Men, Netizens Think Can’t Hide Their Feelings Anymore

Netizens on Pantip never fails to catch our attention, but this time with a topic starter as, “Which guy do you think can’t hide their feelings anymore” (หนุ่มคนไหนที่คุณคิดว่า”เก็บอาการ”ไม่อยู่), we admit we chuckled for a bit and read the list of names on the poll.

It’s nothing  new to be a little feminine, but doing too much of it has everyone whipping out their “gaydar” to see if these men, who act like they are, but never admitted, being put under the radar. Hey with Ricky Martin just finally coming out, you can never really be sure who is a diva or not.

Here are the list of those on the poll:

Aof Pongsak

Pete The Star

Eak U.H.T

Un Puwanart

Oung FiveLive

Phol Tantasathien

Koh Teerasak

Dr. Oak Smith

Gene Kasidit (Former Futon Member)

Dunk Punkorn

Here are some comments from netizens:

“Pete (this person .. is a model(Nang Baeb) already 555)

Oung her voice when she’s picky is starting to sound like Opal day and night now.

Gene (Lady Gaga’s younger sister).”

“#2, 3, 7, 9, and 10 probably don’t have to hide it anymore I think.”

“I don’t think any of them can keep it in at all.”

“I don’t think any of them are keeping it in. They’re already doing it openly.”

“I think this topic should be who can keep it in good because most of them are letting it all out.”

“All of the girls have already cracked.”

Either way, even if they are out or not, we think everyone should just relax and listen to some Gene Kasidit because life goes on like these divas portray it!

28 responses to “Men, Netizens Think Can’t Hide Their Feelings Anymore

  1. i remembered watching the star 2 and pete then and now is so different. just saw a clip of him on yt and his voice change so much. omg, that mv of gene is so creepy cuz of his make up. it’s understandable why celebrity don’t come out of the closet easily bcuz they don’t want to jeopardize their career. it took lance from n sync a long time to admit too.

  2. What? Phol Tantasathien is on the list? Speechless. I never thought he look gay, but that picture says otherwise. Hope it’s not true.

    • hmmm, I thought he already came out saying he was gay? I think I was too young or something, but my parents told me he was gay. hmm..& i thought the UHT gut came out too..haahaha I guess not. :/

  3. lolz all of these guys are so obvious!

    @soni – i think phol was always an obvious. there were always gay rumors about him.

    i don’t know why it’s such a big deal if they are gay. it’s not like they are killing anyone. thailand is known for a lot of gays or katoeys already. so there shouldn’t be anything wrong with them being gay. reporters already ask half of the guys who don’t have girlfriends if they are gay already!

    i wonder what would happen if one day one just came out to say that they are gay. i wonder how reporters will react? that’ll be a good thing to read about!

    • I didn’t know there were gay rumors about Phol and if he’s gay it’s fine, too. I was just caught off guard on this one.

      • i agree soni. i scroll back up just to make sure it was his. he doesnt look that gay back then.. ithought he is married? he really likes to cook thats for sure, iread in an interview long ago though

        • Phol owns his own bakery…I think he was on a show with Lydia where he thought her how to make dessert.

  4. oh!!! wow!!! so many gay stars…but why Oak’s name has to be mention too just becuz he’s lonely and has no one…

  5. wahhh oak or no i met him before and i never got a gaydar on him….i think they think that because he doesnt have anyone rightnow, but who knows i can be wrong

  6. Aw, poor Aof. 😦 LOL. He looks really good in his recent MV of his new single. HAHA.

    • Aof is not gay. I remember this one interview with him crying because of people accusing him of being gay. I think things like this hurts people. Thai Neitzens needs to get a life. It takes a gay person to know a gay person.

  7. they all look feminine. but phol doesnt as much but i guess he is now. he doesnt do lakorns anymore, is it because of this? i LOVE him with joy. not our nang rai joy but the actress gone singer Joy

      • Phol was like my favorite p’raek back then. I was so in love with him in that lakorn with Joy, until my friend from Thailand told me that he is gay…I didn’t believe her…I guess this is now a confirmation!

        • omgomg. is it the Manee? the one she gets Preggo and he is half chinese? OMG i loveeeeee that one. lol he climb up her window to rape her. lmao

  8. i was just shocked that Pol was on the list.. i loved him with joy! lol.. oh man……. hehe.. i never knew he had gay rumors.. then again.. all the p’eks have gay rumors.. lol…

    Oak <— i dont think he's gay.. he just looks happy .. XD..

  9. Does it really matter who’s gay and who’s not? Why are Thai people so obsessed with gays?? (Omg, I bet people think I’m gay too for writing this comment.) I don’t really care who’s gay and whose not. I’m just tired or hearing people’s gay rumors.

    • Yeah…I am too. And for all the people saying this is a confirmation, it’s not…Sadly it’s just netizens speculating too much. I really feel sorry for them, because we don’t truly know if they’re gay or not…Unless they say so themselves, for now they are just rumors for some of them. And no, I don’t think you’re gay for writing that, it’s the truth, I guess it’s a hobby for Thai netizens to try and confirm who’s gay and who’s not.

  10. I refuse to believe Aof is gay. Yet if he is, I wouldn’t care either lol. Will continue to love his music.

  11. i never heard about any gay rumors of phol. i refuse to believe that he’s gay! lol. and even if he is, he is still a great actor! it doesn’t change who he is.

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