Stars Who Can’t Act, But Sell Their Appearance

Netizens on Pantip posted a topic that caught interest in us, asking other opinions on which stars they think that can not act, but sell their appearance.

Here is a list of those who were listed on Pantip from netizens.

Pancake Khemmanit

“I don’t like it when she’s in lakorns, but when she’s modeling and walking down catwalks she seems fierce. It goes with her well.”

Mario Maurer

Taew Nataporn

Anne Tongprasom

“I’ll probably get killed for saying this and the devil will ask me.”

Stefan Thasit

Pae Arak

Kob Suvanant

We figured that we should ask you, our readers also, who do you think can’t act, but sell their appearance? No matter how many times they’re in lakorns it seems that their acting is not getting any better, but instead they are getting more face time from endorsers.

We will try to ask for no drama, but instead we would rather hear opinions.

118 responses to “Stars Who Can’t Act, But Sell Their Appearance

  1. This list is pretty accurate, thank goodness the public still has eyes. The only ones I disagree with are Anne and Taew because I think they’re great actresses. Others that need to be on the list are: Poo and Vee, that’s all I can think of for right now.

  2. WTF ARE THESE PEOPLE SMOKING?! ANNE IS A GREAT ACTRESS…ONE OF THE BEST IN THE INDUSTRY!…and yeah I agree with Jo, Vee does need to be on there.

  3. I’m not a fan of Anne but I think she a great actress..where poo? I like kob as well….i don’t think ann r kob sell their body…when i think of these stuff i think of photoshop aump would do….that selling their image..dunno..

  4. I agree with Mario, stefan and pae. But I disagree with you on Ann and Pancake. One of my favorite lakorns all time are played by Ann. Can’t deny the fact that she couples well with Ken out of all the other actresses. As for Pancake, I think she has potential to be a great actress.

    Meanwhile, taew, I only liked her in Dong Poo Dee, but I don’t know if she’s versatile enough to take on other roles. She still reminds me of a 15 yr old playing on a 30 yr old role.

    I think Vee should definitely be added to the list. He’s always playing the same character. Wearing suits and shit.

  5. lol these netizens are funny. anne? c’mon! she’s played versatile roles and proved it with all the awards she has won. whoever put her on the list sure is getting a lot of flack from others on that link. lol

    i think aump patcharapa should be on that list. i’m sorry but her face irks me and her roles aren’t what get’s me motivated to watch her lakorns. i think kwan and jui should be on there also.

    as for guys, new wongsakorn, vee, and mart. there are more but i can’t think of any right now

    • agreed! I forgot about Kob Suvanant! I totally agree that Pae can’t act nor has the looks. Stefan can’t act but he’s hot as heck.

    • I agree. But everybody else on the list is SO TRUE! lol. Especially Pan. Glad she was first on the list. ( :

  6. I agree with the list except for Anne and Kob.They are fine actresses!
    I think the list should be longer instead of shorter since there are a LOT of actors who just can’t act but given airtime and good actors are on the short list.

    • i hope u know this is posted by netizens on thai website.

      the blogger only ask u to voice ur opinion and if u agree with da list or not. i don’t think they voiced their opinion at all.

      some people need to read in bold where it says “No Drama”

      if u don’t agree with the list then that’s ur opinion.

  7. either way most of these people cant act because nowadays the actors and actresses are coming from winning some type of show like the star or miss teen.

  8. Ann can act but she’s getting old, Stephan is getting better at acting, and as for Kob i hate her, i just do!!!

    • U must be Stupid…
      Kob has opened many windows for Thai Biz to other countries…I don’t have to mention the country name, but she was very popular there.

      Besides…she received many awards during her golden days.

    • I think Pinky can act good. It’s just that she’s with ch7 (and you know how their dramas are…), so her characters just aren’t all that. If they give her challenging roles, she could do it. ( :

  9. I disagree with Ann T Kob, Teaw. But the rest I agree and i disagree for the person bright up name Kwan. She a great actress for people her ago.

    • i agree with you about Kob and Ann and Taew..They’re awesome, but I don’t know about Kwan though. She has improved so that’s a good sign.

  10. ne..! i think they should just list all the actors and actresses… BECAUSE, hey who doesn’t wanna back up their favorite, huh?

    and, i dont think Son and Vill can act really well…

    • Thanks for bringing them up! lol. I totally forgot they can’t act. But I guess they’re not on the list because although they can’t act that well, they’re not really selling their appearance.

