Chompoo turned down Canadian movie for Saranae Siblor

“Chompoo” Araya A Hartgett is no doubt a hot commodity. The actress revealed to the media at Nine Entertain Awards that she turned down a Canadian movie for a Thai film “Saranae Siblor”.

Chompoo also tells us she currently has a mentally unstable man stalker her!

You turned down a Hollywood movie for Saranae Siblor?

“Honestly the movie would’ve been a good opportunity, but there are a lot of things that didn’t fall into place and it’s a Canadian movie but they’re casting it in Thailand, it’s not a Hollywood movie”

Do you regret missing out on this opportunity?

“Yes I do regret it a little but there are a lot of reasons behind my decision and I trust my own decision making”

In the past you’ve been contacted by Hollywood or movie makers from overseas?

“That’s not unusual. A lot of celebrities are receiving the same kind of offer, but it’s just that perhaps their offers didn’t make news?”

Apparently you’ve been stalked by a mentally insane admirer?

“I have 2-3 people who are serious admirers who will follow me around every day. One guy follows me all the time, one time I went to a shopping centre and I saw him and he ran up to me, I was so shocked. He said so many things to me when I looked into his eyes I knew he’s not mentally with it”

“I don’t think he’s planning to hurt me, I don’t think so but I tell him to stop what he’s doing because I don’t want it to get too much”

“Most celebrities will probably run into people like this from time to time, it’s nothing much so don’t worry about me. I will be careful”

Source via Siamdara

12 responses to “Chompoo turned down Canadian movie for Saranae Siblor

  1. its not just a canadian movie champoo lol… if you can make it in canadian flim , they gonna keep their eyes on you for sure.hollywood has alot of canadian actress/actors too .

    • I think she was trying to say she did not denied a Hollywood movie because it is a Canadian film that she denied. People are misinterpreting it.

  2. Stalkers?! Scary. Lol
    Hmmm it would of been interesting seeing Chompoo in that
    “Canadian” movie….or whatever they want to call it. Lol
    I would of like seeing her making it big oversea, or so. (: lol

  3. i like her answers, she gets to the point instead of side tracking it. I agree with her decision, but i would love to see her in hollywood though… she could be the Innocent one 🙂

  4. Although her answers are straight forward, I feel like she’s a little cocky…..

    “That’s not unusual. A lot of celebrities are receiving the same kind of offer, but it’s just that perhaps their offers didn’t make news?”

    Does that mean she has tons of offers from Hollywood? I have never watched any of her lakorns so I’m not sure of how good her acting is…

  5. ” it’s a Canadian movie but they’re casting it in Thailand, it’s not a Hollywood movie” she says…

    Being a Canadian, I take great offense in this … so it seems like she’s too good for this movie cause it’s only being cast in Thailand?
    wouldn’t u want to take the opportunity to work with other producers/directors besides the ones u usually work with?
    i mean, shes not all that great of an actress.. so this would have been a great opportunity for her to grow…
    but whatever… her loss

    • I think she was correcting the reporter, not really insulting. They asked about her turning down a Hollywood offer, but she said it was a Canadian movie, not a Hollywood movie. ^_^

  6. Some of you are taking her words out of context. Jo, I too agree, I don’t feel that she think she is better. It is true, there are some lakorns doesn’t get news.

  7. She carries her interviews so well, without hurting her fans or letting her words come out negative. 🙂
    She’s gorgeous too.

  8. I’m Canadian and I think she made the right choice because seriously, most Canadian movies suck. They don’t make it big and the storylines are mediocre at best.

  9. Canadian movies are where some of the biggest stars get their big break. Just because these movies don’t make millions does not mean they sucks. There are tons of Hollywood movies filmed in Canada that made it huge. There are writers and people behind the scenes that are from Canada that help makes these movie huge. Just because you hear Hollywood does not mean it’s only made in America. Some of the movies you watched today are remake of small Canadians film. People from all over the world compete to bring and have their movie shown at the Toronto International Film Festival. This is where many movies get recognitions and movies hitting it big. Her comment is very negative towards the Canadians. It’s not unusual for a directors go to other countries to cast their lead characters.
    In my opinion, Chompoo is saying she is too good for Canadian movies. Just because it doesn’t have a Hollywood label on it, means it’s not good enough for her.

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