Dan Makes Public Apology To Benz

Dan Worrawech says sorry to Benz Mununya even though he doesn’t know what he did wrong that had Benz in dissatisfaction towards him until she had to give an interview over it. Dan says this won’t interfere with his relationship with Pattie Ungsumalin at all.

Ever since the young singer, “Dan” Worrawech Danuwong came out to announce that he and “Pattie” Ungsumalin Sirapatsakmetha were seeing each other gossip and news have been flying off the shelves. Most recently, Dans former sweetheart, “Benz” Mununya Triyanon came out to talk about his girlfriend and their past relationship. Benz gave an interview recently of her status with Dan in the past. While her and Dan were still seeing each other Benz had to hide her feelings because at the time their relationship status was unsure. As of recently,  Dan came out to announce that he was seeing Pattie persistently that it caused Benz dissatisfaction that she gave out an interview about it. Reporters had the chance to interview Dan on the set of “Seup Suan Bpuan Rak“.

“I don’t know what she (Benz) came out to say. I don’t know how she’s feeling and if she’s feeling anything then I want to say sorry to her. As for her talking about when we were seeing each other and she said that she felt unease for not speaking about our relationship in the past because of that, I don’t know why. But if Benz did feel something I want to say sorry. If you ask that I’m afraid if this news will affect my relationship with Pattie? I’ll have to say no because she understands. She doesn’t ask me questions but I tell her myself. If you ask me do I have to clear anything up with Benz? No, there’s nothing to clear up at all. From what I heard she has her own boyfriend that she came out to announce. I’m just confused with the news that came out and why is it like this, but it’s nothing. If she had feelings or felt anything, I want to say sorry to her. If you ask if I still keep in contact with Benz, then the answer is no. We haven’t spoken to each other in a long time.” – Dan says.

[Source: SiamDara]

10 responses to “Dan Makes Public Apology To Benz

  1. Sorry … but maybe, just maybe … Dan was not readily open with his relationship in the past because Benz IS NOT THE ONE?!?

    With some people, even when they have a boyfriend/ girlfriend, they might not bring the partner home to see the family. Not until they are sure. So, maybe Dan feels likewise and hence was not readily announcing to the world when he was with Benz.

    Oh well, but then again, what do I know about the thoughts of the celebrities, their managers and their companies. :p It could be an edict from the compnies not to disclose such info to the public.

  2. Looks to me like someone is upset that he didn’t opened up to the World that she was dating him when she WAS dating him. But now she is jealous that he is totally open about this new fling and she came out to tell the World that she ONCE dated him too.
    Even though he didn’t mention her then, but now she want him to acknowledge that they had dated, so that she can feel special too. 55555(hahahahaha) DRAMA QUEEN want to be special now. LOL.
    But too bad girl, you’re HISTORY NOW and he just apologize but won’t acknowlegewhat he did wrong to get you off his back. So get over it, you’re not special to him before and you are NOT SPECIAL to him now either.

  3. this girl is still leeching off him .. get over it.. you’re done .. he’s happy with Pattie now ..

  4. I saw her interview, I could sense a little of bitterness from her but yet she’s very happy with her new boyfriend. I could see why she felt that way, when she was with Dan their relationship was kept on a down low for the longest time, and now he’s just barely seeing this Patti girl and he’s been so open about it and always gushing so much about her to the media.

    Don’t blame Benz, it’s the media that’s trying to stir things up..and by Dan apologizing for no reason, makes him look good and makes her look like the demanding obsession ex-girlfriend.

  5. I don’t get why things like this make their way into the news or headlines. She has moved on with her life and now he’s moving on to someone else too. Unless, I think she still has feelings for him.

  6. Dated or not but if a guy denies you than you probably shouldn’t come out to dish the dirt on the relationship. By doing so just makes you look needy and stupid. Why would you want the rest of the world to know you didn’t mean that much to him? Thats like slapping yourself in the face. Keep yourself respect and move on.

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