Working with Weir is not easy for Pancake

Real life couple “Pancake” Khemanid Jamikorn and her boyfriend “Weir” Sukollawat Kanarot returns to work together again in upcoming channel 7 lakorn “Duay Rang Athitarn”. Pancake reveals it’s not easy working with Weir because the closer you are to someone, the harder it is to work with them.

“I haven’t worked with P’Weir for two years”

But you’re so close to him, does that make acting with him any easier?

“No, because we’re so close we hit each other. When we’re acting together, we won’t talk to each other. We both do our own thing because when we start discussing acting together, we end up hitting each other (laughs)”

Do you see him more often now that you’re working with him?

“Not really because I’m working mostly on ‘Tawun Yor Saeng’ and P’Weir is working on his lakorns too”

Weir’s love scenes are very intense in his lakorns

“Yes, I watch them and I feel, oh..I didn’t know about this, but I think it’s just acting and I’m also a lakorn viewer and when I watch lakorns, I like to watch scenes like that too so it’s nothing to me. I understand that it’s just work”

Source via Khaosod – Photos from Sukollawat Club

151 responses to “Working with Weir is not easy for Pancake

      • lol well, I am curious how can a 20 something year old man play a 40 something year old man. Seen the old version, interesting but I just didn’t like it. So I don’t really care about this lakorn, just curious… if that makes any sense lol

  1. First off that ugly b***** could not act and second her ugly man looks gay so I really think that the damn movie is going to be retarded just just every other movie their in…. So wat the he’ll is wrong with people these days, couldn’t they find someone better to act or someon that looks better….STUPID!!!!!!!

    • i think that you are too harsh on this couple! pancake is a gorgeous young lady that can act. and as for weir he does not look gay at all.

      i like this couple alot! i think that they are cute together! 😀

      • Lol ur too funny….u can think she is gorgeous all u want but I could tell a big different from a good acting and a bad acting. If the girl can’t act then she can’t act. And yes u r rite they make a really cute couple that’s only cuz they’re both ugly and not a big fan of theirs so don’t try to argue with me about acting cuz I’m going to school for acting lol and if do try, joke will be on u.

        • ok good for u then that u r going to acting school. but im not trying to start anything here with u. its just the fact that u dont have too be that harsh on the couple. thats all. 🙂

        • Your remarks are more about personal attacks rather than constructive criticism. I’m not a fan of Pancake, but calling her ugly is an understatement. If she’s ugly, she would not make it this far in her career. I find it amusing that for someone who studies acting, you are so harsh on another actor as if you are an acting coach/expert or something. Remember, she has a career already and you are just studying. Until you make a name for yourself, you should have a little respect. Also, I hope you are super pretty because if you are not , the joke is actually one you.

          • Wow someone is offended because I’m calling her ugly lol. Plus ur stating that ur not a big fan of hers but ur tripping on my opinions that she’s ugly… So lame. U guys thinks that the joke is on me well let me tell u something. First of all u maybe rite that she is beautifull but beauty is all u need to get into Thai acting but in reality acting is not all about beauty Its the freakin’ TALENT. Yeah maybe she does have a career but minus that talent so that ain’t nothing to me. You were also stating that in order to judge her by her looks I should look better… Lame statement cuz it doesn’t matter if I tell u I do or not, you wouldn’t be able to tell. So no matter wat u say I’ll stick with my opinion on wat I think about her. Your getting offended by me calling her ugly wow way to go u act like u have never called anyone ugly before. Lol you also said she has a career and I’m just studying… Also lame lol. Now let me give u a reality check Thai people CAN NOT act, period. The only reason I watch is because it’s part of wat I do. like I said before in Thailand all u need is looks to get into acting but other then that they r wack. Taiwanese acting is even more talented. So me saying that she can’t act is only from wat I know cuz u don’t have to be a rocket scientist to tell. So KAPesh BisH!!!!

          • “Thai people CAN NOT act, period. The only reason I watch is because it’s part of wat I do.” Haha…What a sad, pathetic hypocrite!

