Cee Siwat and Amy Klinpratoom; Traditional Values vs. Having Fun

Sweet couple “Cee” Siwat & girlfriend “Amy” Klinpratoom seems to be having too much of a good time according to their weekly photo leak.

Their romantic candids are becoming so frequent – people are starting to believe the pair is leaking it themselves for entertainment. However, Cee explains – their friends are the ones responsible for leaking their personal photographs.

According to a source, the couple’s latest personal photos revelation did not impress Cee’s concern mother as this Kodak moment contain an image of Amy riding on Cee’s neck.

This one is supposedly a no-no to Cee’s mom as most traditional Thai adults believe a man’s head is a sacred place and not a play toy for a woman to ride on.

Perhaps Amy was enjoying herself way too much; she forgot to care about traditional values.

[Source: Gossipstar]

16 responses to “Cee Siwat and Amy Klinpratoom; Traditional Values vs. Having Fun

  1. Those are normal to us outside of Thailand. But Thailand is another thing. Anyways I don’t really see a problem, in lakorn people hit each other on the head all the time. People playfully toss the head around. I don’t see people complaining about it in lakorn.

    • ahahahaha Agree Fun 😀

      Yeah….if it happens there, then it stays there.
      At least they’re not in Thailand. That will be wrong i guess since the head is a sacred place of a person…
      They do look like they had a Great time (:
      There shouldn’t be any worries. At least they didn’t do anything more than that…
      They’re BF&GF…Might get married….Soon…Not yet..but i know SOON 😀 Lol

  2. This is fine. Thai parents are too traditional nowadays…Cee seems delighted with Amy riding his neck…just fun for couples, no biggie.

  3. Cee and Amy are open about their relationship. so for them to be that close shouldn’ be a problem. Thai traditional people should just be open mind about it.

  4. GOSSIP!!!! let them have a life they are the only couple that doesn’t play that brother-sister thing or like were just friends.
    I Love THis Couple..

  5. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, it’s really base on how people view it and opinion on it.
    According to his mom, looks like it’s not looking good to her.

  6. some say it’s not a big deal but of course some people do have traditional values not all are the same.

    some guys even if they live in the states or no matter how much of a bad boy persona they have they do have some values.

    i bet both of them got a big ass lecture from cee’s mother.

  7. Who cares if they are breaking traditional values, people should care about them loving each other and having fun, i support this couple 100%!!

  8. i love cee&amy together!! theyre so kute!! theres nothing wrong with them having fun but.. the thai culture is strict >__<.. theres not many conservative daras out there these days.. lol..

  9. They look like they’re having such a fun time. The mom needs to chillax. If Cee doesn’t let or doesn’t get Amy on his neck, then she can’t get up there anyways, so if Cee gets her up there, then it’s not really consider disrespecting a man’s sacred head. I think elders always take things the wrong way. Oh well. And if pictures of them keep leaking out because of their friends, then they need to stop hanging out with their “so-call” friends.

  10. I also think that there’s nothing wrong with this too….they are too cute and caring about each other so what’s a big problem??

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