Num Sornram is Back!

“Num” Sornram returns to lakorn once again to star along side actress “Rita” Sirita Jensen for a channel 3 production. The veteran actor dismissed rumours that he’s about to turn his back on acting to go behind the scene – Sornram revealed channel 7  might also have another lakorn for him, staring alongside “Kob” Suvanant.

You’ve been gone for a while and there’s a rumour that you’re going to star in a channel 3 production

“Right now I have a lakorn coming up called ‘Sirapatch Aunyamanee Hang Minalin’, staring along side Khun Sirita Jensen. We are in the process of filming”

There’s a rumour that you’re planning to become a lakorn producer?

“No, I am not. I’m still an actor. I still accept acting jobs for other producers from every channel”

You’re trying to make a come back as a Pra Aek?

“Please don’t phrase it like that. I’m still just doing my job as an actor, I am not a glamorous leading Pra aek, I’m just a regular guy who walks on the street”

So you have work with channel 3, how about channel 7?

“Channel 7 has contacted me but my scheduling didn’t work out. Once we start the opening ceremony then I wouldn’t have to keep it as a secret anymore. I will tell you about it for sure. Khun Dang has always been cute to me”

There’s news that you’re going to be in a lakorn with Kwan Aussamanee?

“Really? I didn’t know about that one. But Khun Dang spoke to me about a lakorn with Kob Suvanant so I don’t know”

Have you accepted?

“Of course, I always accept work from channel 7 but as with every lakorn, everyone has to be ready too , I’m not the only person people want to see in this lakorn”

Source via Gossipstar

26 responses to “Num Sornram is Back!

  1. Man if he made another lakorn with Kob, i’d be flying right now, i LOVE them together as much as i like Aum with Aff!!

  2. WOW! Can’t wait. Love Sornram so much. Strange thing. I was just think that Sornram and Rita should do a lakorn together than I came to the web site and see this. WOW! This might just made my day.

  3. They were compatible in one of Sornram’s MV back in the day. I think it was Joob Joob lol cute MV. I am happy that they are going to reunite in a lakorn. =) joob joob =D

  4. OMG! I really do hope Num will have a lakorn with Kob. I would be so happy and hopefully this time it will be a really good storyline with lots of sweet scenes.

      • umm i donbt there will be a lot of sweet scenes 😦 remmeber she is married… and she doesnt get along well with her mother in law i believe??? ahh!! icant wait XD

        • I think his mother confirmed that it’s a fale rumor in her latest interview. Go to Kudalakorn and watched it. Her mother in law confirmed it herself with a tape and such. It was just aired a week ago.

          Like everyone here, I would love to see them reunited again too.

  5. i was really looking forward to another num sornram lakorn… heres another i wont be watching. & i guess ill never get what the hype is with him & kob. people say theres chemistry, i dont see any. and shes been acting for what, 20 years? his acting is on a way higher level than hers. you would think there would be some improvement.

    • I haven’t seen any Num lakorns in a long time lol well some clips here and there. I understand the hype with Num and Kob as a couple, but I am not a part of it. I was a fan but then Kob’s acting hasn’t much improved, lost interest in her in early 2000. She may be number 1 but it was her past lakorns that made her really famous and most fans stay loyal. I on the other hand still able to watch her lakorn from time to time but it’s rather difficult to see her limited facial expression. She lost the charisma I felt in the 90s. One thing I still like about her, she does the I-hate-you stare to pra ek really well, that’s when I see her character come alive.

  6. YES! YES! YES! Omg, I’m super excited! Rita and Num?! That sounds like a great one! I’ve been dying to see that man back on screen! I don’t think Num should retire anytime soon at all! So what if he’s aged a bit?? It’s just a number! He still has the looks and charm. I can’t wait to see him and Rita. Hopefully the storylines good. They usually give Rita roles where the storylines are good anyways. ( :

  7. I don’t see Num and Rita match though…I will have to wait and see before I judge…so I will wait.
    As far as Kob, i think it would be good if they pair up again coz they’re getting old now.

  8. Love both of them. Cant wait to see them together. Haven’t seen either of them in lakorns for quite some time……

  9. I want Num and Joy R. to reunite, peferrably off screen because they both ain’t getting younger and they look so hot together, but I guess I can settle for them playing on screen couple…I’m going to head to youtube to watch Bansaithong! LOL

  10. i dont know… i didnt know he was old, he looks cute and young which attracted me in his lakorns. but rita? i dont really like her acting, something about it. Kob is fine and I really wish he did have a lakorn w/ kwan….so cute.

  11. I am excited about Num and Kob’s new lakorn together. They have always been my favorite couple. I truly feel that Kob is best match with Num and so is he for her.

    As for Rita, I agree with the previous poster…something about her that I don’t enjoy much. When I watched one of her newest lakorn, I think her acting is too happy.

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