Noon and Todd’s Wedding — No Less Then 4,000 Invitations Printed

Tae” (Todd‘s brother) talks about the future wedding of his younger brother, Todd and Nun (Noon) to the press. The wedding invitations have already been printed out, with at least 4 thousand invitations made, but the venue for the wedding hasn’t been worked out yet. He says it’s going to be a big event. Denies that he knows of the dowry details and reveals that his younger brother wishes to have children right away and that if they have a daughter, their daughter can never be as pretty as his own daughter.

One of the weddings of the famous that is being looked upon by the public eye is of the wedding of Singha Beer heir. “Todd” Pithi Pirompakdee and the sweet face actress of Channel 7, “Noon” Worranuch Wongsawun. Their wedding is predicted to be one of the biggest weddings of this year that will happen on the 19th of this May. Which both the future groom and bride said that they didn’t have time to plan out their wedding, wedding invitations haven’t been printed out yet, and with the days of their wedding coming closer.

Reporters caught up with “Tae” Sun Pirompakdee, which is the older brother of “Todd” and asked of the progress of the two’s wedding. Tae reveals wedding invitations have been printed out and they are no less then 4 thousand invitations. As for the venue, it isn’t ready yet.

“Right now as for the progress of the wedding, the invitations have been printed out already and I think there are about 4 thousand invitations. The venue will be at the Impact but it’s not ready at all because Todd right now is also studying for his Master’s degree and after his wedding he will have to  go to write his Master’s thesis and right now he’s a bit stressed.

This wedding is going to be a big wedding and we invite all reporters to come and document the event. There are no problems at all and we will have a zone for reporters because we want everyone to be witnesses. As for the budget of the wedding I have no clue at all, but if I did I would tell you. As for the rumors that it’s 100 million or 10 million baht and there is a private helicopter, don’t believe it at all.

As for the dowry, I don’t know about it at all because I’m not the one getting married, but if I was then I would know, but I’m not. I think that the dowry is something that is unnecessary because it doesn’t matter if it’s a lot or a little. The dowry can not show how much we love this person a lot or a little or if we will stay with each other for a long time. But the post marriage things are more interesting.

As for them having an heir do I want them to have an heir? Well that’s up to Noon because Noon wants to stay in the industry and it’s up to the man and the woman, but personally the man wants to have a child. I don’t know how much he wants because when I had mine he would come and play with them all the time, but I think that if he was to have a daughter she won’t be as beautiful as mine. (Laughs.)”

[Source:Manager Online]

17 responses to “Noon and Todd’s Wedding — No Less Then 4,000 Invitations Printed

  1. Awwww, I’m glad they are going to last til at least marriage and I hope they last til the end. Living your life with someone else, for someone else is a beautiful thing. It’s annoying reading how people would curse them to break up or trash them about their relationship. I say they’re just jealous that Noon caught herself a pool of kois lol. Anyways, I knew it was going to be a grand event cus the groom’s family is too well known by everyone. Not inviting someone would be a lost to their rep. I can’t wait to see her wedding dress.

  2. Noon isn’t a natural beauty but she is really pretty..She’s grown on me and although people always call her plastic I think its normal.. I never hear anything about those other thai actress,noon always get targeted for her beauty and before she got any work done she has always been pretty to me and still now. Love her. Happy for her.

  3. His teeth really bother me, i can’t look at his pic, argggg! Noon is pretty though people claim she’s a plastic beauty, and i believe that, she is still really pretty!

  4. ahahaha the last part of his interview got me rolling on the ground. But you know every parents thinks their children are the most beautiful creature that has ever walked this universe (at least most parents that I know do lmao)

  5. I’m happy she’s getting married, just hope she love him for who he is, not his wealth. i think she was prettier before the plastic.

  6. OMG I can’t wait to see photos of this event. So happy for her! All the nang’akes are getting married now!!!

  7. awwwe.. the date is coming by so fast… eeek!! ahaha.. awwwe so happy for them..

    ahaha the bro is hilarious..

    noon.. i think she was a beautiful lady before and after surgery.. still gorgeous… XD…

  8. I think she’s pretty before and after, and she is such a low key, sweet person. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having surgery, I respect people’s choices.
    Natural or artificial doesn’t matter as long as its pleasing to the eyes 😉

  9. Its about time she gets married! Her age is getting a lil old. But the guy is a lil ugly but its who she wants 🙂

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