The Mistress With Many Husbands

It happens to be she has an itching once again to change men for the girl with the nickname, “The Mistress with 100 husbands.” Her age hasn’t even hit adulthood (25) yet and don’t know how  many battles she has fought over and over for her treasures, but it seems that the train has left the station and she has chopped off her ties with her last socialite man. Not long did it take for her to stay single or so long, she turned around and is now dating a socialite from Europe. She doesn’t like domestic men from Thailand, but instead likes them big western size. If anyone knows of her then they would know that she’s very scandalous with her past history. No matter what we’d like to wait and hear it from her own mouth if she really did throw her Chinese looking ex to the side or not.

[Source: Rakdara]

26 responses to “The Mistress With Many Husbands

    • ROFL Obviously, huh?! AHAHAHAHA
      She’s the only one we all know for sure that goes back and forth from Europe to Thailand…
      &&Dates MANNNYYY mens! Lol xD

  1. ahaha.. i know for sure that it’s poo.. she’s the only dara that dated so many westerners.. etc.. gosh have they run out of news that much to come back at poo? lol .. lame.. hehe..

  2. lol… it is POO. she never stays single for long. plus her newest bf is a socialite in europe so this is directly towards her.

  3. Dude, no need to read. Just by looking at the pic I knew it was Poo and her ex lol. But after reading it, it is FOR SURE Poo.

  4. Hahaha love how everyone knows it is Poo. Who else could it possibly be. ahahaha. Well she is getting a lot of news and she isn’t even in her home country lol…

  5. I’m surprise she’s not pregnant yet. I think Poo is pretty but I dislike what she’s doing with her beauty. She’s just like her mom.

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  7. Is she still in college or graduated already? I don’t understand how she can go around having boyfriend(s) and concentrate on school at the same time. She must be pretty talented 😉

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