Pu’s new love

Actress “Pu” Praiya has never been out of love. She went from Joey Boy to being torn between “Nutt” Sarasas & “Pat” Pakasit.

In the end she chose Pat but broke it off with him later for an English man. But again, her relationship with her English beau was short lived. She broke up with him and accepted a new romance with Socialite “Khunpol Itsara”.

The couple maintained a long distant relationship for some time before Pu finally announced..Khun Pol is just a friend to her now.

“Sometimes I’m so tired from studying I don’t really want to listen to other people’s problems. They can tell me about it but I don’t want to hear about it every time they call. Lately Khun Pol has been calling me a lot, it’s like he’s checking up on me”

Pu confessed the reason for Khunpol’s constant check up call

“I think it’s because he found out that I had an admirer so he was worried about it and I understand that. One time I gave him an ultimatum. I told him, if he wants to behave like that then we’re better off breaking up and he got better after that. But eventually he reverted back to his old ways so I broke it off with him”

Pu’s new love is Alexander Sichel

“He’s someone that I’m seeing. We go to the same school. He is cute, on my birthday, him and my friends threw me a surprise party. His parents own a winery”

Source via Entertain Teenee

19 responses to “Pu’s new love

    • I have to agree with you! I mean if she really liked the guy with sincerity, well the new guy (too many guys for me to keep up with), then was it necessary to mention at the end that his parents own a winery? LOL

      • Hahaha… that what I was thinking. I guess she is saying that to indicate that she isn’t dating a “nobody” or “low-class”.

  1. lol! i agree with all of the above comment! i laughed when i saw missmonica’s comment! that was funny! but yea about poo! she do change men alot! hope her the best only.

  2. I can’t keep up with her. I thought she wanted to take a break from relationship but apparently, she doesn’t want to take a break. I too believe she’s a gold digger and a whore (jumping from one guy to another) lol. It isn’t just once but all the men she dated are either famous or wealthy. Maybe she needs to date a lower class man that will teach her some values. She has never been a great actress, nor has she ever been a good public figure.

  3. I don’t see a problem at all..at least she’s admitting that they’re dating..
    I agree that she can’t act, she should just stick to just modeling , she has the height and beauty.

  4. For someone like Poo Praiya, if she expects her boyfriends to just trust her fully when she goes abroad to study..with her track record…then they wouldn’t be dating her. She switches guys so much that if her boyfriends didn’t call to check up on her then they’re probably cheating on her.

  5. at least this guy is actually hot. All the other one’s had no attraction except for what was in their wallets.

  6. lol..the comments are hilarious but true…and she’s wondering why her ex is checking up on her..she’s fickle and what is with the ‘his parents own a winery?’ i don’t want to think that she’s also after her bf’s money but it could be true..

    well,she’s still young so she’s probably still experimenting and collecting..lol.. but being young is no excuse you know 😀

    goodluck to her…she can’t act to save her life so she should at least do her best in her education..

  7. This girl will never be single…And will never date a man with no money or status. She has dated more men than me and I think we’re around the same age, oh well, her life, but one thing for sure, she needs to brush up on her acting because she sucks at it, I can say, in my opinion, one of the worst actresses I have ever seen in a lakorn.

  8. When has this girl ever been single? Her life is basically revolved around mens. And all the mens are NOT hot at all rofl!

  9. I totally agree with everyone that she sucks at acting. but on a different note I do like that she is honest and about her relationships. If she’s dating a guy she tells it like it is, unlike some celebs. Some people here call her a whore because her dating life is so public but do we really know for sure that the other celebs are not like her? Maybe they just havn’t been caught? For being as young as she is I do wish she would slow down a bit with the guys but hey as long as she is not taking another persons man that it’s all good.

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