          • lol you’re very insightful. I agree that her remarks are more of personal attack. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If she thinks Pan is ugly, she is ugly to her. I personally think Pan is beautiful. She isn’t all that bad at acting. I give her props for portraying the rich snobby nang ek well.

          • 1. a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, esp. a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.
            2. a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, esp. one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.

            That is the meaning of hipocrite, so please redifine wat u mean from the quote u gave me cuz in that sentance there is nothing that puts me in the catagory of a hipocrite. So there u have it the dictionary with the meaning of the word. Thanks me later for taking the time to write it down so u could understand

          • @ allie…i am so proud of ur words…i would never be able to think of something that good to say to someone like 12345!!! it great that u can put it in good words to support pancake n wier fans! pancake might not be able to act but she is new actress and she is pretty(mine opioion)! i respect that she will become a better actress in the future and i give her credit for making it this far!

          • Allie, you hit it right on the nail! I agree with everything you’ve said, and I also think Pancake is quite beautiful! Weir is handsome, too. That other person, “12345” keeps digging themself deeper into a hole each time they talk/type LOL! I can tell they’re extremely bitter and/or jealous. Hate all they want, but Pancake is a superstar, while you’re still nobody LOL.

        • u can tell if someones guud or bad at acting cuz she cant act? ur saying that just cuz she cant act?? is that wat ur trying to say??? there r so many other celebs who r ugly so go buzz them. and yea ur not a fan, so y r u even looking at stuff bout them huh? and if u try to argue with me, a JOKE will then be on U! 🙂

          • oohh 1234! just copied and paste the definition of Hypocrite out of wow ur REALLI guud with definitions 🙂

          • Melinda lol u crack me the beep up cuz everyone that u commented sounds like ur just spazing out for the dumbest reason. I forgot to ask did u forget to take ur medication cuz ur really goof dup. If u can handle wat people say about pancack then don’t read. I do understand tho that u r defending her cuz ur her #1 fan(lmfao), but ur acting like she’s ur mother. Well watever you crack me up.

          • ooh haha my mom eh? well srry, not my fault i cant handle it. i guess i didnt take my medications. pfft. its how i am.

      • lol@allie “you are super pretty because if you are not , the joke is actually one you.” remember that 12345 !!.

        • Okay laugh all u want but let me tell u, my conversation is just getting started and FYI quoting on wat someone just is stupid cuz it’s tell u can’t think for urself!!!!! Hahaha ON U 2!!!!!!

      • If u don’t want me to comment on telling people they’re gay then why r u commenting me being gay. U hipocrite…. No wait, U GAY A** HIPOCRITE oh and this is nunyabidness so stay out of it pfft

        • hypocrite?? wow ur temper is realli going up. and well u r being gay so um calling u gay. and oh wow im a gay ass, well ur a mother fucking bitch. and how can this not be my business, im a fan of weir and pancake so i have to argue back bitch. pfft. not my mom.

          • U should remind urself that u r lucky I’m not ur mother cus if I was I would of beat the living day light out of you. Funny that u really think I was mad saying the word gay ass hipocrite. My temper is just fine but I think u should be the one to check urself cuz if u go back a read all the comments u wrote on everyones post then it’s clear to see who has a temper problem lol. If u really wanna start bitching at me about wat I said then go rite ahead cuz it doesn’t bother me on bit. So the drama that ur bringing between me and u should just stop cuz to start calling all the names in the book is just gonna heat urself up. Unless u would rather state where u live or ur address then u should stop. It is soooooooo 4th grade!!!

          • lucky or not ur not my mom anyways. thnx for searc hing through the blog and seeing that i posted so many comments on others post. and saying would i rather state wher i live, so ur trying to say i live in such a poor country cuzi talk like this or??? and sure this between us stops now.

      • LOL I love it when people used different names to comment on what they comment or post and I don’t mean you Melinda. hehe.

    • It’s obvious you have strong negative feelings toward this couple. Your hatred is a reflection of who you are.

