5 Guys, Every Girl Wants To Splash Water With During Songkran

With the Songkran festival being almost over and the hot weather ongoing in Thailand, Gossipstar held a poll that if every girl, women, or women at heart could beat the heat in during this festival, who would they want to splash water with? The top 5 guys that were picked for girls to beat the heat with can sure make the hot weather go away.

The first one is rising fast with his hotness with Aump Patcharapa being his pusher, there is no way Om Akapan‘s handsome features will go unnoticed.  — These are not in any particular order.

Even though he’s only 15 years old, there is no way he will be left out. Even though he is catching up with his senior, Mario Maurer, Nong Kao Jirayu makes girls all ages go crazy for him.

The next person can not go unnoticed, the more he’s famous, the more girls just love him. For being a down to earth guy that will even rise more, Mario Maurer makes the list.

Even though he’s a player, but it seems that his charms never fade. As girls want to play water with the one and only, Dome Pakorn Lum.

Every girl in the world wants to get wet with the next guy. Even if he’s a father of 2 and married, but there is no way, he will not be on the list. Some even dream of playing water with him like the movie, “Bangkok Love Story Traffic” or even have a guy to play water with like “Loong” in the movie, Ken Theerdeth will make water sexy!

40 responses to “5 Guys, Every Girl Wants To Splash Water With During Songkran

  1. LOL The first person that came to my mind was Om Akapan ❤ lol and damn he is hot haha
    I agree with this list minus Mario – i've never followed his work or anything and i don't think he's that hot either 😛

  2. Ah Kao!!! He is so cute, in a little brother way because I am 7 years older than him and he’s underage. But he is going to be one suave main guy when he gets older, I can picture it already haha. And Ken is hot, he may be a bit older but damn he’s fine. And Om is getting hotter by the minute…Can’t wait to see his first pra’ek role, hope he’ll do good.

    • i totally agree with you. i thought he was cute when i watched him play the role of a guy who has special powers(playing Rita’s younger brother role). i knew he was young but damn didnt know he was that much younger than me…i feel so old even when im 18(i look like a kid though); his acting in it was great too… i definitely can see him as an upcoming/future pra’ek. hopefully soo.

    • LOL, Fun me too especially Aum’s gorgeous body, reminds me of the beginning in JLR when he’s getting out of the water. *drools*

    • hahaha! lol… i guess he’s pretty much considered as a korean 🙂
      seems like they’re all actors though

    • ken.. 🙂 i like the dude because he is different. He’s actually what i would look for in a guy. They actually exist.. lol

  3. Woot Woot! I totally want to get wet with all these mens! ROFL
    Along with ROME ! 😀

    Ken All the WAYYY ! XD Lol

  4. im not really interested in mario, but ken is what i would look for in a guy, kao is soooooo cute! and im his age! AAHHH!!, and as for oam AAHHHH!! he is the most hottest side actor i have ever seeeen i love everything about him and i love how he plays wave board, HOTT!

  5. Ken all the way! lol! Om is pretty hot! I can’t wait for his pra’ek role! Kao is cute can’t believe he’s only 14!

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  7. *Drools* They sure got all the right ones, who wouldn’t when they’re so damn sexxxy; Lol. Thanks ^_^

  8. I don’t know about Dome but heck yeah Ken, Mario, Kao and Om I would most definitely love to play with..LOL

  9. ahaha i sorta agree with the list.. but they’re missing my p’eks aum & tik.. krit as well.. lol..

  10. I used to like Mario but not so much any more. doesn’t like his girlfriend! Now its Om all the way… He super nice!!!

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