Fluke is not gay – He’s courting Tah TV Pool

Previously “Fluke” The Star has been inundated with gay news but today the actor who embodied the famous gay character of “Kong” from “Prong Nee Gor Rak Tur” is clearing his name from the gay list.

In his most latest interview , Fluke stated that he is currently courting a girl – “Tah”, a reporter from TV Pool.

“I’ve only just started, I’m almost seeing her. Right now we are talking to each other”

“I’ve had a crush on her for the longest. When she first interviewed me, I saw her face and I thought, oh she’s cute. I told my PR to tell her that I like her”

“I’ve been talking to her for 2 months now, from what I know she gives good advice and she’s older than me by 2-3 years but age is not an issue”

“I don’t know what to call the status of our relationship. It’s best to let the girl talk first, I want to give her that respect”

“At first she was curious about my gay rumours. Then when she got over that, she’s concern about me being a player. There’s been too many people with good intention (laughs)”

“Sometimes she would say in a half joking half serious tone, ‘you know if you’re gay you can tell me’ and I would tease her and say, I am gay but I like you (laughs)”

“Is she confident in me? from what I’ve noticed she hasn’t asked me about this (gay rumours) anymore. She’ll only tease me about it a little bit but honestly maybe she’s still checking on it because we’ve only just gotten to know each other”

Tah has a lot of guys courting her

“I’m prepared to accept that because it’s my fault for falling for a cute girl”

How’s the reaction from the fans?

“My fans are cheering for it because they’re on my side. As for the elders, they’re not stopping the relationship but they want me to take it slow. They don’t want me to be too upfront about it to the public but the reason why I’m being honest here is because I want her to notice my sincere feelings for her”

What did you give her for Valentine’s day?

“I did give her a present but I don’t want to tell you what it is”

You’re dating a reporter, does that worry you?

“At first I was afraid so I purposely told her some secrets just to see if she’ll leak it or not but she hasn’t so I’m happy”

Source via Innnews

Tah & Fluke – Old interview (credits to Risarisiie)

6 responses to “Fluke is not gay – He’s courting Tah TV Pool

  1. I think Fluke talk too much about him liking Tah. He should have wait a little bit like the elder say. Now he put himself and Tah on the spotlight. It’s cute that he want to be sincere, but you don’t know what’s she thinking.

  2. don’t know who he is but i think he is gay..look at all the make up he has on. and he always wears make up!

    • Just because men wears makeup it doesn’t mean they are gay lol…. you basically just implied that more than half of the world population of men are gay.

      It’s no surprise he will be label gay. In Thailand if you portray a gay character, they assume you are so. How sad that many people think that way. I could be wrong and he could be gay but these assumption are just blah. I think it is because he has more of a feminine side to him that makes many people believe that he is actually gay.

  3. watched fluke since the star and i never thought he was gay. he just have a sweet face and a playful personality. fluke is too open sometime, he should wait a little bit longer. not to be mean, but i don’t think they’ll stay together for long.

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