Tanya threatened to divorce Peck, admits she’s fighting with hubby over his news with Pinky

Actress “Tanya” Tanyares Engtrakul admits – she’s fighting with her husband over his romance related news with “Pinky” Savika. Their fight was so intense she confessed she even threatened to divorce.

At this stage the biggest talk of town headlines at this moment is the news about the relationship between married couple Tanya & hubby “Peck” Sanchai Engtrakul and their news claiming the couple are on the verge of a divorce because Peck Sanchai is courting “Pinky” Savika

Rumour claims, Peck asked Tanya if he could spend 2 months in America with the famous leading actress.

This widespread rumour is circulating out of hand to the point where someone approached channel 3’s Senior Executive Somluck Narongwichai to tell him not to accept Pinky as a channel 3 actress once her contract with channel 7 expires.

Today, Tanya came forward to talk about the news

“Threatening to divorce is a normal thing for a married couple everytime they fight or misunderstand each other. It’s something you say out of anger. With P’Peck, we fight with each other often but in the end when we’re both calm we will talk to each other again. It’s hard to make a decision but when we talk to each other with reasons and not anger, the outcome is always good

Tanya was asked if her husband’s news with Pinky is the reason behind their fights and Tanya admitted that yes, it is sometimes. The actress also refused to comment on her rumoured telephone conversation with Pinky.

“I wasn’t there when it happened so I don’t know what happened. So it’s not good for me to say too much. Let’s just say I have spoken to him and we understand each other. We’re living happily and continuing to live like a family”

“Has he ever asked me if he could have a fling? Honestly he has joked about it saying he wants to have a fling and I told him, yes you can, but you have to give me a lot of money (smiles) and I’ll run away”

Source via Rakdara

11 responses to “Tanya threatened to divorce Peck, admits she’s fighting with hubby over his news with Pinky

  1. I thought this news was old. I remember seeing Pinky & Tanya interview together saying the rumors were false.

  2. she doesnt seem to sound That upset… idk who to believe anymore. please ineed to hear pecks side of the story.

  3. I hope this rumor isn’t true. Pinky is way too good to be stealing other people’s husband. I like Pinky n I hope this isn’t true.

  4. Yikes, this doesn’t sound too good. I wonder who’s telling the truth and who’s lying. Because both of the story doesn’t seem to match up.

  5. Tanya YOU must be responsable on your husband !!! don’ t try to get Pinky involved !!! she’s too nice and it’s not sound good for her !!! LOVE PINKY fighting fighting

    • How is she responsible for her husband when he is his own person who may or may not be courting Pinky? If Miss Pinky doesn’t want to get involve then she wouldn’t be communicating with him back and forth through blackberry til this day. You would think she would stop everything when it became a scandal. I mean that is if she’s good and innocent. Everyone knows what a player Peck is.

    • Actually if this rumor is true which I am not saying it is or not, Tanya is not responsible for her husband’s affairs. It has to be Peck and Pinky responsibility for doing it (flirting/dating/etc) I am not hating on Pinky but I am just saying that your love for her has blind you from right to wrong.

  6. oh man i have some catching up to do! was gone for like a day and all these articles came up lol..

    i love tanya’s replies… ahaha she says she’ll agree with the fling as long as he gives her lots of money.. ahaha<—!! XD

  7. I don’t get peck…he’s got a beautiful wife and an adorable child at home, and he still strays! Then what hope is there for other women who aren’t as gorgeous as Tanya?

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