Pinky Speaks “Don’t judge me”

The hottest news right now is non other than the scandal involving leading actress “Pinky” Savika and married couple “Peck” Sanchai and “Tanya” Tanyares Engtrakul.

In the past month, Pinky was unable to clarify the news as she has been working on an Indian Movie in India to try to debut in Bollywood. However, the actress has left a message to fans on her personal website.

Today Pinky returns to Thailand before her scheduled due back date purely to clarify the current news.

“I was on the news on my 5th day in India. I was in the middle of filming, the weather was hot, dancing was hard and language was difficult. But luckily I can segregate, at work I work to the best of my ability but during my break time I will be very stressed. I get phone calls from Thailand from my friends and reporters and other people but I didn’t pick up because I was tired and stressed”

“Aside from that I also received mails on the internet, both good and bad. The good ones are from my fans who would always try to support me by sending me clips and photos. But when I look at them, they look like mourning gifts (laughs) and I’m not dead yet. However, it’s something that I would like to thank them for because those items were good moral support to me”

“But some of my friends refused to tell me about this. My dad who was in Thailand the whole time and saw all the news didn’t even tell me about it. He’s afraid I wouldn’t be able to work. In the end I found out from someone and the news got more intense everyday. I didn’t know what to do, I started writing on my website to tell my fans. I wrote my feelings, I cried while writing it”

“The reason why I felt so bad is because, people have already judged me. They’ve already made the decision that I am that kind of person even though they haven’t even heard the truth from me. As I typed my feelings, I was also reading the comments on the internet, people were criticizing me and I cried (laughs) In the end I felt, why am I upset? I didn’t do anything wrong, I didn’t kill anyone”

Has this news affected your work in Thailand?

Pinky nodded “Before the news, I had been contacted for two commercials. But now they have put that on hold. But it’s okay. I can’t help that, I try to think I shouldn’t worry about it”

What would you like to say now?

“I’d like to say that I know what I’m doing and I know whether or not my action is right or wrong. I can make my own decision for myself. I don’t think the news can say too much because this is my personal matter. It’s a personal matter involving 3 people”

“What I want to say is, don’t judge me from what you’ve heard. I work to support my family. I don’t need anyone to take care of me. I can support myself. And if someone does want to take care of me he would have to be single. I don’t want to hurt anyone. As it is, I have been criticized by society to the point where I feel like people should analyze it first. There is a reason to everything”

“The reason that I know this person is genuine. He’s a friend, a brother. I have no intention to do anything unmoral and against my religion. I’ve been brought up in the kind of family that have always taught me that this is sinful. I would never ruin other people’s family. However, if the way I know this person is hurting another person then I apologize. But let my parents be the one to criticize me for this, not anybody else”

How does your family feel about this?

“They feel sorry for me. I want to cry when I talk about this because right now I’m very tired. It seems like in Thailand there’s not many people who will understand me. Working over there is tiring and when I don’t respond people think it’s because I’ve accepted the accusation. But I don’t want to say too much because I don’t want more people to be jeopardized. It’s not good, let’s just end it with me”

“People can choose to believe me or if they don’t believe me then that’s ok. This incident is an inspiration for me to work harder in India. I have a long future ahead of me”

“I have a brain, I have talent, I don’t need to rely on anybody else”

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90 responses to “Pinky Speaks “Don’t judge me”

  1. .iiLOVeePiinkyy.
    .shee iis so kutee.
    .shee looks so prettyy iin thosee iindiia clothes too.

  2. Wow, Pinky just indirectly admitted that she is a third hand.

    “However, if the way I know this person is hurting another person then I apologize.”

    That right there speaks volume. Pinky can’t come out fully and say, yes, we’re seeing each other but she’s more like, waiting for him to divorce Tanya and then proceed with him so that it doesn’t look like she’s a homewrecker. But just from this interview, you can sense that yes, Pinky and Peck are an item. Nowhere does she deny Tanya’s claims. Pinky then uses the “let my parents discipline me,” quite lame.

    Pinky keeps saying that this is a personal matter, between 3 people, but if everyone can remember, when has Pinky been such a personal person? She’s always the first one to speak out loud on things so by the way she’s handling this scandal, it’s true, Pinky is a homewrecker but at this point, she can’t say much, it’s too damaging.

