Poh Says Sorry to Khun Dang

At the last recording of “Poh” Nattawuth Sakidjai’s episode on “Jun Pan Dao”, the veteran actor revealed with a sorry face that he is sad to leave the show.

You look like you’re about to cry in your last recording for Jun Pan Dao

“Yes I’m sorry and shocked at the same time because I grew up from here and now that all this is about to end, I don’t know what to say, it’s hurting inside”

How sorry are you?

“Very sorry, everything is all inside. Today I can finally feel it because before I’ve been holding it on. Honestly, today I didn’t even want to come here. But because this is a job and I’m a professional I have to come back and finish the job”

Is your reason for leaving the show a result of feud?

“I have been interviewed about this topic many times now. Now I want this to end, I don’t want anymore problems to follow. Everybody knows about this, Kob knows too and everyone understands the reason and they respect my decision. For the comfort of everybody I want to tell you that I am definitely not feuding with anyone”

Who made the decision to replace you with Cee Siwat?

“The executives made that decision because Cee is a lot like me. He is humerous and at the casting, he passed. Kob said he’s a talented person and they got along fine so there definitely won’t be a problem. As for me, I totally support him because I know he’s talented and believe he can replace me”

Now that your contract with the channel is up, are you planning to move straight away?

“My contract with channel 7 will expire in April and we haven’t discussed this yet. There’s been news in the past that I want to move channel but I want to confirm to you that I’m still working for channel 7 and I haven’t thought about anything yet. I just want to rest.”

“In April, I’m going for a vacation to England and then I’ll think about it. I don’t want to cause a conflict between the two channels. So therefore when everything falls into place I will be able to say more on this. Right now, I want to keep it zipped”

Apparently you won’t be renewing you contract with the channel because you’re feuding with the Executives from channel 7

“I’ve never had any problems with the Executives. As for Khun Dang, she has always been kind to me. When I went in to talk to her about not renewing my contract, she didn’t say anything to me. She even said, even if I moved, she would still adore me all the same. She told me when I get sick to call her and let her know or call her whenever I have the time. I was very happy that she is still kind to me”

You were upset with channel 7, is that the reason why you wanted to move?

“I’ve never been upset with channel 7. I’ve worked here for 10 years and I’ve been very happy. The Executives always gave me popular roles, like ‘Kom Faek’. So therefore it’s impossible for me to be ungrateful to channel 7 who has created me. As for other stuff, I don’t want to talk about it. I just want my fans to watch my last episode on Jun Pan Dao which will air on 26th April”

“And I would like to thank JSL and Khun Dang for their kindness. I would also like to apologize to Khun Dang for upsetting her and made her uncomfortable. I’d like to apologize for everything that I’ve done”

Source via Siamdara

9 responses to “Poh Says Sorry to Khun Dang

  1. oh my gosh…. were did these people go to journalism school…. or did they even go to school?? They asked the SAME questions over and over again! Poor guy, how many times did he have to repeat the same answers to them??…. he must have the patience of a saint! He would have been better off recording a statement on a player and just play the same answer back to them to save his breath

    • lol, because he didnt give them the answers that they want. they just keep on pushing him and try all types of ways to get around. that’s what they were training to do or at least, that is what i was training to do…

  2. wow… shes one powerful old lady. lol she probably did something to him.. like em lakorns..

    Because in his other interview he sounded soo piss, now hes apologizing?? hmmmm

  3. Overall, he’s a grown man. He knows what he wants. He says he wants all this to end. But I’m sure this is just the beginning for him. I pity him. I’m sure it’s hard for him to leave ch7. I bet whatever he decides to do with his life (like being a free agent or moving to another channel), the media will still stir something up. So I suggest he better stop being all nice and emotional and start thinking about how he’s gonna get the stupid reporters off his back.

  4. How sad…he shouldn’t be apologizing for anything. So much for “Freedom of Speech”! lol, but then again what can we say…it’s Thailand, not the US…I feel SORRY for some of these Actor’s and Actress’s…Even if the elder’s or whatever say they like and support every actor and actress it’s a lie to me! it’s all really about who they FAVOR only…


    No one can ever replace ch7’s #1 pra’ek though. 😦
    I’ll miss Por.

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