Peck begs media to stop; “Whether the news is true or not, it’s my business!”

The news claiming “Pinky” Savika Chaidech as third hand in the relationship between married couple “Tanya” Tanyares and “Peck” Sanchai Engtrakul is going strong in the media press. Reporters are going wild trying to find the answers in all parties involved. However, Pinky is in India right now but luckily Peck Sanchai is in the mood to clarify.

What’s the relationship between you and Pinky?

“I think this rumour is so damaging to so many people, it should stop. What do you want me to say? To say it’s not true? Would you believe me if I said that? With all the news you’ve been publishing, so you want me to say it’s true? Would that be good? And who do you think will suffer? If not Tanya, my family and also Pinky”

“In the past we have suffered enough please don’t make us suffer anymore. I’m begging you and also those who have been giving out this news. Whether the news is true or not, it’s my business and my family’s business. If I’m having problems with my marriage let me deal with it”

” I’m not a celebrity, and I’m not a public person. Please respect my privacy”

“When I do good things how come no one talks about it. But when there’s something damaging about me, Tanya and Pinky, you guys are enjoying it? Stop it, I’m begging you. We are all human here, please let it end. I care about this and I don’t want anyone involved to be affected by this. I want it to end, it’s damaging, why do you people want to talk about it? You don’t even know the truth and you want to gossip about it? Let Pinky get back to work, as for my family, we are still a family”

Source via Thairath

22 responses to “Peck begs media to stop; “Whether the news is true or not, it’s my business!”

  1. He’s not denying it? If it’s not true, at least SAY SO. Without answering, I think majoring of the people will think it’s TRUE!

    • i think he already answer the media that it was a no.. but they didnt listen they just want to hear him say” yes its true “,
      that is why he is saying i’m not gonna answer if your not gonna listen ,
      and i belive its better that way ..because he is not a celeb and its nobody business.

  2. wow! good luck with it.
    i wonder if pinky is going to fly all the way to thailand to talk about this? that will be interest…

  3. I hope its not true…Pinky is way too pretty for him, and young. IF anything. maybe he was the one flirting with pinky, and she was just being nice, and rumor started it.

    • I am not saying it is true but even the nicest person would avoid someone who is married that is flirting around.

      • that article on lyn’s blog was from january. so now it’s april and why is the rumor still going strong? none of them are denying any of this.

        they are hoping for the rumor to die down but it seems like it won’t because reporters want answers and no one is giving them any straight answers.

        • That article in Lyn’s blog was released because someone saw Pinky and Peck on the plane together few months ago.

          This is the recent news after someone saw them together again at the hotel in BKK. The reporter asked Tanya and Peck about this and this time nobody denies it. Tanya did say that she didn’t know about the relationship between Pinky and Peck at the time she gave the first interview.

          • Oh gosh. No wonder this dumb rumor is still going on. Honestly this is disturbing. The media is always trying prove a point. I’m already so tired of Angelina and Brad tabloids over all these years, and now this? lol. I say, if it’s not true, then they should just take matters into the law.

  4. he is too defensive. but Of course who wouldnt be if their in this situation.

    Like at times(not in this situation) you can tell someone is lying because they’re too defensive. but i can see from his point of view. hopefully it fades away like other rumors. Is it possible to link it down to who started it?? damn tabloids

  5. This rumor is still going on??? I thought it died already. Geesh. I pity Peck, Tanya, and Pinky. Tanya, Peck, and Pinky have all confirmed before that it wasn’t true and that the media is just making up stuff. I’d be piss too if the media was on my back about affairs like that.

  6. If you read the true interview in Thai media, nobody denied this rumor. Even Pinky doesn’t deny it.

    It seems that this is not just a rumor anymore :p

  7. I’m not sure if matter is true or not, but the fact that Pinky is having communications with marry-man and he has also seemed to connecting with her more than just casual entercounter is inappropriate—at minimun is emotional affair. I feel for his wife, but not for Pinky and him. Again, it would be this big news if their connection was not close to inappropriate.

  8. no one did deny this rumor. if u read the one about pinky it says that she has his blackberry pin #

    if ur not close with eachother then why would you ask for a bb pin and especially with a married man. they’re not saying no or yes to this but they just want it to die down.

  9. They interviewed Pitta too because she’s one Tanya’s good friend and she didn’t seem to deny it nor did she confirm it though. She just said that Tanya and Peck would be the best person to talk about it and when they’re ready they would come out and tell you. Personally, why do you have to “ready” yourself in regards to a rumor that doesn’t have any truth to it?

  10. Nobody’s denying it because Peck said it clearly up there that even if they do deny it, it’s not like people will believe them so what’s the point? Geesh, I have a feeling this rumor is gonna go on for awhile.

  11. Whether this rumor is true or not, it definitely still puts a dent in the marriage. I feel sorry for Tanya to have to go through this, she must be hurt by all of this. As for peck and pinky, I just hope it isn’t true because that would suck a lot.

  12. Let’s just say they are using each other lol. Tanya doesn’t seem to have any lakorns and Pinky is oversea. Peck is just a victim to getting these ladies some attention. No one is denying it or claiming it, therefore they do wish for this to continue but who am I kidding, it will go on no matter what because some of these Thai paparazzi are just doing their damn annoying job (well let’s say most not all). This rumor is probably false, but it seems to garner attention. Why not use it for free promotion-Pinky’s Bollywood film and some work for Tanya? Let’s hope this is the case and that Peck is not having an affair with Pinky.

    • FUN I some what agreeing with you. With Pinky’s contract with CH7 is up and all. You just never know what’s behind all these rumors. Pinky might not be Pancake but she does make lots of money for CH7. And if she were to move to CH3, there will be some lose for CH7 for sure. The reason I’m bringing this up is because I read that someone goes to CH3 boss and told him not to hire her? That’s just stupid, because what is that have to do with it? Looks like rumors to cause CH3 Boss to think twice about hiring her. It’s like the rumors is just to force her to be stuck and renew her contract with CH7.
      I’m not taking side here, but we just never know what really happening behind the story. Peck is a business man, any news whether is good or bad will generates his business.
      Tanya on the hand does seem to caterring to her husband bad behavior and let him do whatever he want(cheat or have a fling), as long as he come home to her or give her enough money to stay quiet. She’s not going to divorce him, she is having a good life being his wife. Peck on the other hand won’t leave Tanya either, because she is the wife that let him cheat. So it works out for both of them.
      As for Pinky she is not innocent either if she doesn’t have enough brain to think that talking to a player and a married man like Peck won’t cause trouble.
      But hey news about her right now is good, because now everyone knows that she is in Indian since awhile back peoples are saying she was lying about going to Indian lolz.
      When she go back home there might be more news from them three and will say they all misunderstood each others, nothing really happen, just rumors lolz.

      Sorry for my blah, on and on. I just love these rumors ……… NOT! LOL.

  13. It is fishy. Why didn’t he just deny it so to clear up his name, his wife’s and Pinky’s? Anyone who is involved with this kind of rumor would be embarrassed; so if there’s really nothing going on, wouldn’t it have been better to say it out.

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