Andrew Cronin has been replaced in “Nuer Manuth”

Big Boss of Daravideo “Louis” Siam Sungwaributh announced “Andrew Cronin” has pulled out from “Nher Manuth”. His role in the lakorn will be replaced by actor “Big” Saruth.

“When the incident happened he came to me to ask for time out. He wanted time to sort out his problems. But news about it broke out and people believed it but honestly, there are procedures in place and he needs to be proven guilty in court first, however Andrew has really good acting spirit. He approached us to ask for some time off to prove himself while the courts are working on his case”

“It was his intention to be suspended at this stage. And if he is proven guilty of those charges he will be banned for 2 years. It’s not a law but we work directly with the media so we have to care about the society’s response and Andrew is aware of that fact”

“As for his contract, we’re just waiting for the court’s decision on whether or not he is guilty or not guilty. If he’s not guilty then he can come back to work again because he’s not guilty. But if he is guilty, he will have to stop working because we can’t fight society, people are watching us”

“The contract is such a small issue, even if he didn’t have a contract with us he could still act for us, no problems. I have known him for sometime now, he is a cute kid with good manners and a fast worker. That’s why I like him and I don’t know how he got involved with drugs but I hope he’s not guilty”

“When he was arrested, I wasn’t shocked about it because I didn’t know the story. It happened really fast, in the middle of the night I heard the news. When he called me I didn’t ask him too much because I know he was already upset. I never asked him what really happened but I heard someone had set him up but I don’t know the story”

“If this had happened to me I would probably be stressed out, anyone would be because it would involved my job directly”

There will be no problems on the set of Nuer Manut as “Big” Sarath has taken over the role

“Right now his role is replaced by Big Saruth, there’s not too much problems because Andrew has only done 3 scenes on this character so that was all we had to re-do. But it’s a shame though because I really wanted him to play this character because his appearance is suitable for this role and he is also a good person and a good worker”

Source via Manager

5 responses to “Andrew Cronin has been replaced in “Nuer Manuth”

  1. I don’t know about this but I just hope he is not guilty!!!! I really like Andrew, I don’t want his acting career to end like this. Does the court reveal if he is guilty or not? Does anyone know?

  2. i feel so sorry for andrew, i’ve always been a fan of him and was excited to see him onscreen again! So hopefully the verdict will be not guilty 😀

    eventhough he should be guilty, its just a shame for his acting career to just end like that. He has talent and Ch3 never promoted him, so this was his big break in a way

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