Age isn’t an issue with Aum Atichart and Nat Myria

At the opening of “Tra Barb” actress, “Nat” Myria appeared to be in good spirits when she was asked about her romance with actor, “Aum” Atichart.

“He is a good guy, a harmless person. I can hang out with him fine. I feel he’s an okay person with a nice personality”

He is 6 years younger than you, is that an issue?

“I don’t think so. I feel a relationship is more about personality, if I can communicate with someone then that’s okay enough”

“I admit in the beginning I was worried about it. But at this stage, now that I’ve gotten to know a younger person I feel it’s okay, or maybe perhaps he is mature for his age too”

“He’s not a childish person (laughs)”

Are you expecting a second marriage?

“I’m not expecting anything because I’ve been there before. I just want to be happy for the moment”

“A wedding ceremony is not the answer to say we will live happily ever after. I’m not planning to get married for the second time. I just want to spend my life with someone who will stay with me perpetually. I don’t have to get married and if I do it won’t be like last time, it will be something simple”

[Source: Khaosod]

7 responses to “Age isn’t an issue with Aum Atichart and Nat Myria

  1. Oh, that’s good Nat is dating someone… haha… “at this stage” reminds me when I hear so many actresses say as they age they’re standards go down & at one point they’ll take whatever they can get

  2. I love Nat and she deserve all happiness in the world after all she been through with Tao and now caring for her sick mom. I hope Aum is treating her well.

    Age is just a number as long as your happy.

  3. it’s scarey to know that a person you’ve known and dated for a long time can still cheat on you even after marriage. or maybe tao has always been that way before. people tend to have simple ceremonies after their first marriage.

  4. Aum is known for breaking up with people, this relationship will be like his and pinky’s, i’m still hating on this relationship but i loveeeee aum so i hope this woman will make him happy, Love aum forever!!!

  5. she is isn’t she.. love nat. 😉
    hope she’ll finally be truly happy with a good person. doesn’t really matter who he is.
    and I hope that her mom gets well soon.

  6. I read most of the comments n some are nice n some are funny.however, aumisvery cute,handsome,has a very good personality. I love watching his movies/lakorns as in thailanguage. There could be a difference between the real life n in the lakorn…? I’m notsure but in the acting,he,s very serous about loving n caring the woman he loves….I love it.most of his lakorms are happy ending n tearful…I wish he would do the sameto the woman in his real life.if I have the chance , I would like toborrow my sad personal life for him make it in the lakorn. About his older girlfriend,it’s ok as long as he won’t Change his heart to love another younger age woman n leave Maya myria w/broken heart. If that happen, I’ll ask God put punishment on bum…atichart….lol …hope I get time to give him my story b4 I begin heavenly journey.tks for allowing the comments n hope get message from him/them.I wait to c his new lakorn.enjoy u 2’s happiness.

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