Pinky Has Flew Back to Thailand! Her Mother Commands Her To Confine Herself

An “insider” confirms that the sharp eyed Nang Aek, “Pinky” Sawika has returned to Thailand already. Her mother denies that Pinky will be booking herself for any event appearances as her mother  just wants Pinky to rest and stay confined!

Even though she recently traveled to India to shoot a movie, but that doesn’t leave “Pinky” Sawika Chaidech out of the loop when rumors and gossip tabloids print about her daily in Thailand over her “close” relationship with “Peck” Sanchai the husband of actress, “Tanya” Tanyares Ramnarong. With the gossips almost dying down, Pinky took to her website to clear some of her feelings about her filming in India and the rumors with her and Peck then the tabloids were back up again causing a ruckus. Then Tanya came out to clarify and explained her facts.

With this event organizers are going crazy trying to get Pinky to promote their events. They are hoping that with this much bad press with her would be good press for them. About 30-40 event organizers has wanted Pinky for their events while she was in India, with this they were willing to pay a high price for her with her name causing a media stream. With this someone confirmed that Pinky was going to return back to Thailand in early May like Siam Dara reported.

Recently Siam Dara has received confirmation that Pinky has already flew back to Thailand after having been to India for her role in a Bollywood movie for a month. This would have to be a situation where Pinky has returned earlier then she was expected to. But no matter what, event organizers will have to try to line up in que when Pinky‘s mother allows her to do events. As she has denied every event that has called to book Pinky. Her mother wants everything to die down first and for Pinky to rest and stay in confinement quietly until everything clears. One being that both parties can be satisfied with Pinky not coming out and two to rest enough before she goes on tour with Superstar, “Bird” Thongchai McIntyre in America.

30 responses to “Pinky Has Flew Back to Thailand! Her Mother Commands Her To Confine Herself

    • hey you stay in nashville? I hope he comes here too or atleast Atlanta so it wont be so far out !!!!!!! I love P Bird!!!!!!!

  1. What?! Bird is coming to America for a concert? When and Where? When is he coming to LA? Please someone tell me!!!!

    • I doubt it. Thailand’s media is pretty notorious about keeping dirty laundry like this alive. Especially with Pinky not coming all out and firmly deny it.

      • That’s true too, but once the news is quiet and thai media bring it up again people aren’t really gonna care, Pinky herself may lose or gain her fame anyways!

  2. LOL Pinky and event organizers are smart. 1. Event Organizer doesn’t care, if Pinky comes, that means lots and lots of free media exposure as they will want to talk about the incident lol… 2. Pinky’s mother turn down all events and I assume Pinky herself would denied as well.

    Sadly if I can’t go to the Korean Music Festival then I will probably want to go to Bird’s concert.

  3. LOL everyone is more interested in Bird coming. My sister is flying me out to see her and for the concert yay!

  4. im tryin to book the tickets but its so hard to book them i’m drivin to L.A. just to see her, i wonder if she’s willing to come to san diego haha, well as for the news i really dont care bout it, its all rumors but im still a bigggg fan of her’s!!!

  5. @gabe LOL, at you saying it’s ALL rumors, gosh some people just love their favorite actresses too much! Hahaha!

  6. She’s staying low for the news to die out because she knows that’s her only way out of this mess. If she’s really innocent, she would set the record straight already. Why not have a press conference instead of her “don’t judge me” attitude because it only implies she’s guilty for messing with a married man. Never get yourself involve with a married man, no matter how innocent you think it is, others will not.

    • LOL I’m tired already with her attitude, and I’m fed up with those “Don’t Judge Me” and “Personal Matter” thingy. She should clarify it CLEARLY, and not playing with words. Well, at least we agree in one thing: a single woman “playing” with a married man is a shameful thing, however talented or pretty she is.

      But one interesting thing: people seem ecstatic with Bird LOL. My friends keep asking me to go with them to see Bird. If only my job was a bit “forgiving” and let me take some days off I’ll come LOL xD

    • peck and pinky both have something in common… they both keep telling the press it’s a private matter… only implying that they are both guilty.

  7. Usually I try not to judge actors and actresses because I don’t know them personally but after all of Pinky’s interviews I’m pretty sure she’s guilty.

    First off, Tanya defended her, and now obviously she isn’t.
    Second off, Pinky cried about it and in all of her other rumors if it wasn’t true she didn’t stress about it ever.
    Third off, Pinky didn’t clear the news at ALL. She just said don’t judge me.
    Fourth of all,she’s trying to stay real low so that ovciously means something.
    And last but not least, tanya barely everrr has bad news and she’s been in the ET bus foreverrrr!!

  8. hmmm.. so pinky is still coming with p’bird for the concert..

    anyways… the news will die down and rise again when she goes out in public.. i wonder what she’ll say then… hmm..

  9. Miss Pinky, you should continue to be professional and take on these events; it’s your career you have to think about and protect.

    Nothing beats putting up a strong front and facing the public, its called integrity and professionalism. Irregardless of right or wrong doings, continue to do your job well and you will come up on top.

    This will raise your profile and increase your appearance rates. Make all the money with these event promotions and when faced with silly Thai media questions, respond by saying you are here to talk about the product / event launch not your personal life,

    Great opportunity to take advantage of the situation to seperate your professional from private life, and draw the line once and for all, this will set the bar so the media knows exactly where they stand.

    Besides, in Hollywood the saying goes, ” you are a nobody if you are not talked about” on your way up girlfriend.

    See you soon!!

  10. I so agree with you secret PR friend. Not to say that I condone one to commit adultry but take the hight road and don’t hide out. If you’re bold enough to have a fling with a married man than be man enough to face the media. Take on jobs and event offers and do your job to the best of your abilities.

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