Kob Suvanant is stressed over her new role as diva

Even though “Kob” Suvanant Kongying is considered the number one actress of channel 7 but it didn’t stop the actress from transitioning from leading heroine to a diva role in “Ruen Son Rak”.

Kob revealed;

“In this lakorn my character is Dararuong. She is a woman who has it all, looks, wealth and social status. Hence the reason why she is so dignified and doesn’t give in to anyone, even her own father”

“Playing this character is a big change for my life because I have to play a real evil diva. The evilness is between me and my father (Played by Moo Dilock)”

“Another reason why I accepted this lakorn is because the plot is very interesting. If I didn’t accept this I would definitely regret it for the rest of my life”

“P’Gai Atchareya wrote this up really well. I have to admit that I was stressed and under a lot of pressure on my first day on the set. Everytime I have to act, acting has to sprung from all of my body, my face, my eyes and my posture. I have to be evil to the max. There’s no easy scenes for me at all”

“Some people think I can do this because I’ve been in the industry for a long time but I want to tell them that it’s not the same. In this lakorn, I’m evil the whole way through so the acting technique that I used to portray in my previous lakorns has to be changed. It’s like I’m starting back at one and it’s a challenge for my acting skills”

Source via Entertain Teenee/Thairath

39 responses to “Kob Suvanant is stressed over her new role as diva

  1. i think she can pull it off. she was mean to paul in silamanee. She had those eyes. lol That guy looks like this veteran actor………

  2. Kob has the natural evil look, she doesn’t suit the goody goody roles like in Lhong Ngao Jun, her role in Bussaba Leh Ruk suited her since she had to be a bitch to her mom and people in the story!!!

    • hello Khmer Chick
      Do you have something against her? Kob was excellent in LNJ.
      She has the pitiful and tender look. She does not have a natural evil look like you claim her to be. Finally I am happy that she’s accept a project that opposite her comfort zone. Now she’s can grow as a actress.

      • I am a khmer chic and i am proud, plus my grandma is thai and chinese, so go away, how do you know i’m khmer anyways do you stalk me everyday??? Your just like kob hating on khmer people, what did we do to you????

      • hello kob crazy fan!
        This is not smart at all to comment like this. khmer fans will start to hate your beloved Kob again because of your comment. She’s just started to gain her khmer fans back and now you will make her lose her khmer fans forever. I can tell why she’s hated by netizens so much, it’s because of her stupid fans.

      • so what if she’s khmer? and if she likes kob so what? people are subject to their own opinions just like u… so please be more mature.

  3. finally she can grow more as an actress…about time she took on another role instead of the same one…lets see how she does with this one…

  4. i swear i saw Paul at one of the fit. anyways, so who is going to be the nang ek with Win? I WANNA KNOW

  5. I had always thought she had the evil and stuck up look. It was difficult watching her innocent and kindhearted roles lol she wasn’t really good at them.

    • I agree. Kob has some kind of evil look even when offscreen. She’s got some kind of nang’rai sense.

  6. I love Kob! I think she will do great. And I will always love her as n’eke or n’rai, but playing n’rai will only up her mark as an actress. Good luck and I can’t wait to see it.

  7. I watched the first episode of this lakorn, and her character was very vicious. I like seeing her return, but I felt uneasy watching it.

  8. Watched the first episode. Must say, she’s pretty good at being evil. She should do more diva roles :p

    • I agree with you..she’s pretty good. She’s smart for accepting this diva role, this character actually helps showcase her true talent as an actress. And besides, even though she’s not n’ang ek, but she’s still the main character in this lakorn.

  9. i’m just happy she’s doing the diva roles.. because many n’eks don’t accept the diva roles because they feel that it’ll ruin or take away their n’ek status… <– which is true in some cases like joy rinalee T_T.. i want her as n'ek again T_T… but yeah anyways.. im just happy to see kob grow more as an actress… not just keep playing the typical weak n'ek..

  10. 🙂 yay can’t wait to see this lakorn. Kob is beautiful! as usual. She have a perfect nose. Did she got a nose job??or something??

    • No, she didn’t have plastic surgery on her nose. I’ve seen her lakorns when she was in her teens and the nose is the same.

  11. She’s doing really good in the lakorn, the evilness is so different from all her other roles. very intense!

  12. Who ever is the boss of dirtii-laundry please remove foreverkob’s comment because that person is being racist to me and all khmer people!

    • well, if you look at what you just wrote up there,
      “…Your just like kob hating on khmer people, what did we do to you????”
      –im pretty sure that is saying the way what did the Thai people did to you to write that?..

    • I am not defending foreverkob but it’s not like s/he insult the Khmer people. She just stated that you’re a Khmer chick which I am neutral and it really depends from the person’s perspective. As for me, if someone calls me a Asian chick, I wouldn’t consider that a racial insult. But I guess that is just me lol

      • yeah i guess that’s just you lol

        for me there are different situations like here, why did foreverkob have to start a comment to someone she didn’t know personally with the word of her nationality? this topic is about kob it ain’t about different races so khmer chick was just out of the blue and leading to offensive interpretation. now if you guys were face to face when one calls you asian chick then that would be less offensive.

        and lynna foreverkob started it first that’s why missmonica replied back with that question.

    • I think it’s rude of her to call you by that, but I don’t think it’s racist. Your comments speaks for themselves, also.

    • don’t worry about it missmonica… just let the whole world know how immature that person is… makes u look better when u just ignore it and don’t take it too personal 🙂

  13. I think when she was younger she did suit the innocent nang ek type, but now that shes older and that she is allowed to show her true self which is very outspoken, opinionated (in a good way) ppl may see her suiting the diva role more.

    Remember when you first start out in the industry you have to maintain certain images of yourself, and in contrast to Kob’s interviews when she was younger, she wasnt very outspoken and didnt talk so much but was very collected.

    But in the past 2 or 3 years ive seen her interviews and the fact that she is host of Jun Pun Dao, she is allowed to express herself and we see her as very open, opinionated and outspoken, that is why today we see her more suited as a Diva.

    BUT I hope ch7 will still continue to do plerng pra nang the remake and cast Kob & Noon and that Kob plays the Nang Ek role not Diva, I hope they also cast Aum as well. Because as I recall there were 3 main wife in the last series.

    Just my opinion.

  14. Kob looks really old and ugly in the above photo (with kelly), r they trying 2 dress her down……heaps of people r calling her Kob the red buffalo because she is siding with the red shirts(probably because of Brook)

  15. Everyone should read “Kob wants to be Forever Nang Aek: Turns her nose up at diva roles”.
    Kob is such a hypocrite, she vowed that she wouldn’t accept any diva role……guess what…she did.

  16. i think kob is an awesome actress… and to be versatile in playing different types of role and what a true actress should be capable of… she can do it!

  17. wow…isn’t this comment box suppose to be about why “kob suvanant is stressed over her new role as diva”???…just a thought…don’t hurt me…but yeah back to the topic…i believe she made a wise decision for taking this role…it brings out her true skills as either a n’ek or n’rai (hope i’m spelling that right…^.^)…she’s capable of taking any new challenges…and being stress over this only makes you stronger…will maybe from my perspective, but its up to how you view it i guess???

  18. I’m ending this hard situation on how foreverkob knew i was khmer i haven’t stated that i was nor have i ever, did this person hack me or something???I’m really wondering??? Thanks to everyone who is on my side, i have never said i had a problem with kob anyways, i watch alot of her lakorns and followed her career for years now i do promise to not write on this topic anymore!!!

  19. i really want to know how Kob thinking when read above comment….i feel unhappy when read those comment and feel sad for Kob…

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