Leading Actor caught on candid with Gay Hiso

Rumour has it that leading actor from colourful channel is about to be busted by a photo leak with a gay Socialite while getting cosy in a luxury car.

Since the rumour broke out – gay socialite confessed he has gotten with a lot of male celebrities and had asked the media to please not publicize his photographs with the the leading actor, as this could do harm to the actor’s reputation.

Rakdara reported that these photographs is due to be published in the media some time soon…

In regards to this topic, TV Pool cable show also interviewed gay socialite known as “Oun Return” about this ‘soon to be released photographs’

Hiso Oun revealed “These photographs would do no harm to me because I have always accepted that I’m gay”

“In the past I have been involved with a lot of men, including male celebrities. But please don’t publish the pictures because this could damage the other person”

16 responses to “Leading Actor caught on candid with Gay Hiso

  1. Sooooooooooo…… judging from the mega blurred up picture, the leading man is a brown haired fella? Man, if Thai netizens were anything like their Korean counterparts we’d have the actual non-photoshopped photo in our hands within a few hours.

    I curious as to who he is.

    • Korean netizen are freaky lol… they are too obsessed that it becomes their hobby.

      I am curious to know but at the same I don’t care eh eh eh eh. This would be fun. But you know picture side by side doesn’t prove anything. I wonder if they are of kissing photos lol ewww!!! I am not against gay and lesbian but I would rather not see any …………. lol

  2. is it new wongsakorn? from what i remember he was exposed and caught with a gay socialite. jui came out to defend him and said he wasn’t gay and the socialite got mad and told jui to shut her trap.

    that’s the only person i can think of from ch7

    • hmm….i don’t know about that. maybe it’s him, maybe it’s not.

      aof already came out out that he was gay…or maybe everyone just knows. but he’s not a leading actor for ch 7. does he even act?

      • oooo…i think you’re referring to the other aof…off chanapol…because aof pongpot is like 50 years old.

        if its off …i agree!

  3. No they’re are talking about Aof PongSak. Not aof pongpat lol. Aof Pongsak is a singer, he sang the sawan bieng song. Aof Pongpat is married to Dang Tanya and they made hua jai song pak, dong poo dee and all that. They are two different people. And Aof Chanapol is the p’ek from Suparpalot Satan with Pinky and he isn’t gay from what I remember lol.

  4. Okay. Everyone is getting mixed up. There’s Aof Pongsak, Aof Pongpat, and Aof Chanapol. Three way different people.

    Pongsak is a singer from Sawan Bieng and I think he’s the one that confirmed he was gay.
    Pongpat is a channel three director that is married to Dang Tanya. He has made Dong Poo Dee, Hua Jai Song Pak, and all that and he isn’t gay.
    Chanapol is the Ch7 p’ek and from what I remembered he isn’t gay! Lol.

  5. no no no its not Aof Pongsak because

    1) he isnt an actor for Channel 7 .. he mainly sings
    2) he never came out to comfirm he was gay. there are just a bunch of rumors and articles that come our here and there

    i am wondering who can it be .. i cant think of any actor from Channel 7 at the moment that i can piece to that pic …

  6. ^ I know it’s not him but the people up there were saying one of the Aof’s was gay so I was telling them it’s not that Aof it’s another one.

  7. muahha. all we have to do is hunt for a picture with that piece of clothes on .. once it’s found, problem solve — it looks like something new or aof would wear too – can’t make out of this.

  8. ^ new is still with jui ^______^

    everyone is just saying that it’s aof this aof that because of the “related posts” <– but just because those links are there doesnt mean it's aof.. and besides.. you have to know your "Aofs" individually first! lol..

    i'm curious but at the same time.. not either.. hmmm…

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