      • I totally agreee. THey should be on the top list. Their acting sucks…How can my Ann and Kob on the list? The writer might loose some brains. Ann and Kob won so many awards….

    • So true…they’re very stiff…

      Ann, Kob are very good though. MOst of my favorite lakorns are starred by them.

  11. kob n ann should be off da list…..
    n ann won so many awards i don’t know why she’s even on the list…4 kob…she has always been the lead role…idk wats worng w/ that also….i think they should pick on some other people instead of kob n ann

  12. ann and taew and kob and pancake are good in my opinion they forgot to put bie the star and diew the star and R the star

  13. Anne, Kob, and Pancake should not be listed especially Ann because she has so many awards for acting in many roles. Whoever listed her must be drunk. 🙂

    The ones not listed that should be listed is Kwan and Rita. I say Kwan, because her acting doesnt seem convincing nor realistic. Rita, because she doesnt know how to look upset so when she acts upset, she just looks like she is faking it. If I were to choose between them two as nang ek for a lakorn i wrote, i would choose Rita because her expressions are always the same like Kwan.

    • I think Pan and Kwan are on the same level. Pan’s characters and expressions are always the same too. I’m so lost and confused as to which character is which in all of Pan’s dramas, because they’re all so alike.

      • I agreee with U. I can’t stand Kwan and Pancake’ lakorns. Kob and Annn? They won so many awards…come on take them off already.

  14. oh and i forgot to add…i see potential in Rita to be a better actress since i saw her acting in liam prai lai ruk. she did really well in crying over the death of her father, but she still has some flaws in other areas. Rita has made some improvements, but then again this is just my opinion. “No Drama” 🙂

  15. Anne, Taew, and kob know how 2 act..but u know who should be on the list is : Vee, New, Nattaraht “Nat”, Son Songpaisarn.. For the gals: Best Aticha, Susie Nanna, Janie T. ( I don’t think she could act..that my opinion) and Vill Sontichai. They cannot act at all…

  16. are you serious? anne? she should not even consider being on that list. anne knows how to act and she don’t SELL her appearance! this person is trippin!

  17. I agree with everyone except Ann and taew. Either way, they are being critiqued by netizens…Not real movie critics so I’m not taking this seriously. They can deny it all they want but Ann is one hell of an actress, she can act and she can sell her appearance, she’s the best right now, just my opinion.

  18. I love ann.. watched many of her series and think she’s great in all of them. don’t care what others say…I’m sure u’d agree with me. 😉

  19. Commentor #27 on Pantip mentioned แอฟ ทักษอร (Aff Taksaorn) I agree with them.

    As for Anne I disagree, she is a good actress.but her roles seem to be getting the same and annoying..

    • if aff took on more versatile roles instead of the sweet innocent girl then i would consider to act pretty good. the innocent act has got to go.

  20. Lol the first person that came too mind was Pancake haha, she has the potential to become a great actress but she always comes on as unnatural and fake

    i agree with the list except for Anne, she is one the greatest Thai actress i know and Taew, i think she’s pretty talented for a newbie.

    They should also add Vee, Poo, Vill, Son and Best. Man they cannot act

    & i disagree with KIM, who said Kwan should be on the list. Kwan is a very versatile actress compared to let’s say Pancake, who can only play the rich, snotty roles.

    • I was glad to see Pan on the top of that list too. Everything you said is how I feel about Pan. Like I said, I think Pan and Kwan are on the same level, but Kwan is more bearable for me to watch than Pan. Her characters aren’t as annoying as Pan’s. And at least they’re different everytime, unlike all of Pan’s dramas. But I’m sure others disagree.

      I think Taew is on the list because everyone’s thinking that she’s selling her sweet, cute, aff-look-alike appearance. lol. She’s a newbie, so didn’t really think she needed to be on the list.

      Vee, Poo, Vill, Son, and Best all can’t act. But the they’re not on the list because they’re not selling their appearance either. lol. The list is only for people who are actors/actresses but are famous for their looks.

      • But then again, those people up there (like Mario, Stefan, Pan, Pae, etc…) aren’t even all that good looking. So in that case, don’t really even know why they’re famous for.