  3. Ohhh!!! I felt like Pinky just replied back to Tanya’s “advice” about her being responsible for her actions and thinking about her decisions. I swear I don’t look at Pinky in the same light anymore. It’s almost as if she’s saying that she’s got it going in Bollywood and like eff Thailand. Funny thing, she never once denied any of those cheating allegations made against her. None whatsoever!! Rather it’s about the personal business of 3 people! Yep, that’s what she said! And for her to say that she didn’t kill anyone? Oh goodness! She almost killed a marriage!!! That’s as good as killing someone! Doing inappropriate things with a married man is the most cruelest thing that women can do to each other. It seems that Pinky forgot about those sinful things that her parents taught her. Sorry, but I believe Tanya and I really hope that if Tanya has evidence against Pinky, she should bring them out and tell Pinky to stfu! If Pinky thinks that she can become successful in Bollywood, then she should think twice because India is just as conservative as Thailand. Remember the uproar after Richard Gere kissed an Indian woman on stage during an event? There was even people demanding he arrested? Yes, Pinky has a pretty face, but there are so many other actresses that have a pretty face that can easily fill in the job!

  4. oh my goodness stopping judging her. not saying that shes done something wrong or didnt. but over analyzing what she said is just stupid. nobody knows the truth but the three people involved. if none wants to come out and say it then i say, let it be. its not hurting us directly. though it would be sad if the accusations are true why can’t we just judge her work and not her personal life. shes an actress, not a family or friend to you. shes just doing her and if she is doing those “sinful” things then thats on her. karma will come around. good grief! ahh…irritated by judgemental people…but on a lighter note, cant wait to see that movie shes doing! bollywood films are always entertaining! =)

    • I agree with you completely. I think people should stop judging her now. It’s either you’re going to support her as an actress or you don’t. We don’t know her personally so there’s no need to be piss about it. After reading this interview I have to admit I feel kind of bad for her. I hope now she will think first before she act on it. Su Su……Pinky!

        • I don’t think anyone is pissed. Who is pissed? Get real now lol. I think people are disappointed because we all think she should at least know better. I mean i doubt any of us see this coming, like what some of her fans said, she’s a great actress.

          • Get real?? lol…gurl you crack me up..hahah…look/read around beside just DL blong and you’ll know what I’m talking about. People get so pissed ooff at her as if they know her personally. I’m pretty sure Pinky is paying for what she did, beside I think people deserve a second chance to redeem themselves.

          • lol..I did say look around beside just DL blog. Check out some of the thai websites and you;ll see. It’s kind of funny in a way.

          • Sam, where do you see posts that people are pissed. I see people criticizing her for what she did but i don’t see anyone pissed off. Unless your definition of pissed off is different then mine. It probably is lol. I mean I see someone saying she’s not a fan, someone feeling sorry for her, missmonica hates her but she’s not pissed off cus she’s not cussing or anything. So yeah, lol I don’t see any pissed off comments lol.

          • Sam- oh ok. I thought you meant here. We’ll we’re posting here, commenting here. So I thought you meant us here.

            As for other blogs, site, forums “shrug”. Maybe the people who are pissed off are actually anti-pinky so they’re having a field day with it. Or it could be people who fought tooth and nail defending her when the airplane rumors came out. So now that they found out it was actually true they felt disappointed. Sometime you don’t have to actually know a person to have an emotion toward them. You can like them for their talent, beauty, or personality and become disappointed when they do something that you feel is wrong by your standards. Don’t forget, there are people who idolize her.

    • i agree! the only person to judge is God… and if Pinky is as religious as she says, then I hope she’s not in the wrong… but if she is, sucks for her.

  5. im not a Pinky fan, but ill still watch her movies! Whether they are India films or Thailand. I think she has talent and that’s really all i care about. Other than that, her personal matters are her own business and i can care less.

  6. Bring out the evidence Tanya! I didn’t criticize her as a person but what she did, I did criticize her for that lol.

  7. I’m starting to feel bad for her now…just like A said, we’re overly analyzing! I think the media should just leave her alone so that she can stay focus on her movie in India..also, her mom is always with her, there’s no way her mom would allow that to happen…hmm..don’t want to take side anymore!

    She’s very beautiful in those India clothes!

  8. I hated her when she was dating Aum Atichart after they broke up i kinda liked her but now not really, i’m still not liking her, but i do like her lakorns and her acting!

