Cee and Amy Are Planning To Tie The Knot

“Cee” Siwat is usually a busy man espescially after taking on a new show Jun Pan Dao replacing senior actor “Poh” Nuthawuth.

With extra work load on his plate, people are starting to feel some concern for his romance with girlfriend “Amy” Klinpratoom – they are worried that perhaps the actor might have to postpone his wedding plans with girlfriend.

“My wedding plans are still the same. What? Just because I’m a talk show host I can’t get married? It’s got nothing to do with it but it’s not the right time right now that’s all. And the guy who’s about to leave hasn’t even left yet, and he’s not married yet either even though he should of been married a long time ago. So don’t worry about me. I already have the date in mind of when I want to get married”

“On the outside I might look young still because I try to act all retarded (laughs) but honestly I’m 28, I’m getting old now”

Are you afraid you will be pulled off the show if you get married?

“I don’t know if people will be able to accept that but I think when I start working on the show, I will do my best from my first tape to my last. If say they still agree to keep me on, then I would be happy but if not, I’ll just think that I’ve done the best that I can”

Source via Manager

14 responses to “Cee and Amy Are Planning To Tie The Knot

  1. They are super adorable together! I sometimes forget that Cee is getting older. For some reason, I still think he’s in his teens or early 20’s lol This is great news!

  2. I envy both, hopefully they won’t part from eachother because they are made for eachother. They’re the most adorblest and loving couple. Super happy and excited for them and I got to agree I sometime forget that Cee is getting older. Lol, thanks for the news! ^_^

  3. yeah i think this couple is cute too even though i only like amy not cee lol they’re pictures/news are not scandalous compare to others who are caught kissing in public, etc..

  4. I would cry if they didn’t get married and break up, they are such a cute couple, i hope they get married soon!!!

  5. ngaw i love this couple seriously they’re just so down to earth and like normal LOL like they’re just ur typical average couple. I can’t wait til they’re actually married all i can say is ngaw how cute ❤

    and i didnt know Cee was 28 LOL he still seems young too me (:

  6. …”And the guy who’s about to leave hasn’t even left yet, and he’s not married yet either even though he should of been married a long time ago.”…

    …that’s kind of mean for saying that, but than again he might be saying it in a joking way…

    …just a thought to point that out, don’t mind the comment…

  7. i just love cee & amy XD.. they’re so cute!!! sigh.. for some reason he never grew old in my head ahaha.. darn reality.. lol.. sigh.. time flies by fast!!! >_<.. congrats to them when they get married in the near future.. hehe..

  8. That comment gave me a “Huh” reaction tooo..Cee is a jokser but he can mean that Por older and ppl expect ppl to get married @ a certain age, and that he isn’t married and it’s fine….Cee would be great on the show..he’s a funny guy…

  9. Cea and Amy are so cute together 😀 ! I can tell that if they get married, they’ll be the best couple yet.

  10. Is Amy Klinpratoom and Pepper being the same lakorn again Sao Chai Hi Tech this year? If so when?

  11. what does getting married have to do with being a host of a show? Nothing. I don’t seewhy he can’t have both of those things in his life. And 28 is not old! But is a good time for marriage.

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