        • if they weren too good looking can we just have Mario please? many international fans are obsessed with him 🙂

  21. sorry but it wasn’t Kim who said that Kwan should be on the list. MY BAD lol
    i’m referring to anyone who said it

    • that would be me =)

      that’s my opinion and i’m just voicing my opinion and to me i don’t think she can act.

      to you she might be a goddess but that is your opinion.

        • i just wanted to add. i like kwan but she tend to have the same face expression.. especially with oil. Exactly like what honey had said, these are our opinions. and i fully respect yours too. however i just wanted to share a little more of my thoughts. :]

  22. I agreee with the list. The first that popped on my mind was pancake and look she’s the number -laughs- and than poo. She’s not even on this list.

    I disagree with Anne, Kob, and Taew. Taew is pretty decent for a newbie and her acting is quite more realistic than Pancake. Pancake only take roles as a snotty spoiled rich kid (guhh its annoying!) As for Anne and Kob, they are the best actresses in thailand!

  23. ann and kob shouldn’t be on the list. Others i think can’t act would include poo, poh, weir, kwan, mart, rita, and son.

      • o.. i agree about weir. hes great with face expressions but sometimes he over do it or doesnt met the requirement of that expression. lol. or his tone. imiss willys acting. 🙂 random i know :]] But he was GREAT

  24. I agree on the list except Ann. To be honest, Kob is not that good at acting, she’s just popular and has chances to get the good roles.

  25. I don’t think Ann or Kob belongs on that list. Ann has been a great actress for so long. Kob is not on her level but she can still pull off certain roles.

    I disagree with Kwan being on the list because she is the best actress of her generation. Much more believable than Pancake or Poo. Pinky is not as talented as Kwan, but Pinky is good in certain roles. Aum P’s work from 2002-2006 was her best, and she gets stupid roles now, though PLP is quite good at the moment.

    I would add Vee to the list, because he’s so stiff all the time. As for the relative newbies like Son, Wiew and Best, I’m happy to give them more time. They’ve only had 2 lakorns each so far.

  26. oh gosh ppl need to get a clue and stop demanding them to take your beloved celebs off the list. if ppl read instead of look at pix it says that the list is from netizens on pantip.

    the last time i checked they’ve added more to da list. this was just da beginning of da list. if u saw the rest of the list most of u would prolly cry.

    either way not every person think alike so i still have my opinion that i’ve said earlier and it still stands. =)

  27. now looking at it, the only reason they have ann and kob on the list is because they want ppl to talk and argue a about it… if it’s not controversial, why bother discussing it at all?
    I think they’re just bored…..

    • this is the list from pantip! DL only translated it they did not put it up. i doubt they even care. if you even click the link to pantip it tells you the list of names on there.

      seriously read before you even reply.

      • i forgot to add. i don’t think DL is bored but instead pointing out reality. there are about a billion people out there in the world and some of them are bound to not agree with those on the list but like everyone has been saying it’s the opinion of the ppl who think those ppl can’t act.

  28. Rome Patchata should be on the list, he is great to look at and it seems the cannel is really pushing him but he is just not believable.

  29. Some more people added on to the list from pantip:
    Aff Taksaorn
    Rita Jensen
    Kwan Usamanee
    Smart Krissada
    Son Yuk
    Poo Praiya

  30. Wow, this is just what the pantip people think. It’s their OPINION, just like its yours. Everyone needs to calm down. DL didn’t write this, they got it from pantip, so everyone just chill.

      • everyone is stating their own opinion and some can’t accept the fact that others dont’ think the same like they do so they go on bashing.

  31. Pancake, Anne and Gop can so act, and they’re also pretty. wtf? stupide dirty laundry shit. just a bunch of stupid made up stories.

  32. DBSK lover: I didn’t say anyone was starting an argument, I just said people need to calm down because some of the stuff people are saying is rude to DL because they didn’t even write this, pantip people did. So everyone can state their opinions but some people don’t know how to calm down and started bashing DL. I love you DL, thanks for all the articles! I truely appreciate your hard work!! 🙂


  33. NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Not Ann and Kob!!!!!
    There the best nang’eks there is out there!!!!
    I’m so hurt by this news…
    And Taew?..Really..I think she’s good, and plus she’s only been in one lakorn and that was her debut acting. She hasn’t been in anything else.