  9. People need to stop judging Pinky. Let her live her life. I’m still her biggest fan regardless of what people put out there. All that really matter is she’s a good actress.

  10. How can she ask the public not to judge her when what she’s doing is against culture and tradition? If she didn’t know right from wrong before this then i doubt she really sorry about the issue. I mean is she actually sorry for what she did or is she sorry that she got caught? Also how can we not analyze what she herself is asking for us to analyze it first so here we are doing what she ask. Most of us came up with this conclusion: Pink got herself involve with a married man intentionally. You either intentionally do it or you don’t. With this issue there are no accidents. You don’t accidently do these kinds of things. You may do it without good judgment but there are no accidents or unintentional.

    She said that she’s hurt that people are judging her before hearing from here. Well she has the chance to talk now but she’s not denying it so can we the public stick with what he said before?

  11. Fans will always be fans, supportive. Pinky isn’t a great actress and even if she was, messing with a married man is just wrong. I know that celebrities are just humans but as humans, there are such things called morals and obviously, Pinky has none. Yes, I do like and support certain stars based on their actions/personalities/behind the scenes lives, that’s just reality. Just because you’re a celebrity doesn’t mean you can get away with anything and everything. Even if the person wasn’t Pinky and just some common woman out there, I would still condemn such an action. No, we’re not over analyzing anything, if you weren’t so blind as a fan, you’ll see that Pinky is admitting to what Tanya said indirectly without coming out so damaging.

    • Imagine if the homewrecker was Aum P, Kwan, or Pancake. I think there would be way more bashing here. Especially if it was Aum P and Pancake lol.

    • yes.i agree with u..the same situation happen in my country for the famous actress..
      but she denying the the end the evidence out in the internet.The pic, she flirt with the married man.
      the worst is the wife is pregnant and her husband cheat on her. This wife is an actress too.
      week ago, when her name called for the nominees of the popular actress in the annual award ,the audience ‘boooo’ clearly heard and it is never happen before.
      i hope it not happen to pinky.

  12. I don’t see how she admitted to being a third person by her comments. She could have just meant if being friends with Peck was hurting Tanya then she is sorry. Seems like Tanya needs to go and tell her husband before he does something he’s the one who needs to think. Peck is older, married and a father. Who knows what really went on, it’s all speculation and the only person who has been vocal is Tanya. Maybe her husband thought more of the friendship than what was really there. People exchange BB pins all the time, it doesn’t mean they’re having an affair. Bottom line, Pinky stay away from all married men even if you consider them a friend or brother.

    • That is true Jin. I bb my guy friends as well as my boyfriend’s friends all the time so does that mean I’m having an affair? No. Unless what I wrote was considered flirting. Like for example I wrote: ” Miss you, what are you doing right now? Thinking of me I hope” or “Good night sweetie, kiss kiss. I hope you dream of me cus I surely will dream of you.” haha (puke) Now that is total flirting right? Now I’m not saying that’s what Pinky wrote. Well, I’m sure Tanya knows the difference between friendly texting and flirting. I mean I’m sure Peck text many girls before and Tanya never thought anything of it until this one. There’s gotta be something that made her go “WTH!” and not to mention the elevator action. But then again let’s give Pinky the benefit of the doubt. Maybe Peck really is like a brother to her and she was just getting giggly with her brother like she does with Vee and Arnut. Also maybe like one poster said, the elevator got stuck all of a suddent and they bump into each other. Coincidentally their lips hit one another and go “smooch”. We watch way too many lakorns.

      I have to admit this is quite juicy and the Thai entertainment industry was getting kinda of boring lately.

