Kan: “I’m not that hairy”

Ever since EFM DJ “Kan” Kantaworn transformed himself into a full time actor, Kan has been bombarded by scandalous gossip from ‘gay allegations’ to ‘plastic surgery’ and the latest to hit the fan – is a leaked photograph from Kan’s old modelling days.

The picture showed an image of Kan with no shirt on wearing a pair of low rise jeans – so low you could see his pubic hair.

The actor confessed the man in the sexy photo is really him. However, the pubic hair is photoshopped.

“I saw the photograph, it’s an old photo from 2-3 years ago. It was taken during my modelling days, at the time I wasn’t working as a DJ or an actor. When I first saw the leaked picture, I admit I was really stressed out, I was so stressed out that I can’t feel it anymore. If you asked if the person is really me in the photograph, yes it is, and whether or not everything else in the picture is real (laughs) well let’s just say, you know I don’t have a lot of body hair (laughs) I admit, the body is mine, that is not photoshopped. I’m a model and shirtless photo shoots are normal, the concept of the photo shoot is to show off your body and I exercised regularly anyway so I did the shoot. However, there’s some addition to the picture”

“When I did the photo shoot they told me it would be shirtless and I was ok with that, the low rise jeans is pretty normal. Do I wear that kind of low rise jeans? I do, but you can’t see that (laughs) Honestly at the time I wasn’t happy with the photograph but I didn’t know what to do. I think they added the hair in to make it look more appealing but to me it’s very unattractive and it’s beyond sexy”

“When I took the photograph I didn’t check it so when the photo shoot got published I had goosebumps. I was confused where all the hair came from and I knew from the beginning that this photograph will come out one day and I don’t want people to think I used to pose for X rated material. Sometimes I get a message from people on my blackberry attaching the photograph saying they didn’t know I used to pose for sexy photographs and I admitted that the person in the picture is me, but I don’t know about the other part (laughs) but I admit, it’s not real, I’m not that hairy (laughs)”

Kan admits he’s afraid the photograph could damage his reputation

“I’m really upset by the photograph. I don’t want people to think I pose for sexy photoshoots, like when girls pose for bikini photoshoots. In this photo shoot it’s almost as if I’m naked, it’s beyond sexy and it’s not an attractive form of art. If you ask if I like it? No I don’t like it”

“I have a reason why I’m denying that part isn’t mine. I can’t sit down and explain to everybody, just as long as people close to me understands”

“The photograph is not affecting my work prospects. As for my reputation, honestly I’m afraid I could lose my reputation from that but it’s up to people’s opinions. I don’t know if the photograph was leaked intentionally to attack me but who ever has good intentions for me, I will thank them for it but those with bad intentions, I can’t help that. It’s their opinion. Although I have to admit the photograph did harm my reputation, why else will you guys be interviewing me about this”

Source via Manager

10 responses to “Kan: “I’m not that hairy”

  1. Honestly! Those are such disgusting pictures of him.ahaha showing his hairy part. yea I just randomly saw this post.

  2. lmao the funniest excuse I have ever heard. Who would photoshop pubic hair onto a photo? Isn’t it the other way around where they edit out the pubic hair? lmao I didn’t read the rest of what he said, it’s pointless.

  3. LOL. im guessing he is new to the industry? just a wild guess. i love his answer. 🙂 some goodass photoshopp XD

  4. Well the only way to prove it is him taking off his pants but who knows, maybe he had already shaved rofl!!!!!!!

  5. He’s handsome..I just wish I never saw the picture (although he looks good in it ) and noticed the “hairy” part..LOL

  6. i find this article unimportant.. lol.. we don’t need to know if its real or not… it’s still disturbing >_<

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