Chakrit is confused “Who is Pooklook?!”

Out of nowhere photos of famous actor “Chakrit” Yamnam and Miss Thailand Universe 2010 “Pooklook” Fonthip Watcharatrakoon leaked on the internet. The photograph stirred quite a speculation on ET news causing Chakrit’s real girlfriend “Petch” Boonyaporn Benjarongkul to have to clarify on his behalf at her latest appearance in Siam Paragon.

“I haven’t seen the picture. I want to wait till I see it first but I have heard about the news because P’Krit’s manager told me about it. But P’Krit said he doesn’t know her, he asked ‘who is Pooklook'”

Do you trust Chakrit?

“I trust him a lot. He is always busy and doesn’t have time to see his friends. I heard someone said the girl made an appearance on ‘Pen Tor’ or something, that’s what I heard. But I trust him. I don’t think he’s playing me or anything like that”

Are you angry?

“No, not at all. I understand it’s probably from work and nothing more to it, he’s not a player”

Do you think you’ve changed Chakrit because he’s been known to be player

“Yes but it’s more because I trust him a lot. We don’t see each other much these days because there’s only 30 days in a month and he works 30 days a month. Sometimes I see him a little bit, I visit him on the set to give him some food for like 10 minutes and then I leave”

“But I can confirm that the news will have no impact on our relationship”

Source via Khaosod


7 responses to “Chakrit is confused “Who is Pooklook?!”

  1. I honest don’t even think it’s a big deal. They took a picture together. So what?

    Kudos to his girlfriend for trusting and believing him.

  2. Pooklook already came out to say that this is not a leaked photo. It’s for when she guest starred on Pen Tor. Give her a break.

  3. would you please update some more of chakrit yamnam news. i saw his cooking show. he looks great. i wish he could chat with me on facebook, like one on one talk. i want to be his friend and fan.

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