      • I agree with what you’re saying. There’s a difference between an innocent text and a “very friendly text.” I am pretty sure Tanya wouldn’t get jealous just because these two are friends, she obviously caught them doing something to lead her to thinking those two have something going on. There’s a big difference between; “Hey what’s up?” and “Hey what’s up babe?” And what gets me is that she wants us to hear both sides of the story first then analyze but never once did she deny this affair, she never went straight to the point to say “Hey I did not get involved with that married man!” which makes me think whether there is some truth to the rumor. Because if there was someone accusing me of cheating on my boyfriend, which I definitely am not doing, I would have gone straight to the point and say no I didn’t because first of all, it would be the truth and second of all my boyfriend would’ve have been worried or hurt by this accusation. So if she didn’t do it…Why not deny it and put all her fans and Tanya out of their misery because clearly there are some misunderstandings between the two if she didn’t do it. Let me say, there is nothing wrong with texting a friend, I do it all the time, my boyfriend doesn’t seem to mind, as the same with him…Because there is nothing to be jealous over because they are innocent texts and I know the difference between flirting and talking and I am sure Tanya does too. And believe me, to all the people asking us to not judge, really, it’s impossible to not judge someone, everybody does it including me, and most people aren’t pissed at her, they’re just putting input into the situation they read, just like I am, even when it was just some random ho Tiger and Sandra’s husband slept with, I judged them too, because they know what they’re doing, it’s not something that just happens and you fall in love unintentionally, there are ways to avoid married men. Those mistresses know what they’re are doing just like Pinky. What is stupid is that the mistress Jesse slept with says that she knew he was married but he told her they were spending time apart…Like really, how easy is it to go on google and search “Is Jesse and Sandra Bullock still together and happy?” Geesh, sorry for putting American celebrities in this, it’s just that I hate cheaters and the people they’re cheating with. I’ve been cheated on and it hurt a lot, how easy is it to break up with someone if you wanted someone else, oh well I’ve moved on with my boyfriend so who cares about cheaters in the past. One thing, you know what they’re doing when you get involved with married men, so please don’t play the victim role.

        • Talk about American celebrities- you just got me started lol, I know Brad and Angelina are adored by the public (well at least that what I always see) but what they did, I did not like. I still like their movies and works (of course if they are actually good) but in the back of my mind, I have this big disappointment in them.

      • lmao I posted that way back,, can’t believe you actually read that long long post of mine in the other section… you’re right, we watch too much lakorns.

  13. man, she’s really not like the characters she portray onscreen huh i don’t know how much money peck has but geez, seriously, if she was to do this, why not find a better looking dude. then again not to be mean or anything but she was never really smart from the beginning.

    well, what goes around come around so watch ur back pinky.

  14. So I was right “Money does talk” with these actress… Peck is rich so thats why these girls are fighting over this ugly loser! Thats a shame

  15. It’s funny to read all these comments, because they act like their shit don’t stink and they are related to those three to know every details in their lives to know what is going on 24/7 and can be so judgemental with the whole situation LOL!
    Lets just hope that these speculators and over analyzer lives life in peace and harmony and not be in similar situation, because I would hate to see ten-times the stones that is throwing around.
    Question to these anti or hater commentator, why do you guys go from page to page or website to website to read and make a judgemental comment on peoples you dislike? Why wasting time on being a hatred? Why not use your time to go post or comment on peoples that you actually like?
    You guys must feels good to get to judge someone without any solid proof, and then make a conversation amongst yourselves and feel proud that you get to talk bad about peoples you hardly know. You must also think that you are better too LOLz. Good luck to yourself, you will need it. 🙂

    • LMAO I agree and they comment continually without stopping. lol and if anyone has a different opinion from their own, they make it a point to write another comment. As if they didn’t get their views expressed the first time. It’s like they’re trying to change people’s opinions to match theirs. Everyone has their own opinions and views. I believe no one has a right to judge anyone, people make mistakes and karma will come back to get them. Still lmao at the ridiculous nature of “human nature”…..

    • Thank you, i hope you need it too. 🙂

      1.) This is the Only website ive been to that talks about Pinky. Either im on or

      2.) I actually feel like this is not wasting my time at all. I feel like, more of a heads up somewhat.

      3.) I would but atm theres no new post about anne, ken, noi, tui, nokchai, janie, num, oil, lift, may, aump, noon, mart, cherry, etc. 🙂

      And no i dont feel better about myself just because i entered my “hatred” opinion.

  16. I like Pinky, but Tanya is the real victim here, didn’t they just have a child? I hate how when something like this pops up all the press pay attention to the third hand when it’s really the wife and the children (if there are any) who have to suffer!

