Tik Jessadaporn’s “Great Escape” For A day BULLETIN

In the entertainment business, Tik Jessadaporn is an extremely handsome Phra Aek, but he is also a good believer, he will give his all to the characters he portrays until you believe that he is that person truly. Even if that is so, it’s not all of his real self.

When he turns his back from being on camera to adventuring out in the woods and puts down every role he has to play. With a jacket and backpack in hand Tik then realized that this was his true calling.

Tik Jessada has been out of the spotlight for quite some time, but it doesn’t mean that news about him is put out of the spotlight. The last big news about him was sometime last year when he announced he was getting married to “Peach” Sitamon, a business woman outside of the industry, but no matter what no reporters could get him to open up about his relationship before hand until the day he announced he was getting married.

From what we know, Tik Jessada was the type that loved being outdoors, nature, and going to the woods. He was an adventurous man that we could ever find in this generation. Whenever he was free from work he would run off to the woods somewhere or head to a secluded ocean front. It was somewhere he would go with his friends or take them instead of going to a the city for a night out.

To him the wood/forest were like his family and his friends. To him his family life was like a sanctuary that he tries to preserve that no one can destroy if or trespass to it if they don’t have his permission.

Every time that Tik Jessada goes out venturing into the woods for his show, “Navigator”, he feels like he’s being openly welcomed from nature.

“It’s like I have an immunity and energy to make me stronger so I can come back and use it in the city life.”

It shouldn’t be anything wrong if we said that the places of the natural locations are his “Great Escape” that he uses an energy revitalizer for his life.

[Excerpt from MagazineDee]

13 responses to “Tik Jessadaporn’s “Great Escape” For A day BULLETIN

      • lol! same here! 😀

        i love tik! im so happy that he is back to makes lakorns! cant wait to see his lakorn coming up!!! tik is a hottie!!!! and he has a killer smile just like kim bum!! hehe! 😀

  1. OMG! Tik looks good. Love that he is a outdoor person. I am looking forward for his new lakorn. It great to see him back:)

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