Kwan is lonely, no more scandals

Kwan Aussamanee says she’s relieved because at the moment bad publicity is over for her. The actress also confessed, she recently signed a 5 year renewal contract with channel 7 and has no intention to move anywhere else.

You seem a little quiet, no scandals lately?

“It’s not really quiet, it will probably come later. But it’s a good thing, perhaps I’ve been through enough in the past, I’ve had it all, from every angle. If there’s anything else then it would have to be a repeat of an old one, so that’s why it’s quiet. I do get a little bit lonely from it but it’s a relief because usually I get really excited during interviews. Like hey, what’s the new gossip today, it’s usually something like that but today, it’s over? Ok then, it’s over, that’s a new feeling, but it’s good”

“But usually when I give interviews I would come home and think, did my interview affect anyone? Did I say anything to damage anyone? Or myself? Have I done something bad? I usually go home and think about it. But this time, it’s over so I’m happy, I can go home and sleep”

So many people are moving channels, are you planning to move?

“For me, I love both channel 3 and channel 7 because back then I was a free agent. I worked for both channel 3 and channel 7 and both companies have been good to me. One channel is like my mom and the other channel is like my dad. I’ve been taught by both channels, both have given me good advice. So that’s why I love them both”

“I don’t think about that (moving). I think about making the most of today and Aunty Dang has invested in me so much. I want to finish school as well and give something back to Aunty Dang”

How long do you have left on your contract?

“I’ve just signed a 5 year renewal contract”

Source via Gossipstar

12 responses to “Kwan is lonely, no more scandals

  1. She only did one lakorn for channel 3 though, i wish she would do a part 2 to that lakorn she did with Aon!!!!

  2. Love Kwan! I’m happy she stayed at CH7 because CH7 has amazing lakorns and amazing actors! ❤ If I was her, I'd stay at CH7 too cuz almost all of her lakorns are from CH7 and its all been a great success ❤

  3. Is it just me or she has really yellow nice. I don’t think she’s that pretty anymore. I liked her in that one lakorn with Aon Sarawut, where she was called the “Little Boss”. It was a good lakorn and she was really pretty back then.

  4. I meant to say yellow teeth. Nice? I don’t know what I was thinking when I was typing that. LOL.

  5. I think Kwan is great as an actress. She has the looks too but then again, I do not like it when she puts on all those falsies including coloured contact lens.

    Personally, I think Kwan should remain true to her Thai heritage and bring out her natural beauty without piling thick makeup and falsies. She is one rare Thai beauty who can rival those look-kruengs.

    And I think it will be good if she gets some lessons in handling the press, conducting interviews and what not to equip herself better. She is just not able to handle the press well. Sometimes I cringe when I read her interviews … 😦 … yes, sometimes they are so bad that I feel that Kwan lacks depth and maturity.

    • this interview was during an event she attended recently..

      and i just wanted to add that she is also a look-kreung too since she’s mixed … lol..

      im happy for her that she hasnt been in the gossips lately hehe.. XD

  6. Huh? Is Kwan a look-kreung? What is her heritage? I have only seen her mother and was totally unaware that she is mixed. Thanks for sharing.

    And yes, it is good to see that she is not in any bad gossips and scandals.

  7. pinky and kwan my fave actress..glad she stay with channel 7. She is mixed with thai, hmong, british, and something else.

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