  17. jeez! just because people are criticizing her doesn’t mean that they hate her. at least i don’t. if people are over “analyzing” it then it’s their right whether you agree or not. most people on this blog like me just come here to read the gossip and we express our opinions. after that we go own with our boring, busy, or fun lives. once we’re off this site we don’t think about pinky and what she did. we think about our lives like school or work or whatever that we do! it’s called gossip. for those that are defending her, good for you! defend her to your hearts content! i’m sure most people are just disappointed in her for stooping so low. it’s not people’s fault and they are entitled to their opinions just like you’re entitled to yours! i feel sorry for pinky and yet i don’t. she’s in the public and that’s the price people pay for being in the spotlight. you can’t just have it one way like oh i want people to think i’m smart, hot, sexy, and cool and yet stay out when i do something wrong. sorry, but having her every actions scrutinized by the public is just how the way things work. i didn’t come up with the rules. it’s how the business is. regardless of what you do, if you’re in the public eye, you’re doing to be criticized/praised for the bad/good that you do. it’s the public that celebs like pinky make their money and it’s going to be the public that takes away that money even if the general public is indirectly paying them!

  18. Pinky must’ve dyed her hair for that Indian movie because her hair looks jet black but she is still beautiful.

  19. Some of you people act like you have never judge someone you don’t know before. Let me say something, well you just judge someone you haven’t known lol


    btw, is it just me or is pinky actually really white compare to those indian people?

  21. STOP STOP STOP i don’t think Pinky was Third Hand !!! this Witch TANYA make a scandal because she ‘s crazy !!!!

  22. Tanya YOU are a WITCH , your husband is very UGLY !!!
    and do you think i m going to believe you about saying Pinky was 3 hand !!!!! HATE YOU and Your husband !!! i know now why GOD don’t give you a Baby or make you pregnant ??? because you are a wicked !!! BAD COUPLE !!!!

    • Ok… Tanya is the victim in this mess (at least that is what the news are saying) and you’re saying that she’s the bad one? Plus, it’s just sounds so wrong to say that God won’t give them a baby because they’re bad people? Difficulty having a baby is not a funny matter, many couples have tried so hard to have a baby and to say that is just not right. Also, Tanya has been in the entertainment business for a very long time and she rarely has any bad rumors/news, so how long have you been watching Thai Dramas to know her?

          • LMAO

            so watching tanya’s dramas since 1980 qualifies you as someone who knows tanya? LMAO

            dude, you need help!

            yeah, i know ken and anne too because i watch their lakorns all the time too! oh yeah, kob too since i’ve watched her lakorns from way back too! lol

            funny thing, you don’t want people to judge pinky because we don’t know her, but yet you judge some other actress and you don’t even know her! aren’t you being a hypocrite?

            unlike you, we may seem to judge pinky on this incident, but we don’t hate her like you seem to hate tanya!

    • There are plenty of people out there that cannot produce a child. I guess all them are witches in God’s eyes.

      To another comment above, I would love Tanya to expose those evidence too but at the same time, if she does pull it out, Pinky can kiss goodbye to her career. From some Pinky’s fans on here, you guys must love for Pinky to be diminished lol. If she does pull out those evidence, kiss goodbye in seeing Pinky on the big screen.

      • I’m a Pinky fan, but I would love for Tanya to pull out her evidence (if there are actually any). Just so everyone can know to judge. But I doubt she would. Because do so would not only destroy Pinky but her husband as well. And reading from her interview, she seems to care alot about her baby and her husband.

    • I actually don’t really care for this issue about Pinky and Tanya but you “lydia” saying that Tanya deserved what she got from not being able to give birth to a baby is just FCKEN WRONG! like do you have any morals? do you know how hard it is to know that you won’t be able to give life to another being when all you want in the world is to be a mother? man you need to freaken think before saying stupid shit like this man…

      sorry but that just got me fired up and everything. I mean I don’t even go to church but to being using “GOD’s” name to downgrade a person is low man…now who’s the “wicked one huh? clearly YOU!

      • Lydia … i used to use that as my user name on here too… >.> Until i saw someone else was using it, so i stopped and sticked to Kulyia.. anyways….

        That was Really harsh Lyd..
        Seriously your comment Went over the line.

        I hope your comment get deleted because if someone else sees your comment, it can ruin someone self esteem who is ACTUALLY in that position where they can’t conceive.

