Channel 3’s Boss Admits Ploy Chidjun has resigned

Channel 3’s Executive “Somluck Narongwichai” revealed actress “Ploy” Chidjun Rujipan has resigned from channel 3 and is leaving the entertainment industry to tie the knot.

The executive also confessed the channel has spoken to “Poh” Nattawuth Sakidjai and is in the process of waiting for the actor’s contract to expire before they can officially cast him into up coming lakorn “Koo Dued”

Poh’s contract is about to expire at the end of the month, have you spoken to him?

“I have spoken to him. We have been in touch but Poh said he needs to wait for his contract to expire first before we can start negotiating. I asked him for permission to line up some work for him in advance and he said ok, he said when his contract is up, he’ll come over here to talk”

What lakorn do you have line up for him?

“A producer is interested in him but whether or not he will accept the role, I don’t know. He wants to read the script first”

I heard you lined him up for up coming lakorn “Koo Dued”

“That is true but he wants to read the script first and I want to wait for his contract to expire first. When we can start to negotiate then I can discuss it. When it was announced that Poh was going to be a freelance all the producers were requesting for him. The choice to accept which lakorn is all up to him, not up to us, we want to give him that respect. Usually that’s how we treat all our actors and actresses in the channel. He can choose whatever he’s good at and want to do”

There’s a rumour that Ploy Chidjun is pregnant

“Ploy has approached me to ask to cancel her contract with the channel because she wants to go and study Chinese in China for 6 months. In simple terms she wants to quit the industry and I told her, don’t go. Leave your contract with us first but you can study if you want. However this time, she sent news to say she is really leaving the industry. The reason she gave us was that she wants to get married. And from what we’ve been told, she is already married and now that she has left the industry I don’t want to get involved with her family stuff”

When did she contact you?

“In the beginning of last month. As for her contract it’s been voided now. She is about to start a family and there shouldn’t be any problems. Please don’t write anything about her and her family. She wants to live her life in some other way”

Are you sorry to lose her?

“She has the opportunity to choose her own future. If she is confident about her choice for the future then go for it. If it’s for something good, We don’t mind”

Can she come back to the channel in the future?

“It depeds on timing. Honestly, when it comes to work it’s not really up to anything. It’s all about whether or not she will have time to work for us, because working on a lakorn takes time”

Source via Rakdara

9 responses to “Channel 3’s Boss Admits Ploy Chidjun has resigned

  1. Love her. I don’t think she ever played n’eke, every time I saw her she always played as the supporting actress. But she is very cute/adorable nevertheless. Good luck with fam and hope you come back soon.

    • yea she has. She played in Wo Ai Nee Kau Yood Jai Wai Tee Ter starring alongside Go Gosin. It wasn’t very popular; I don’t think. I only watched the first episode becaus I like Go.

  2. PS: actresses that people love retires or goes away from the entertainment industry and the ones that I pray goes away cuz Im annoyed by try their dam best to be relevant and stay in the biz….no name shall be mention ;P

  3. In other news it did say she was pregnant, reason for the marriage and the man said she IS pregnant.

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