Chakrit: “Maybe I have alzheimers”

Former player “Chakrit” Yamnam has been officially dating DTAC Heiress “Petch” Boonyapa Benjarongkul for quite sometime with out any news about him with any other woman, until recently when a photograph of Chakrit & Miss Thailand Universe 2010 “Pooklook” Namfon Watcharatrakul leaked on the internet.

Chakrit confessed he was confused about the photograph and admitted that in the beginning he couldn’t remember her.

“I’m confused about this news. I’ve been in Taiwan and Hongkong and someone called me to tell me I had a leaking photograph. At first I was confused, I asked who was the other person in the photograph? At the time I honestly couldn’t remember anything. I thought about it for a while, thinking..when did I took that photo? (laughs) Then when I saw the pic and thought about it for a while I went ‘oh!’ she was on “Pen Tor” for one episode, she played my fling in the lakorn and in that scene I was driving and that’s all. There’s nothing else to the photo”

“Maybe I have alzheimers’ that’s why I couldn’t remember her at first (laughs) because normally when fans approach me for photographs, I will pose for photographs with them and each fan tends to lean in real close and honestly I don’t remember every single person I posed for photographs with”

“And that photo is the only photo I took with her. I’ve met her once and I do feel bad about this because she’s like Miss Thailand Universe and I couldn’t even remember her (laughs)”

“I don’t want to think too much about how the photo leaked out but I want to say that I am very low profile. I don’t have Hi5 or facebook. I used to have one, someone made it for me but I’ve deleted it because people go on there and leave negative comments for me all the time, I’m not brave enough to read those comments so I deleted it. Most importantly, I don’t know how to play those things. The most hi-tech game that I play is using my blackberry. If you ask if I’ve been charming the ladies, I don’t know. Have you ever had a crush on me (laughs) just kidding. I’ve always been a crazy person, nothing serious”

Chakrit is impressed, his Socialite girlfriend is not jealous

“Petch is so okay with this, she laughed and didn’t ask anything because she knows I wouldn’t remember and there’s definitely nothing going on. Our relationship right now is fine, lately I don’t see her much, I haven’t seen her for a week now because I have so much work on me and I travel a lot. So I feel sorry for her, she has to endure a lot because I don’t have much time for her, but we talk to each other often”

“Is there a rumour that her father is about to open up a movie company for me? It’s not true. How could I be responsible for something that big, it’s nothing like that. But everyone in her family are very nice, I’m the one who haven’t been giving her much time. If you ask if she is upset with me, well probably a little bit but she understands. I have responsibilities and I’m trying to do the best I can”

“I do worry about her because we don’t have much time to see each other”

Source via Rakdara

16 responses to “Chakrit: “Maybe I have alzheimers”

  1. At least he wasn’t being rude about it… I still like you Chakrit!
    His girlfriend doesn’t look hiso…maybe because of her dress, it looks cheap. Anyway he seems very happy with her.

  2. Nice interview. Simple and straight forward. And he’s like to talk about his girlfriend. He really show that he’s care. Rarely hear much about his personal life. And glad that he’s open about her and express what he’s thinking about his current relationship.
    He did give a little more fact about him.
    He can’t remember most people he took pictures with. He’s a low profile person that doesn’t use Hi5/ Facebook to social besides having his Blackberry.

    • I found his facebook and MySpace a/c, so now that he confirmed not using any. But honestly, it’s weird for people like him, who had western education, can’t receive different opinions. Maybe after his last broke up, many Thai didn’t like him.

  3. i realized that almost all the celebrities use blackberrys.. hehe.. maybe i should get one too lol XD..

    i agree with the other’s posts.. his answers were very straightforward..

  4. whatever!
    taking pictures is not a crime. There’s really nothing wrong with this picture. However, he knew what he was doing. But to shift the blame he made a dumb move in the beginning saying he doesn’t remember her. What a wuss. Now, he remembers her, uh yeah there buddy.

    • I totally agree with KD.. Chakrit is a player and that will never change. PenTor is his real character. THERE’S TWO KIND OF GIRLS CHAKRIT WILL GO OUT WITH.. THEY ARE EITHER SUPER RICH OR PRETTY. .. for him .its MONEY OR BEAUTY..that’s why he’s confused….!@#$#@!#

  5. I’m from Malaysia and i like chakrit.To me he is a good,cool and good looking his smile too.Wish u all the best chakrit.May happiness be with u always.Do come to Malaysia again ya…..

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