    • Such a bitch! I understand you’re a fan of Pinky and all but shit, why be so cruel. You’re the one who’s a witch. Youre basically saying that everyone who can’t conceive are bad people, such an idiot. So God also gave people cancer because they deserve it, like really, be realistic. I hate dumb people, seriously. Don’t be so fuckin senseless because a person you like is getting all the criticism, And don’t say that about “bad” people, because of your comment, you’re one of them too, so watch out for the future, like they say Karma’s a bitch.

  23. you know THIS is why i get confused because she says she didnt do it so strongly. But i didnt feel that this response of hers was very strong, as someone already said – i think she just indirrectedly admitted that she is the third hand. Who would come out and say “yeah i have an affair with him”… well maybe some people but still. theres something called ‘lieing’ WELL im not a lieing specialist or anything but i just have the gut feeling that she is.

  24. Lydia: you’re just one of those psyco Pinky fans. And that was one of the rudest things you could ever say about someone. Some people would do anything to have children. And Tanya just couldn’t and she tried everything. So please don’t EVER say something like that. People try so hard to have children. ALSO, its not a joking matter. If YOU were a mother you would understand. Also, if Tanya was so wicked why would she defend pinky in the beginning? So before you say something that can offend many of others, think first and try to choose your words wisely, and honestly learn how to grow up!!!

  25. Okay it’s clear that Lydia is a crazy obsessed fan of Pinky. I can’t believe that Lydia would use GOD in her name for that. That’s SOO messed up. Why would Tanya make this up? She’s been in the entertainment industry since forever and she barely has any bad news. But for you to say that’s why she can’t have kids and beyond wrong, YOU have no morals and that’s so F’ED up. If you were in a situation like that then what would you say?! Some people just can’t have kids so please don’t ever ever ever say something like that because people can be greatly offended. And like kaila said “GROW UP!” You’re one of the reasons people think that sometimes people praise their favorite actors and actresses sooo much and get annoyed by that, just cause of things people would say to make their favorite actors and actresses sound so innocent. Seriously get real and come back to reality.

  26. I think what she did is really wrong and all that. I like Pinky as an actress, I can’t judge her personal life though since I don’t know whats going through her mind. Tanya seems sweet and caring and I agree with people who say she doesn’t really have bad news ever.

    Yeah some people are crazy for stars, but look around.. Lydia is just as crazy as those annoying AFF fans.. who think she is goddess and perfect like. No one is.

    Other then that, the pictures seem interesting and cute, I can’t wait!

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  28. i used to be her biggest fan and like her and stuff but seeing her lakorns suppose to improve but still same sucks even though she been in industry so long and her butt telling reporters about news clearing it up so her ass looks innocent so annoying dara people like this its like same shit they try to make themselves look good and innocent lmao. pinky shes not a great actress or that pretty shes just ok not ugly or consider hot and pretty anyways shes stupid with media stuff and she did have alot of ex bf shes got alot to learn and shes can make mistake shes human nobody perfect even if your a movie star whatever and shes thinkin her ass is so damn pretty and etc just because mix with alot of races she turn ok or else she get plastic surgery done if she was full thai and she got so damn dark to thank god camera and pix help her look lighten but compare pancake is pretty then her no offense

  29. Her answers implied that she’s a third hand. I won’t judge her anyway coz I’m still curious about this issue. I think there’s something more than what we see. But Peck is sure a bad guy. If I were Tanys, I’d divorce him.

  30. I Talk about Tanya and not YOU !!! it’s my opinion !! MIND your own business ! Grow up yourself and Admit it !!!

    • i feel sad for you! i think you need serious mental and psychological help! calm down!

      we can’t mind our own business. when you posted something on this blog you wanted you opinions heard and you either defend your tasteless opinions or refrain yourself from posting them! it’s as simple as that!

    • You see, when you post online, it becomes public so we have the right to respond to any comments posted here. So if you want us to mind our own business, then you should listen to your own advice by minding YOUR own business and not post about other people (Pinky & Tanya) because by posting about someone else, you are also invading their private life.

  31. we are in a democratic country and I am realistic , i said what i think , thai’s people prayed a lot about everything, they are believers . ( if you do evil to others, evil will come to you) that i mean for Tanya !!!!

    • yes, you are right! you are entitled to you opinions no matter how twisted and evil they are! if i were you, i’d watch my back too! evil things do come to evil people after all. karma’s a bitch! remember that!