      • It’s not just hatred but it’s more of an opinion so I’m not just arguing because I want to but it cuz everyone has their own way of believing in thing so therefor they r gonna stick to wat they think. There is no rite and wrong on any opinion cuz u know in ur rite mind that we will say wat we feel, no matter. Commenting on these post r everyones opinion so don’t get me started. If anyone is going to objected to my opinion then of course I’m going to back myself up and if u have an opinion and can’t back it up then don’t even bother

    • First off, what’s wrong with looking gay?
      And you definitely cannot judge a movie/drama or anything on the screens and say it’ll be “retarded” JUST because you think the cast is ugly. So ignorant. >_<

        • Lol soni, ur rite some ignorant do know who they r but there r some that r ignorant but can’t tell or want to even admitted that they r….. Which one r u????

      • Then I’m guessing that everyone on here should also be called ignorant if u are refering to me. If to u my state of mind is ignorant then the people that can not except the facts that my opinions are not like theirs are ignorant too. I’m starting to feel that my arguements r turning into something else, but as it does why is it that u guys r tripping so bad about me calling them like gay and etc…. Yeah it might sound harsh but u guys are acting like those words had never came out of ur mouth towards others before.

        • It’s sad that you’re studying in acting and have this kind of judgment. YEPP, they’re gonna want you around, being prejudice and all with people who look gay..and ugly people too? wtf? I guess you’re beautiful? All of your movies are going to be–NOT “retarded”? Okay, that makes you so great.

    • I Soooooooooooooooo agree with you! I’m glad someone out there feels the same way about this couple!

  2. shes really pretty but i atm im not convince at all that their the main characters. And yes i know they are, well maybe she looks nang ek ish but he doesnt, more like the second leading pra ek or supporting. idk how to explain it but bottom line is the before remake is my favorite. But i would love to see how good she can portray the character and compare it to kob. thats the exciting part for me lol

    • oh u realli think that?? holy when Weir first became a celeb. BOOM everyone wen wild. have u seen him then. well celebs do start to change aafter a while but thats just me 🙂

      • i ve seen a few of his movies but off my mind is him in his rookie days in manee yard fah and another with pinky. others, i just see parts of the lakorn because i like to scan through and watch certain parts throughout the movie. I never was a wild fan of him never has havent been. he looks like a teenager. lol yeah i agree he HAS changed over the yrs. his acting has approved and his reactions =) but i wouldnt call me one of his fans. just a lakorn fan.

  3. I am so disappoint at channel 7. That I will not be watching this lakorn. Anyway I wasn’t planning to watch it since Pancake is in here. They should have stick to the original script and not change it around (by having a young guy play a much older man part). I think it dumb how people who date do lakorns or movies together. Okay, maybe I still not over the fact that they replace Poh with Weir. I think I am better off with channel 3 and 5.

  4. I think Pan and Weir will be able to pull it off. But will they be spectacular?—No. I don’t see how it’s so hard working together. I think Pan’s just being modest. They seem to work together all the time like doing photoshoots, singing at concerts, etc…plus, they’re always in the limelight together anyways. Since they’re so lovey dovey, it shouldn’t be that hard. Btw; Weir looks so cute in those photos. lol. ( :

  5. YAWN! and NEXT! Tired of them two together. Like Wier, but just not with Pancake. Wish she would take a break, I’m tired of her and her innocent act.

  6. I agree, tired of pancake…i do like weir acting but not her. And with this remake it should be Por Nuntiwoot or at least someone older, maybe even Willy. and nang aek can be pinky, or kwan. ANyone not pancake. hehe.

  7. I love this couple and i can’t wait for Duay Raeng Atitharn, even if Weir is too young for the role but he is a superb actor who can take on any role i have complete faith in him and Pan!!

  8. I won’t watch it. But it will be like other ch7 lakorns, high rating and a big hit. Pancake is hated by netizens but she’s still having a large fanbase in the whole country. The more jealousy, the more popular anyway,
    I used to think this girl won’t last long in the industry but now I’m changing my mind. I think she will be like Kob who got bashed by netizens on acting skill and her boyfriend but still last in the industry for a long time.

    • hey well its not up to u decide weither or not that person should be famous or not. its up to their talents. wats with u people against her? shes doing nothing but her job, just dont watch her lakorns then. and y r u looking at this anyways huh??

