Photos of Stefan & Secret fling

“Stefan” Santhi Veraboonchai or new name “Thanit Sinkanawiwat” was busted red handed according to Gossipstar


Their latest headlines featured an article about Stefan & his ‘secret fling’ – a young student who is supposedly the real reason why he broke up with his older girlfriend, actress “Namfon” Kullanat.

However, whether this ‘gossip’ is true or not, Stefan will need to clarify for himself. In the meantime – Here are the so-called guilty photos of Stefan & his alleged fling;

16 responses to “Photos of Stefan & Secret fling

  1. i don’t know, but the picture doesn’t look bad, but it doesn’t look great either. i think i may have been watching too much CSIs, 48 Hours and you know all of those tv shows catching perverts, so it looks wrong to me for a 30 something year old guy or however old he is to be with a girl that looks so young. hmmm… what an effing perv!! she looks like a little high school girl! maybe she’s a hoe? i don’t know. can’t make much of a decision with pics like these. it might have been just taking pictures for fun, but for some reason he looks like a total perv to me in the pics. i dunno?!

    • LOL LOLA!!! I love The First 48! I watch it religiously and I have the biggest crush on Det. Chris Anderson from Birmingham. Love me that big ol’ southern boy 😉

      Back on topic, ewww yeah what a perv and he’s not that cute to me. This girl way too young, but money talks and bullchit walks. Stefan can’t act for chit plus he comes off as a d-bag. Glad Namfon moved on cuz she can do better. I always thought she look cute with Bee Sawich anyway.

  2. A little off topic but, the two images on the bottom of the cover is quite risque. And I can’t tell if it’s two women or one man and one woman.

  3. I don’t know. But this girl is not even pretty at all. Namfon is more beautiful. But KARMA is a bitch. But I love Stefen though.

  4. well, to say that there’s nothing between stefan and this girl would be a little naive… being that the last photo was taken in a bedroom…

  5. haha, i thought maybe they would be just friends, but the second picture looks like it was taken in a bedroom! but man who knows!

  6. lalala.. im just glad namfon ain’t with him anymore..

    the 2nd pic looks like they were in a bedroom..

  7. haha wow!!! i agree with some of ya’ll on here she’s not all that pretty, Namfon is WAY prettier and classier!! lol but hey whatever floats his boat ;p

  8. like a slap in the face for namfon. he could have told her in the beginning that he wasnt planning any Wedding bells. There goes 2 yrs (ithink) of her life. If it was me id feel like its a slap in the face but if shes okay with it, then i guess i am too.

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