Aerin is furious over smoking photo-leak (round2)

This is not the first time actress “Aerin” Sireeporn was caught on candid camera while puffing a ciggarette, last time when she was busted the EXACT actress willingly admitted, she was a bad girl for smoking in her school uniform. However, for her smoking photo-leak second time around, Aerin blames photo leaker for their inapproriate leak.

“I’m mad because these photos are old and the headlines are calling me a drug addict. For me, it’s fine I can take it but have some compassion for my family and what they have to go through. I’m an honest person and the first time when smoking pictures of me leaked I told everyone that I smoked but now I don’t smoke as much anymore because I’ve been sick”

“People are intentionally trying to damage me by doing this. It’s not just a normal photo leak, some people saw these pictures without reading the article where they wrote that perhaps I was just acting. People only read the headlines accusing me of being a drug addict, that’s harsh, my mother had to answer the phone when people call up to ask if her daughter is a druggie”

“I feel more sorry for my family because of the headlines. My family knows that I smoke but I haven’t been hiding that from them. My mom had asked me not to smoke, she told me I shouldn’t be smoking to begin with but those pictures were taken before I got into the industry. I’ve taken thousands of phots so I don’t know where the photos came from, I’ve looked in all my friends albums, I wanted to delete the photos but I couldn’t find them, which means the leaker has been going through these pictures and intentionally leaking them to damage my reputation, it’s not a leak, it’s an intentional attack”

Aside from your photo leak, Paula Taylor has also been busted for smoking

“I feel sorry for her too. I heard she lost a lot of work and I feel sorry for her. She didn’t smoke anything addicted, I want to deny the news for her. As for me I didn’t lose any work over this, the executives were quite understanding. Exact called me to ask about it and they comforted me. Honestly, people are telling me to sue but I think I should just let it go, I don’t want to make a big deal out of it. I’m still going to be working with the press for a long time. However, Ryan Jett is even aggrier than me. He told me I should sue, he’s very angry and asked me why I wouldn’t sue, he doesn’t understand”

Source via Komchudluek

22 responses to “Aerin is furious over smoking photo-leak (round2)

  1. Who cares if they smoke that’s there own personal issue, it don’t need to involve into their career. Ah! No wonder I haven’t see Paula around lately, drama drama drama!
    Thank you ^_^

  2. wat the hell r they doing with old pics. the press is always bored and prints old shits. dude get something new. as long as she isn’t denying that was her then were all good. smoking is an addiction, just get in the hang of it.

    wow, no wonder Paula Taylor hasn’t been around lately. look like she won’t be around for a while too. i wonder why they didn’t do it to men when they smoke, wats a big deal about a girl who’s smokin’

    she’s only havin’ fun lol

  3. I honestly don’t think the leaked photos are a big deal either, but it’s all perspective. I, a grade school female student, do not mind seeing or knowing another underage girl who smokes. However, a woman of older age (say in her early 20’s) could go either way, but an even older woman would most likely disapprove of such behavior. It’s just about perspective, who you’re selling the story to, who’s reading, who’s listening, who knows.

  4. if it was a guy it’s nothing but when a girl smoke the media make a big deal out of it. smokers are not bad people or every smokers in the world would be label bad. the media need to give aerin some space, it’s not like she’s hurting anyone beside her own health.

  5. dont smoke..its not good for ur health..
    cigarette is like legal drug to me..
    sorry..out of topic..haha~ =p

  6. lol well, she’s not going to get any compassion from me. sorry, lady, but that’s how life is. maybe you should of been smarter and smoke your pot without taking pics. lol besides, i don’t know why they are so upset. oh wait, i know, she will have a bad rep and people will stop hiring her. good then!! i’m glad that she’s honest and all, but it’s too bad for her. this kind of thing comes with the job, so deal with it. i don’t feel one bit sorry for them! they thought they were so cool when they did it, so why not think it’s so cool now? oh wait, it’s only cool when they haven’t been caught! i’m a really anti-drug person, so she gets what she deserves!

    • it was’nt pot it was just a cigarette lola…. Well i feel for her though [even though i dont smoke] She’s a human being c’mon now people calling her mom’s house asking her mom is she’s a drug addict!!! UGHHH such a STERO TYPE, i mean seriously if you smoke your automaticaly a freakin DRUGGIE? well anyways i love her answer “i dont care about what they say about me, but have some compassion for my family”!!! WELL SAID!!! i still support her as an actress though!!

  7. it is kinda stupid that the press is always bring back old pix and making it a big deal. but yea, beside from that smoking is bad. its good that she tries stopping.

  8. LOL Lola, cigarettes and hookah does not equal “pot”…I’m with Ryan, Aerin should sue! Her being a smoker is olllllld news and the misleading headline can be damaging to her career and reputation. Smoker or not its her business. I think she knows she’s going to be alright, just a little inconvience to have to answer to shady media. There’s actually a good amount of Thai celebrities who smoke. I think the reporters are reaching to make out certain group of celebrities appear as “party girls,” as if to create the Lindsays of Thailand. A while back, they printed pictures of Paula partying almost 10 years ago and she was like wtf, why print this now and “…why can’t I have fun?” Its not like they’re doing drugs and passing out on the streets… As for Paula losing jobs over this that’s the first I’ve heard of it. I see her every Monday on “True Love Next Door” she has a movie out. Other than these projects there really isn’t a reason to see her all the time. I follow her twitter, she travels a lot to Hong Kong to do print and tv ads and to see her bf so this can explain her absence.

  9. Why does she blame other people for her wrong doings? But anyway, the public shouldn’t even be judging her. This is her life and if she wants to smoke, then so be it. It’s not like she’s doing drugs, that would be a different story. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not supporting smoking or anything… but why judge? No one is to judge but God.

  10. they run out of news so they bring back old news.. they’re lame like that..

    it’s up to them if they want to smoke/drink.. etc.. it’s their own personal lives..

    hmmm.. i didn’t know she knew ryan jett.. hehe.. <– anyways.. what happened to him?

  11. I personally don’t like it when people smoke even if it is just a cigarette but it doesn’t mean I don’t like the person. There’s a difference there. Anyways it’s her personally business. I thought it was pot/crystal/etc but for pete sake what’s the big deal, it’s not.

  12. Not just know, they’re dating hahahaha. If you follow Aerin’s twitter, @aeriny, she gushes and posts lots of pictures of him and them.

  13. in this case, at least Aerin isn’t lying that she didn’t smoke.
    You guys here may not understand but in Thai cult, smokers are not like ones in other society. In Japan, the male smokers are common guys but in Thailand, even if you’re a guy, you must have got some problem if you smoke. If you’re a girl, it’s even more than that. Normally, Thai girls who don’t have any problem don’t smoke. It’s not like smokers are bad people but there’s something behind it. It’s like why you started to smoke, in what society you are living in, what kind of friends you are with. And if you are kind of nag’ek in lakorn, people wouldn’t believe in the character you play anymore. There’r some more complicate value and cult in thai society. It’s deal to the job too.

  14. Forget Aerin for now even tho I believe these pictures are probably old…but what happened to Ryan Jett? He is soo cute…or was cute.

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