      • I’m not hating her. I used to defend her once too in other topic. just voice my opinion, her acting is not really good. anyway, I can see she’s a good person in real life. and that’s why she’s very popular in Thailand.
        Ppl know she’s a nang’ek in real life. but yeah, life’s like that, she’s an actress, she needs to be good at acting too.

  9. i dont think pancake is pretty at all and not like that but her acting sucks.. theres alot of newbies out there with great acting but they are so underrated..

    *yawn* its gonna be boring to see them over n’ over again plus they are real life couple too..vier looks old but definately not in his 40s. its not gonna work. its like having chatchai play a young guy in his 20s. but anywho, the lakorn will still have high rating anyways..

      • exactly, wier is not cute hes decent yet not THAT handsome. ithink mart is handsome :D. random iknow.. but maybe weir is those type of guy you have to really see or know to like him? i cant explain it. lol

  10. oh gosh get over it. if ch 7 really cared about acting abilities vs. ratings they would have chosen someone else to play the part but they don’t.

    they care more about the ratings in thailand. both pancake and weir were chosen. GET OVER IT!

    • i AGREE!!!

      Ch.7 don’t care about nothing but ratings…
      if they did care about talents than ratings,
      the original casts would still be what it was…

    • welll in people in Thailands point of view, Weir and Pancake can act. And I dont think its just about ratings, its their talents and the more talenst someone has, the more people would want to see them on screen. Its not like CH3 or 5 think about acting. Haters of CH3 or 5 stars may think the same thing everyones thinking on here towards them 🙂

  11. Don’t like her acting but I will be tuning in to see the first part of the lakorn. Like most ch7 dramas, they don’t appeal to me. But one thing I better see from them onscreen…Chemistry! I’ve seen some parts of pancake’s lakorns, she lacks chemistry in most, but seeing as how they are romantically involved with eachother in real life, I better see chemistry between the two. If I don’t see chemistry between the two, that will be such a dissapointment.

  12. WTH with these two. I have never seen any of their lakorns and I dont think Pancake or Wier is good looking. Why am I even on here?

          • But it seem like nobody like her why is she so.. Popular n everybody sayin that she can’t act..

          • Most people that comes here are oversea. She’s not that popular outside of Thailand. I don’t have any source to confirm but it just seems so. There are some people in Thailand that dislike her too but the majority adores her.

      • Oh gosh only people on some forums and blogs that don’t like her. She’s pretty popular in Thailand and those are the people that actually matters because they are the one that counts toward ratings. They are the one that buy and supports the things she’s a presenter of or play in. If channel 7 cares so much about acting abilities then more then 75% of their stars wouldn’t be allow anywhere near the camera. Channel 7’s actors and actresses is like RS Promotion’s singers while Channel 3 is like Grammy. Channel 7 is all about quantity while Channel 3 is quality.


  13. i loved the original, it was one my favorite Kob lakorns, and since Pancake and Weir are the pra’nangs, I personally think they will ruin the lakorn since Weir is not the right age to be playing the person and Pancake…well I’m just not a fan of hers….I’ll skip this one.

  14. omg u guys .. i love pancake & weir together .. i don’t really get it why u guys hate them.. is something I was missing ?

  15. I don’t like this couple…sorry Weir and Pancake fans. I just think that they can’t act.

      • why would you need to see how anyone on this blog can act… i dont get it. are you freakn 10??? if she says that they cannot act, why does she have to be better than them? is she an actress thats gonna be in the lakorn with pancake? you needa calm down girl. i was curious to see this hot topic & im reading along & you are attacking everyones opinions. well, heres mine. pancake’s face is flatter than a pancake & without eachother, money would not be flowing in.

        • calm down? all i said was ask if she can act, im not saying u or do u want me too huh? and u doont need to argue with me cuz we both have diff. thots ok. i dont want to start an arguement herr.

          • honey, judging from the way your spelling and grammar is heading, you don’t even know what your talking about. everything is a BLUR. & most importantly, dont tell me what i should or should not do. you can voice your opinion, but when others do, it becomes an agruement? get real.

