Nathalie’s Bikini Photoshoot on Mars

In the latest photo shoot for Mars Magazine, actress Nathalie Davis stripped off  to a barely there bikini – taking ‘sexy fashion’ to the next level.

The hair, the make up, the pose –  everything about this shoot guarantees to give the male readers their money’s worth.

Up  close view of Nathalie’s fit physique is included in all fashion pages.

Gossip star reckons the most eye catching part of the photo shoot are Nathalie’s boobs and her butt , apparently readers will notice nothing else…

15 responses to “Nathalie’s Bikini Photoshoot on Mars

  1. Nathalie Davis is showing off to fast. Young lady does have a nice body. But should have come out more mature first than showing off her sexiness. I still see her as a little girl. and yes her boobs is a good size.

    • I agree too, I still see her as a child. I guess little Natalie that use to be so adorkable singing those wonderful songs is now gone. But I see nothing in a bikini shoot, I just hate it when they say oh I won’t be doing a bikini shoot any time soon and then BAM there’s one. I just love her body, she’s not those skinning stick type, she looks good in those bikini but I would like to see less of her in these kind of shoots.

      • I meant I don’t see anything wrong in doing a bikini photoshoot.

        By the way they did a lot of photoshopping on her.

  2. hahaha i’m sorry but why are her boobs so perky! shes not wearin a bra & they look like theyre in a bra, do you know what i mean? girlys out there? idk how else to say. but thats weird.

  3. too much tech done on her.. havent use that word for the Longest!! “Done” lol . her breast is too WOWballoon and her stomach is scaryy. ilike her figure when she pose with the little sheep. lol super cute… and on the “notice something else…” what did you mean?? curious… that its fake? that its scary that shes soo skinny now??”

  4. Are those boobs what her momma gave her… or are they fully paid for??? I think it’s the latter…..

  5. HEY! i remembered that her boobs were very tiny in jao rao. What happened to her small boobs and how come it’s so big now. Is it fake?

  6. She is WAYYYYY too naked! OMG! She might as well take off the whole damn thing! She’s already more than half way naked! My goodness! I understand she has a nice body but I don’t think it’s worth it.

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