        • It’s really ironic how you quoted all that evil crap, what you’re thinking and saying about Tanya is downright evil, so is evil going to catch up with you? And you’re right, this is a democratic country…So you have the right to say whatever you want as we do too, that’s why you’re getting all this crap from people, because they have the right to object to anything you say.

    • From your tone of voice, it doesn’t make you any good of a person, therefore, like what fru6p said, watch your back because Karma might be coming for you too.

    • I guess Pinky did a lot of evil things so that’s why she is the talk of town right now….lol….karma is a b****. she has bad luck in love and that’s why she has to be a third hand….I find it funny that you think Tanya is the cause of all this. No, everyone is pitying Tanya and Pinky is to be blamed here. People are looking at Pinky differenlty now. wow, you sound pretty ignorant to me.

  32. To finish i am not a crazy obsessed fan of Pinky !!! Pinky is just one of my favorite thai’s actress like Kwan ,aump Patcharapa ,bee nampthip…..I AM CRAZY OBSESSED FUN of Ken Theeradeth and Tik Jessasdaporn !!! that’s ALL !!!!!

  33. From the interview above Pinky admits she has a relationship with Peck but no that doesn’t mean she is the third hand. There might be more to the story than we know. I wish all parties would just come out and lay it all out on the table. You have Tanya saying she has proof, Pinky saying she didn’t do anything immoral. I wish Tanya would just bring out what ever proof she has. If what ever proof she has ends Pinky’s career in the ET business than so be it. Maybe this will teach Pinky to anaylze things a little more before acting on it. As for Tanya and Peck’s relationship I think they have always had break-up rumors from the beginning of their marriage. Peck is a known player I don’t underdstand how Tanya staying with him is best for their daughter? I would not want to raise my child in this kind of environment. People like to say they’re staying for the kids but is it really for the kids or is it just an excuse cause they are not strong enough to leave?

    • I think regardless of the country anit-fans are every where and I repeat “EVERY WHERE” so don’t gerenalize Korea…

  34. Lydia is clearly crazy and delusional. She’s in a state of denial right now. I can’t wait for reality to set in when Karma hits her in the back. Righ now she can hide behind a computer screen without any repercussions. I would like too your reaction when you suffer a bad misfortune and others are saying “you deserve it! God made you suffer because you are evil!” Not that I would want anything bad to happen to you, I would just like you to have a sense of right and wrong.

  35. Hey, all of us maybe forget that the root cause of this scandal is the ugly male. The male is not honest and the female always easily get lost in love and always sacrifice for love. Stupid love world.

  36. So did you she do it? Never once she denied the allegations. Although i’m not a fan, I can’t believe she would do anthing like this. It takes two to mingle so you can’t only blame the guy. I felt bad for the wife. She even defended Pinky and this is how Pinky repaid her….what a B*****!

  37. This is like judgment day! Peoples, we are humans. There isn’t a perfect life in everyone not even the celebrities. They are just like common citizen like us. Their life are full of ups and downs. I’m going to split in three ways so everyone can see the bigger pictures instead in the box. (1st): As a women we all should know the golden rules, never mess with another woman’s men if he is married. Never steal someone else man. Never try to flirt or be friendly towards your girl friend’s man or husband. Know the boundaries! There is no but, what if, and no excesses at all. Remember it takes two to make it happen not just one. (2nd): We judge regardless if i know you or don’t know you. You cannot blame peoples for speaking their minds. It is call opinion. If you take in someone opinion then it means it relate to you in some what or some way. If not then you don’t care a bit because it wont hurt or bother you. (3rd): Doesn’t matter if you are wrong or right with a married man, it’s about you. It call self respect of yourself being as a women who know her morals, integrity, and her image. No one point a gun to her head to start this “gossip or rumor” but she had a choices. With bad one there come consequences and with good one there isn’t. Actions speaks louder than words. I am pretty sure to those who is not so proud of her actions because either themselves had seen their sister, friends, mothers, sister-in-law who goes through this kind of pain. Not just that you had lost your husband, but you had lost your life. There is a broken marriage or family and even you glue it back there are still scare remind of the damage. Ask yourself this, how do you feel when someone come into your marriage? Or how do you feel when you ruin some one else marriage? How would you handle it? I am sure as a women, we never want our marriage to be torn apart. Remember this is an open opinion discussion form to keep us entertain not to attack other opinions.

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