          • oh not again! y do people then start talking like an adult ish. honey? and ALWAYS bring grammar into this which has nothing to do with it. you know when you’re texting? short form? sorry but its how i write ok. and again “get real”.

          • girl you got issues. pancake & wier will be very happy to know what a loyal fan you are. CRAZII PYSCHO ASS one tho.

          • u must be soooo mature! congrats for ur maturity cuz im not. and u were judging from the way my spelling was. just look at urs u didint even spell bitch right. idk wat “biatch” is. 🙂 oh wait do u mean bi-otch??

          • gotta meet you on your level BIATCH, sound hella pycho. like if pancake or wier were to fart, you’d probably say it smells better than perfume. lol. thats the only way to describe it.

  16. man, you can say i’m really disappointed! this was one of my fave lakorns and they had to ruin it by putting pancake in there. ok forget that she’s been in a lot lakorns but her roles are mostly the same, annoying rich/spoiled girl and i can’t picture her in the roles in this lakorn.

  17. Holy frick! if u peopleez dont like these two then y r u on here huh? geez go cheer of ur other celebs! and i think ch7 noes wat its doing cuz its up to their fans and who loves them cuz they’re entertaining their fans!!! not u! so just screw ur ass of Weir and Pancakes news! its their relationship not urs!!! howver they feel, its them. geez u poeple got to look at the positives and negatives NOT JUST THE NEGATIVES!!! pfft. b’s like h-

    • Um… because people don’t like Wier and Pan, they cannot make a comment. That is absurd. I know some people can get a bit harsh and mean, but you have no right to tell them they cannot preach their opinions.

      • oh srry but still, hate them so much, y care bout their news? dont u argue against someone for ur own fav. celebs???

        • Sometimes I do defend my favorite celebrities but I don’t tell others to not comment/ voice out your opinion here or there.

          • well im not actualli saying ” U HAVE “NO” RIGHT TO COMMENT ON THEM” but to me, i just dont get it. i’ll admit somethimes i do defend them but…..its hard to explain tho.



    • okay melinda… During my time as a Dirtiilaundry reader Since idk havent kept count but longer 1 yr thats for sure, ive NEVER been told or asked not to comment on a specific topic.

      I admit i dont like pan or weir but their news interest me. And i know im not the only one who feels like that.

      fyi im still going to leave my comments in the future regarding weir and pan.

        • honestly i dont really care whos time it is… And i dont really get what you meant by that but anywho.

          i dont mind your brattie attitude if you’d like to call it that. But i would really appreciate if you dont reply back to folks who leaves their so called negative comments. Because it doesnt really do any good on both sides besides involving more people and so on. However i wont get butt hurt if you dont. =)

          you can go ahead and reply back, but idk if i will because im tired of typing on here regarding these two because these REPLIES are going ABSOLUTE nowhere. -.- But then it’s really interesting to read! lol.. plus i think DL has stopped the comment box, or maybe its my damn net again. Anywho… its kool you cant control the urge to do something, same here. However theres a limit to everything Like DLs decision of stopping any incoming comments if they ever do. But if they ever do I will laugh because i bet they’re laughing at our replies thats why =D rock on DL!! =DDDDDD


            U UNDERSTAND!!..

  18. Everyone has the rights to voice out their own opinions, whether or not its positive or negative.

    Sorry to say, I’m on the hatter boat. I feel like a lot of her lakorns haven’t shown any major improvements. Has she gotten any better? Yes! But compared to kwan, she’s like a corn while kwan is a popcorn.

    And for those of you who like to nag and whine: I compared kwan to pan because they’re in the same generation.

    • Ahahaha it’s okay. I understand, I do a lot of comparing myself. If it is Pancake, Kwan will be mention at one point. If it is Kwan, Pancake will be mention at one point. I think a lot of people refer or this case compare these two because they are well known for not liking each other or so it seems like they don’t like each other lol

    • i get the point where everyone has the right to voice their opinions but its just hard for me to resist these comments. no matter wat i stay as a fan of weir and pacnake.

      • that’s true.

        i think 123456789456123 is hating a bit too much.

        hopefully she’s not training to become a dara because the comments she left might bite her in the butt one day like jaebum (from 2pm…is it jae bum? well one of them.) .