    • I think Taew can act too…And she has great potential to be a good actress in the future. Oh, she’s been in another lakorn with por, so far I only recall her being in two lakorns, the other one was with mart, I don’t know about any of her other works. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

        • Um…The one with mart was called dong poo dee, that’s the role she is known for most, a lot of celebrities like Ann praised her for her portrayal in that lakorn. Haven’t watched it, so I don’t know if it’s good or not. And there’s one with por. Those are the only ones I recall her being in.

          • No wonder she looked so familiar..she’s adorable in that lakorn..I’ve only seen the teaser but I’m gonna watch it now..Thanks!!!

  34. I don’t have time to read all the comments but I will make my own list:

    Aum P-acting is mediocre at best. Maybe she might excel as n’rai, her voice and acting annoys the chit out of me as n’eke. Might as well take ya clothes off and go on wit it. I don’t see the hype and the sex appeal, she looks like a lady boy to me and her facial expression looks more like she hurting or constipated then anything.

    Poo P. She’s pretty but she’s an airhead and can’t act to save her life or anyone elses.

    Yardthip-can’t tell if she’s n’eke or n’rai, her acting sucks azz.

    Rita-She’s beautiful and seem like a sweetheart, but her acting and her mouth annoys me. She needs to stick to modeling. I don’t know why they go hard to promote lookkerng.

    I have more to add to the list, but I have to go. BTW Anne and Kob don’t belong there. I’m hard on people’s acting, but I think Anne is very convincing, a great actress at that. Kob on the other hand if she take other roles then her usual I might say the same. But I like her acting. I think Kwan is okay. i actually like her and Pinky, in their generation of actresses.

      • Yardthip! totally forgot about her. Ploy, whenever talking about Yardthip, she reminds me of Ploy. Ploy always have that look on her.

        it’s like, “NOTHING satisfies ME!!!” lmao.

        boy is she Hot, well both of them really. but Ploy always have that “IM NOT SATISFIED!” look on her. she and ploy, and benz but i like all of them. i dont think they should be on the list though. but im just saying they have that unsatisfied look on them but i love watching them on screen. ploys eyes are soo Seductive O.o

    • I totally agree with you! And everything you said about those actresses: Aump, Poo, Rita, Yardtip, etc…I feel the same about them. Kwan is okay as well. And I really like Pinky. ( :

    • “Rita-She’s beautiful and seem like a sweetheart, but her acting and her mouth annoys me.”

      I thought I was the only one who thinks this about her…lol.

  35. I’m surprise Ann and Kob are even on the list, let alone to even be considered to be on the list.

    I think Mario can act. I’ve seen his movies. He’s got more potential than some of these lakorn actors.

    With everyone’s beloved Pancake… I used to think that with time, she’d improve, and well… she has made some improvements here and there, but like someone stated above, her acting just comes across as unnatural, and well… sort of plastic? It’s not entirely her fault she hasn’t improved though. If she were given opportunities to play more diverse roles, I’m sure she’ll do better.

    Poo Praiya should be at the top of the list, on the very tippy top of the page with the female honorary award for this. She can’t act, and I’m almost certain it’s her looks (or her body) that kept her in the spotlight.

    I definitely agree with Stefan and Pae being on the list. How about we add Son? Son’s the stiffest pra ek I’ve EVER seen in my entire lakorn life. If he and Poo were to pair up, that’d be one hell of a disaster.

    Well, in the end, the only person left standing will be Ken because everyone just lovessssssss him.

  36. I don’t understand y kob is in here too…i’m not a big fan of her, but I got to admit sh’e s pretty god. I watched some of her lakorns and it’s very convincing. I saw her in “Dung Jai Patiharn” and “Long Ngoa Jan” and I cried the whole time with her. She portrayed the sad character very well.

    Ann’s also super good.

  37. anne cant act? they have to be kidding me! i know everyone has their own opnion but to say anne cant act is like saying poo and all the newbies out there could act. why else would she still around for this long? she has fans who are loyal and they arent gonna stick around to support her for like over 10 years if she can’t act. its like saying the judges were blind to give her all those awards. she got recognition from her acting ability and she doesn’t have to shed one piece of clothing!..for her still stand strong over the many new faces has to mean something..

    her and kob shouldnt be on there period. i also think taews a good actress for a newbie. i dont know why poo wasnt on there unless they really think she can act

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