Dom Hetrakul Shows Off His Sexy Abs

“International” star, Dom Hetrakul makes another appearance again on Thailand’s issue of Men’s Health magazine. To the men the magazine is about health tips and what not, but to us women, it’s major eye candy.

Dom‘s body now vs. his body in 2007 is no different as Dom keeps up with his body by doing martial arts and Muay Thai. He’s been in a few International-Thai films which includes, Bangkok Dangerous, Bangkok Adrenaline, The Marines 2, and others. Dom specializes in action and suspense movies. Not only does Dom do international films, but he also does thai lakorns (Soo Sarn Putaesuan).

We’re not going to lie that Dom‘s manly body has us drooling. Especially flaunting his abs, we’ll definitely be screaming.

As an added bonus our favorite music video from Mint Ardhawadee, starring Dom and Joy Rinlanee.

[Images via Magazinedee; video credits thaichaiwat]

23 responses to “Dom Hetrakul Shows Off His Sexy Abs

  1. I thought they would have been a good couple in Chaluey Sak. I know they were not meant to be in CS but they should have changed the storyline a bit. I use to watch Mint’s MV like a million times but of course it was on tape.

    • How funny that I was thinking that too so I went and watch their old lakorn. The one where he has a brother that looks like him and they were both in the army.

  2. i love him in Chleuy Sak. He’s a very hot guy for his age. Too bad he’s not getting P’ek role anymore. I hope he will get one coz he deserves it.

  3. People just have different opinions! Just like many people think Tle Thanapol is so HOT, I don’t see it anywhere. Some people don’t see it in Dom Hetrakul but I think he is smokin!

  4. imiss him in that one lakorn iforgot what the title was but he was the son of the first second wife whos evil. His dad was nang eks brother. nang ek had twins btw.

  5. Who would’ve known all of that was hiding under all that wardrobe in Chaloey Sak. LOL.

  6. always liked him..i remembered the lakorn he did with benz once it was hilarious. i wish he was still pra’ek!

  7. OMG uguys if you think hes hot shirtless.. Try watching him in a UNIFORMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. *DROOLS lmao

    enter Ayarak in youtube… If anyone has seen it? he is really handsome and MANLY in there. his mom was an ass. =D

  8. I’ve always known that he had a great body because he had always been different from other pra’ek in that he isn’t bone skinny and he actually has muscles! He really ages well and I can’t wait to see him lead lakorns again because I’ve been a fan for a long time.

  9. omg.. he was in bangkok dangerous? omg!! for some reason i don’t remember him in there at all >_< .. hmmm maybe i was paying too much attention to chakrit lol.. anyways.. he has a hot bod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Dom was awesome as the badass in Bangkok Dangerous. (he was the one w/ the fugly blond hair!). and they totally had Nic Cage kick his ass (which would NEVER happen in real life) and he died such a pathetic death. he was a great addition, along w/ Chakrit in BKK Dangerous.

  11. ahhhh. i’ve always had a hugeee crush on dom when i first laid eyes on him back in ayarak. he is still looking superrrrr HOT! 😉

  12. i miss dom so much. i love him, he’s a great actor. i hope he will come back to play prah ek roles. miss him on screen as the main couple. i love him with aff and joy.

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