First time Diva, Tong will be more beautiful than Anne T in “365 Wun Hang Rak”

Actress “Tong” Pakaramai accepted a diva role for the first time in upcoming lakorn “365 wun hang ruk” by producer “Nok” Jariya.

Tong revealed her reason for accepting the role to Khaosod News;

“My first reason is because of P’Anne Tongprasom and P’Ken Theradeth. With those people in the lakorn, people are bound to watch this lakorn regardless. These two are so talented, they’re my favorite actors too”

“Also this lakorn is produced by P’Nok Jariya (Producer of Jumluey Kammathep) and P’Aaew Aumpaiporn (Director of Soot Sanae Hah, Sawun Bieng) so I’m confident this will be a good lakorn”

“When P’Nok contacted me for the role, she said my character will get to be more beautiful than the Nang Aek and I accepted straight away (laughs) because in real life, I’m not as beautiful as P’Anne”

How’s your work on the lakorn so far?

“I have to adapt myself to the role a little bit because this is my first time as a diva. And I’m playing a real evil diva, not the screaming kind but the smart kind”

“The reason why I chose to play diva is because I consider it to be a good opportunity and I’m confident in the makers of this lakorn”

18 responses to “First time Diva, Tong will be more beautiful than Anne T in “365 Wun Hang Rak”

    • lol, straight right from the heart right? 😀

      I think Anne is a really good actress and beautiful, also is Ken. But I’m not a fan of them either I don’t know why.

      I’m actually not a fan of anybody at all.

      • haha yes, straight from the heart..and don’t me wrong ALL…i believe Anne is a good actress…and i do like ken too!…but im just not a fan of them as lakorn couples…

        • i could’t agree more with you guys!! i love ken and ann acting and i think there a cute little lakorn couple but honestly im not a big fan, although i am a big fan of pinky, rome, louise and por lol!!!

  1. I am somehow attracted to Tong in this interview. Ahahaha. So relieved that she will not play the typical annoying screaming nang rai. I like my nang rai kind of stupid just because they are so much fun to mock at but a smart nang rai would be fun to watch.

    Anyways I can’t wait for this lakorn. Love Ken and Anne- my favorite koo kwan.

    • Same here. I feel like if were ever to be an actress, I can see myself playing a smart nang’rai more than a nang’ek. lol.

  2. I don’t really feel she’s a strong enough actress to pull off the Smart-Beautiful-Evil-Bitch role, but maybe she’ll surprise me. Smart and beautiful nang rai’s are always a blast to watch. Chompoo and Aerin anyone?

    • I hope she’s worth it too. Because even if the drama’s bound to have many viewers because of Anne and Ken and the good producers/writers, if Tong can’t pull off the role well, this isn’t a guarantee good opportunity for her either.

  3. lol @ fun and tofu. i agree, shes decent in the picture but im not liking the hair. she seems like she can be the evil nang rai that can Kill to get her way.. cant wait to see her on screen

  4. i’ve been waiting for this lakorn.. hurry up and go on air already!!! love ann and ken especially ken :]

  5. I know this is off topic but I want
    2 know what ever happen to P’Nok Jariya’s husband Johnny E.?? I remember he was a top actor in the 90’s.. Him and Willy.. So, what happen 2 him??

    Anyways.. I’ll be waiting 4 this lakorn 2 air…I like watching ken and anne lakorns 🙂

  6. what the fudge! Even though Ken and Anne has been on screen too many times, it’s still better having them pairing than with Ken-someone else. I love their chemistry together!

  7. Wow, she sounds so honest. lol. But her reasons for being in this drama sounds very reasonable. She sounds like a smart gal in real life. If I was her, I would except the role too because I think it’s a good opportunity as well. She’s trying to benefit the producers along with benefiting herself.

  8. I’m a super big fan of ken but not ann. she doesn’t really make me enjoy lakorns. okay..i hate her alrite. who say they have good chemistry together. Heck no!!! she looks like ken’s mum more then the nang ek. yuck.. she ugly as wel. i dont care who gets offended. haha. i had to say it b/c ann f**king annoys me.

    • im feel like u misslol, i have nothing against ann but i don’t know why i feel anything for her, i think she’s a great actress but that all but i like ken.

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