaas! i did not know that they were going out…
    interesting….(: well, wish them both the best 😀
    Woot Woot. Navin is so adorable just like win ! lol
    You can’t even really tell that, that is ploy…

  6. Wow Navin looks pretty damn hot there haha that’s the first picture i found that he looks goood

    But yep i would love to see Ploy and Dome’s lakorn but there’s going to be so much scandals even if Ploy says it’s fine that they’re working together, cause u know how Thai media are like

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