Taew denies party girl image

Prim actress “Taew” Nattaporn Taemerak is constantly landing in negative publicity. Gossip circulated a rumour that Taew is a wild party animal – constantly out & about getting cosy with boys.

As the rumour is contradicting to her good girl image, Taew was quick to deny the claims.

“Let me take this opportunity to deny the news. In the past I have been studying and working on my lakorns. The best outing that I get to do is dinner with close friends and that’s about it. The news about me snuggling up to boys are not true at all. Most importantly, the guys in my group are girls at heart”

You always seem to get these same type of rumours

“Honestly, I’ve been in this kind of rumour before. Perhaps lately I haven’t had much news so people are just trying to bring me back into the news again, but it’s not true”

So you don’t get cosy with boys?

“No I don’t”

Have you been banned from the party scene by the executives?

“No not at all. Because of timing I don’t get to go to parties but the executives haven’t called me in to talk about anything”

Source via Daradaily

Old alleged party photos of Taew from Starclip

7 responses to “Taew denies party girl image

  1. The pictures, that’s was it. It’s not even that bad. And I know it’s Thailand. But that was so exaggerating. The reporters are just trying to make Taew look bad.
    Just a girl out socializing. And come on reporters, come up with something better than this if they want to put Taew down.

  2. She didn’t really deny not being a party girl lol title kind of misleading lol. Those were in the past, why are they bringing it up again. Anyways those look like friendly picture. Shoot got to party once in awhile. Why is that if you are label prim and proper you can’t even go out to a party. I mean she doesn’t do it frequently and she doesn’t go around kissing random people. I am a party girl but do I consider myself a bad influence. I don’t think so, I go out when I have nothing to do and just want to have fun with the girls and the guys.

  3. its all…. Whatever.. she does look innocent but… Really?? i’ve always been told by my guyfriends that “the MOST innocent girl is the CRAZIEST!” lmao shes too innocent to be true ….. especially with her dress.. lol

  4. Whatever, if she wants to party and stuff, I say let her. She’s only human, she doesn’t have to be perfect by being prim and proper all the time!

  5. What do people expect her to do? Sit at home and do sewing?
    My parents don’t mind me going out once in a while because they believe that’s a part of growing up – you end up learning how to act properly in public. They think if you hold kids back too long and too much, when they actually experience freedom they would end up acting more immature and go wild.

  6. what’s wrong with having a life after work? she may be a nang aek and i love taew that she doesn’t flaunt her party ways in public.

    you know how there are those that flaunt their skanky ways in public and behind closed doors. taew knows how to keep it seperat and even those pix of her she is still dressed prim and proper!

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