Namfon has moved on from Stefan?

After Stefan Thasit had his fair share of moving on, ex girlfriend Namfon Kullanat seems like she has moved on also. The pictures might not seem much, but it sure has been garnering a lot of attention from netizens because they can’t distinguish if Namfon has switched teams!

Can this “hair in a bun” person be a guy or a girl? Netizens are saying that the person can be a tom and that Namfon may have switched teams because they will understand you more.

[Source: Gossipstar]

20 responses to “Namfon has moved on from Stefan?

  1. Come on now. That look more like a dude. Not a chick. People trying to assume she might go lesby. But it now.

    • yeah but thai tom’s are like lady boys in thailand, you cant really tell, i have a firend thats a tom and unless your friends with her you wouldnt know the difference.

  2. It’s totally a man! It’s so stupid how they’re trying to make her look like she turn lesbo, but it’s obviously a man. I think he’s decent looking even though with long hair, who knows it might be her friend too. Thank you.

  3. What now? A man cannot have long hair that is pulled into a bun. The last time I checked Thailand loved Pra Arak when his lakorn with Aum P aired and he looks more feminine than the “dude” in the picture above. Please.

  4. That’s obviously a guy. Thailand sure loves jumping to conclusions.

    And uh… I hardly recognized Numfom. Is that really her. She looks so… different.

  5. some of you like to jump to conclusions also! it looks like namfon if u look close. it’s obviously a paparazzi photo.

    to me no matter what sex that person is… the bushy eye brows gotta go. either way netizens are netizens and i myself consider this being a netizen also.

  6. It looks like a guy to me too and he looks young. If Namfon is really dating him, hopefully he is serious with her.

  7. that person looks like a guy to me.. lmao.. just because he has long hair that doesnt mean he’s a girl.. look at pae arak for example… he used to have that giant puffy hair.. but he’s a guy lmfao..

  8. Not sure what you guys are looking at but that is so totally namfon. As for her friend, it’s a guy.

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