Peemai will wear a bikini as her wedding dress “18th April 2010”

“Pah Tob” Parinya & “Peemai” Sumolrat announced their new wedding date after postponing their old one. The famous couple is now set to marry on 18th April 2010.

Pah Tob made a public promise that she would never leave Peemai and if there’s going to be any cancellation to this wedding – Pah Tob will kill herself.

There’s been a few rumours about you and Peemai flowing around, does that upset you at all?

“No, not at all. I’m still confident in my romance and another thing. We haven’t even got married yet so how could we break up with each other?”

“We’re about to get married on 20th April in Maldives, this time there’s going to be no cancellation. If there is, I’m going to hang myself (laughs)”

Why did you cancel the wedding last time?

“I didn’t cancel the wedding. Before Peemai didn’t feel that I was good enough, she didn’t think a good person like me could really exist in the real world”

Peemai added “But I can believe that now, I believe she has no more claws on her because she’s been grooming them constantly (laughs)”

Pah Tob: “After the wedding, in June we will go on a honeymoon to France, Milan and Venice”

What’s the concept of the wedding?

Pah Tob: That’s my business. We’re going to be going alone, just the two of us. We don’t want to give details, last time we did and it got cancelled so this time I’m not going to tell you everything and if you want to know if we will have a witness at our wedding, well, we will be the witnesses, the two of us and that’s enough (laughs)”

What are you planning to wear as your wedding dress?

Peemai: “A bikini”

Pah Tob: “That’s right, she will wear it for two minutes and then she’ll take them off”

Are you really going to wear a bikini?

Peemai: “Yes I am”

Pah Tob: “Peemai will wear a two piece and I’ll wear a ‘two please’ (laughs)”

As for special wedding gifts, Pah Tob revealed she hasn’t prepared anything and she has already given Peemai a ring. To Pah Tob, she feels the venue of the wedding is already special enough in itself and as for signing a wedding certificate, Pah Tob feels it’s not really important.

“I want Peemai to be confident that no matter what I will never leave Peemai. No matter what happens in the future I will never leave her. And if she was to leave me, I wouldn’t let her go, even if I die I will become a ghost and I will still be possessive of her because no matter what, I will always love her”

Source via Siamdara

26 responses to “Peemai will wear a bikini as her wedding dress “18th April 2010”

  1. Okay, I think they are both ridiculous. Can Pah Tob be any crazier and corny?? If I was Peemai, I’d be scared. I mean, c’mon…dying and becoming a ghost and still be possessive??? Creepy! Pah Tob sounds like a perverted freak. If Peemai really does leave her later on, I wonder if she’ll really kill herself.

    • Her! ….and Peemai is so pretty don’t know how she could’ve gotten with someone like Pah Tob. Pah Tob is so creepy!

  2. I am fine with gay and lesbian. I am not grossed out by it. But I don’t think they are in love. And scary much whether it was in a joking manner, I did not find it funny.

  3. I am fine with lesbians and gays…Even transgender…I am fine with it. I don’t believe in discriminating against same sex marriage, some people may disagree but that’s my opinion. Peemai can marry whoever she wants, even though she can do better, I just don’t think this will last, she doesn’t seem in love. And pah tob freaks the hell out of me, her personality just scares me, the way she speaks of killing herself, that was not funny. She’s really possessive, if peemai wanted to leave, I think she’ll be afraid to do so. Anyways, if they do get married, I wish them happiness and peace.

  4. I couldn’t care less if they marry each other but gosh pa tob sounded like she’s obsessed with Peemai and it’s really creepy what she said about never letting her go and becoming a ghost but still possesive of’s not really funny even if she said it in ‘jest’…

  5. ok…
    first I don’t know if they can legally get marry there

    even if it’s legal…i thought u need at least one witness to be there so you can make it “official”?

    • I know! I found that disturbing. Too much PDA. Haha. Still…Peemai is beautiful…Pah Tob is one lucky person. I still find him (Yes I said him…No need to correct me) unbearable, I don’t know how peemai can stand him, he’s crazy, but I still wish them happiness.

  6. far out i really like Peemai but i can’t believe she’s actually going through with wedding. Seriously this isn’t out of love and Peemai can do better

    and i agree the last line was just a little bit creepy

  7. I like PeeMai from that lakorn she did with bie… forgot the name.. think that’s the only I saw her in… but now…not so much.
    and for Pa top, she always freaks me out.

  8. omg.. that sounds scary coming from pah tob.. >___<..

    iono if it's just me but.. to me.. eversince peemai got with pah tob, she seemed to have lost her shine.. _<..

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