Poh and Ae to Marry Next Year

Ever since he was confident he would marry his girlfriend, “Ae” Ponthip Wonggitjanon in the year of the tiger (this year), but something came up that had “Poh” Nuttawuth Sakidjai push the date back to next year.

“Last year I said that I would marry this year, but there has been so many things that came into this year, so the wedding is most likely to happen next year. Right now everything is seeming to ease up and improve into a good way. It’s all falling into place. The elders that I respect understand the situation and it gives me time to think about my personal life more. So I have been thinking that it will probably be around the middle of next year.

As for the days and time, we haven’t started seeking it yet. We are not in a hurry, but we will marry next year for sure because my father is rushing me to marry. We have to respect the female side also. As for the wedding itself I want to have a small wedding. I don’t want anything big because it’s an era where we have to watch ourselves and just for it to be enough.” Poh said.

[Source: Kapook/Thaipoint]

8 responses to “Poh and Ae to Marry Next Year

  1. I agree with phiengthirath. I love this couple too!

    Their facial expressions are similar in each picture.
    They are so freakin cute!

  2. this couple is cute together! they both are handsome and pretty. congrats on them getting marry next year! hehe! 😀

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