      • that is true! Pancake gets like way more awards and has been in the top wards and top 9 entertains. She’s certainly better but I still like Kwan tho 😉 and Weir has also been in the tops too 😀

  19. But the way, a lot of people must love or love to hate on Weir and Pan, this is like a hot discussion lol

  20. HATE VERY VERY MUCH Pancake she looks like a ( SIAMOIS in french ) i don’t know how to tell in English but i like Wier together with Kwan or pinky or Aum patcharapa ……there are a lot of beautiful thai actress why choose this girl she very ugly and act very bad in Tawan yor seng or buang hon . Sonia and noi boussakorn act better,make me can re- watched 3 or 4 time . And now it’s make me angry about this remake lakorn that i like very much for choosing Pancake to play Kob suwanant role !! i think they will ruin the lakorn !

    • Why is that everyone so bothered by Pancake. I know she cannot act for goodness sake but the real problem for me is Wier… yeah yeah I know it isn’t his fault, but the elder forced it upon him but still. I think Wier is a decent looking guy but to play a 40 year old doesn’t make much sense- sure he may be able to pull it off but looks does play a big part in this. If you have seen the preview, it seems like he did not age one bit. All he did was take off his glasses. Funny thing is they made his 40 character look younger than his 20 year old character.

      • yea true. like seriously weir does not look that old. hes only 24 turning 25 soon. but they shouldve stuck with Poh and Pinky. i like weir and pan but i dont think this role and type of movie suits them 🙂


      • WAIT! I never said I like Weir with other shit or girls. I just said the role of an old man doesnt suit him or were you replying to someone else ??? :O

  21. i said that NOT because i was jaelous of Pancake ,but because i am the one who love to watch thai Lakorn or Drama since 20 years until Now The first lakorn that make me love thai drama is DaoPrasook with Monroodee (now she ‘s a tomboy in the real life).

  22. I am not a fan of the couple and hardly watch their lakorns. But in all fairness, they are mere pawns/ puppets that the channel use to milk $$$ from the viewers. It is not their fault to be appearing together in this re-make. They are after all just doing their job and bringing the bacon home.

    Also, for those who pass harsh comments aimed at hurting the couple’s feelings, I think it is a bit too malicious and unwarranted. Of course it is fine to critique their acting, Ch. 7’s judgement and express your disappointments. But personal attacks calling people ugly seem to be a bad sport and superficial.

  23. I don’t hate pancake or anything but I don’t think they have any chemistry on screen, Weir had so much chemistry with Alexandra even though she’s not Thai and she is half cast……If Alexandra is as tall as pancake, she would’ve been more beautiful….just my opinion, don’t hate me Pancake fan.

    • lol Alexandria, she is as bad as Pancake when it comes to acting. They both look beautiful to me. To me beauty has nothing to do with height.

    • yeah, beauty doesn’t have to do with HEIGHT…
      beauty doesn’t involve the OUTSIDE,
      but beauty involves or even evolve from the INSIDE…

  24. ouch! people r biting eachother alot on this blog. im not going into any of them even tho i am a fan of weir and pancake 🙂

  25. At first, I thought Pancake couldn’t act and wasn’t “pretty”. Now, I think her acting has improved or it hasn’t bothered me and her looks aren’t bothering either. On the other hand, Weir pauses too much when he’s delivering his dialogues. That bothers me for some reason lol.
    I remember with the original, people were complaining that the pra’nangs were too different in age. Guess you can’t make everyone happy.

    • I was bother by the age too because S.. shoot I forgot how to spell his name lol was wayyy to old looking for Kob but when Kob was reborn everything sort of worked out afterward. Maybe that’s one of the reason why I didn’t like this lakorn much.

      • lol I guess CH7 not good at picking the right aged looking people for lakorns. but I still love CH7 tho 😉



    • AGAIN! I’m not saying any shit about them!! I’m just saying THEIR AGE DOES NOT SUIT THE ROLE!! please chillax!! I LOVE WEIR + PAN OK?? Understand my comments right

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