Nine Entertain Awards – 2010

Last night the winners for Nine Entertain Awards were announced. The theme of the event was the colour “purple”, but of course like the case with most other awards ceremonies – The celebrities just wore black or whatever they wanted and ignore the theme.

Here are some of the list of winners from the night –

Most creative lakorn: “Baan Nee Mee Rak” by Exact

Best Movie: “Kwam Srong Jum Chun Sun, Dtae Ruk Chun Yao” by GTH

Best Lakorn: “Prajun Sree Roung” by channel 3

Best Actress: “Nat” Myria from “Mae Nark The Musical”

Best  Actor: “Aof” Pongpat Watchirabunjong from “Prajun Sree Roung”

Best Female Singer: Da Endrophin

Best Male Singer: “Pop” Calories Blah Blah”

Best song: “Kwam kid” by Stamp Apwatch

Best MC: “Mam” Surivipa

The public’s favorite: “Bie” Sukirt Wisetkaew

To see more photos please go to Gossipstar

Mario & Chompoo Araya…too cool for purple

6 responses to “Nine Entertain Awards – 2010

  1. Congratulations to all the award recipients! Most of the ones i was rooting for didn’t win, but it’s just great to see photos of them!xD THANKS!

  2. I actually like some of the award titles-Best Creative Lakorn. I haven’t heard of that lakorn that won lol I thought it should have gone to Soot Sanaeha although it wasn’t the greatest lakorn. I just love how it was so different especially the proposing part. That was definitely something creative and different. =) but nevertheless congratz to the winner.

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