Cee steps down from Prime Time to Evening Lakorns, “I don’t consider myself a Pra Aek”

After taking over TV Show “Jun Pan Dao” from actor “Poh” Natthawuth, “Cee” Siwat Chotechaicharin has moved from prime time lakorns to evening lakorns.

The actor was asked how he felt about the transition.

“I feel good because I feel evening lakorns get a lot more viewers than Prime time lakorns, they attract people from the province, housewives and families”

“I don’t consider myself as a Pra Aek, I consider myself an actor. Therefore, I can play all kinds of characters that are challenging and it doesn’t matter what time slot the lakorn belongs in, I can play all”

Some people think that if you move to evening lakorns, you won’t be able to move back to Prime time

“I can play all time slots, the pay is all the time. Khun Dang even asked me in the beginning if I was okay with an evening lakorn. I asked her what company and she told me Work Point and I said okay. I’ve worked with P’Tongchai Prasongsanthi and I know that he’s very dedicated to his work and he doesn’t leave anyone out”

“The lakorn is very challenging to me so no matter what I want to be in it”

Source via Daradaily

12 responses to “Cee steps down from Prime Time to Evening Lakorns, “I don’t consider myself a Pra Aek”

  1. what’s the different between prime time and evening lakorns? i watch them all as long as they are good…

    • There is a difference, the so call better and bigger name lakorn lol airs later in the night. Evening would of course air during the day. Other than there is no difference. A lakorn will be a lakorn.

      • lol fun, “the so call” 😀 i dont know but i think a lakorn is a lakorn about the “better” part the viewer should be the judge… :}

  2. He SO should be in prime-time though. I love his new evening lakorn right now, and I love how he plays his character but he’s by far I think better than some of the pr’eks in CH7 whose lakorns are airing in the prime time slot right now. -_- Cough.

    LOL, gosh. I remember when Arnas & Note used to be prime time p’eks and now their days are over. 😦 I just hope Cee doesn’t turn out the same.

  3. i agree with the comment above, i just hope Cee is still getting roles cos its a shame that Note and Arnas aren’t. Seriously they should b still getting roles compared to Vee and Stephen who can’t act, but only getting roles cos of their look but WTH Note and Arnas are better looking anyways!

    Seriously CH7 need to rethink their pr’eks

  4. WTF??? He’s so fricken cute and freakin hilarious! He should stay in prime time and as a pra’eak. He’s perfect for the comedy type lakorns. ❤

  5. Cee is one of the BEST actor in Ch7. He should be in Prime-time. Actually I think he’s 2nd best from Por. And it’ll be a waste of his talent to downgrade him.

    However, I hope it’s true that he can still play for all slot..lol..I dun regret he took on the role for Pleng Rak Talay Taii cuz its really good..hehe

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