Khun Dang pulls Pete Tongjeur back to Ch 7; To begin filming “Dtaam-ruat Lek”

Seeing that Ch 3 is coming with a different approach especially with molding new actors and actresses Ch 7 isn’t willing to be any less inferior. Not only are they also molding new actors and actresses, but they are calling and pulling out their old actors/actresses to come back. Recently, Pete Tongjeur former hit Phra Aek of Ch 7 was called to come back and be on screen once again.Pete will come back starring in, “Dtaam-ruat Lek” (Police of Steel) which will be based off the movie of the same title that starred Marsha Wattanapanich and Bunreulit in 1986. It was the movie that launched Marsha‘s career. With this Coliseum will be pulling a new face Nang Aek and old face one like Tangmo Pattaratida to star along side Pete and they believe or expect it to be that she will be just as famous as Marsha was when she took on this role. It is said that she has been summoned to practice and prepare herself for the action scenes immediately.

It seems that Ch 7 is running out of Phra Aeks who are magnetic to the point where they have to summon Pete Tongjeur. You can say that they’re trying to create a wave to lure viewers back to them.

[Source: Pantip]

Casting List for “Dtaam-ruat Lek”

Pete Tongjeur

Tangmo Pattaratida

Joop Intikorn Satum

(He will be taking on the role as the villain)

“S” Sutja Poopala

(He was the Phra Aek for “Lope Pee-Pee Mai Lope” will return once again to the screen for Colliseum company and he will be playing a police officer.)

“Chai” Pongchayut Sirisookwongsa/Chai Hacks

(He will take on the role as a police officer who has to go under a whole new character transformation change to fit the part of an action actor).

23 responses to “Khun Dang pulls Pete Tongjeur back to Ch 7; To begin filming “Dtaam-ruat Lek”

  1. I miss Pete. It will be nice to see him on screen again but ch7 always seems to disappointment. I am not a fan of Mo, so I won’t be tuning into this lakorn. Not a good move to draw me back to ch7. Note: I was a huge Ch7 fan back in the early 90s to late 90s.

    • Same here, was a huge Ch7 fan back in the late 80s to late 90s. Too bad, it’s not the same. Now Ch7 is all about money and not Entertainment family, so the actors/actress/director and many more left Ch7 to find better career.

    • I was just gonna say the same thing! I dislike Mo. I can’t stand watching her act. The way she talks and the way her lips move when she talks is so weird! I don’t know why but I swear, Mo could pass for a drag queen. Okay, anyways my point is I don’t think Mo and Pete will make a good pair. I can’t even see them together.

      • I have nothing against Mo, not that I dislike her or anything but her lakorn doesn’t appeal to me. I tried watching many lakorns of her but it seems like she doesn’t even put in any effort into her character. There are many actresses that cannot act but are somewhat decent, but they have this charisma that makes me like them. Mo doesn’t have it. I know she has her fan, I respect that but it cannot change my feelings/views on Mo. Plus her personality off screen doesn’t help her either. I mean she is human alright but she seems to make the same mistakes over and over again. Sometimes she needs to just grow up.

        • I don’t have anything against her either but you know that feeling when you see somebody onscreen and you just know right off the back that the person disinterests you. I’d say we’re on the same page about her personality off screen. I don’t think she needs growing up to do because that’s her and how she is. Sometimes reading about Mo, I just feel like she thinks she’s on top of the world because she’s with her man. I really like Pete and I just feel like the level that Mo’s at, she doesn’t deserve to be paired up with someone like Pete. I guess you can say Pete is pretty legendary to me. lol. ( :

  2. Wow. I have not seem him in forever and he is back? Could have gotten Por Nuntawuth to play da part. I guess they want to pull in different variety actors instead of recycled ones.

    • Gosh ch7 lakorns seem so pointless. I haven’t been watching it lately also. Even if Pete was back I wouldn’t even watch it.

  3. Ch7 knew that Ch3 has all the great actors, so Ch7 try to step up the game. My advice to Ch7 is just pick talent actor and give him a good script, than the actor would be outstanding.

    Also don’t be greedy and be professional . Ch7 unprofessional effort is showing through their work like bad script, so how their actor/actress suppose to look good.

  4. I think ch. 7 is too quick to sign up new faces that it kind of ruins their lakorns because the newbies can’t act worth crap. Not to mention most of their lakorns don’t have enough sustenance, they mostly involve action and basically nothing else.
    On the other hand, Ch. 3 re-uses their same pra-nangs and make it more interesting by mixing up the pairings, and since their leads know how to act and can act well, it makes their lakorns more appealing. They also have meaning behind their lakorns, ie: Dong Poo Dee, Botan Gleep Soodtai, etc. Even though their ratings aren’t as high, they’re more enjoyable to watch.

  5. iagree. but all the new faces dont satisfy me like the older generations. their either too preppy, skinny, or end up having a lot of scandalssss. channel 7 is desperate now, or so it seems

  6. First off: why do they need Pete to come back for? Even now, ch7 is still unbeatable as far as rating wise. It’s always been like that, (although their dramas aren’t all that). And majority o times when ch3 have some good dramas, ch7 still seem to pull off with the most ratings everytime.
    Second off: I heard a while back that Pete was coming back and thought he was gonna be paired with Aump and then heard that he was to be paired with Pinky Savika and now it’s Moe?? They don’t make a good couple at all. There are other actresses that will look better with Pete.

    But whatever, I’m done complaining. It’s not like I’m gonna stay tune and keep up with this drama anyways.

  7. wow, they gonna bring pete back but pair him up with Mo? thats a bad choice. guess Ch7 really dont care about the quality of their lakorn rather than trying to rake in more ratings. i shouldnt be surprise since their main focus is promoting their newbies and leaving out their oldies..they must be going along with Ch3 since they have alot of surprising pairing this year while Ch7 is sticking with the same faces

  8. er…i think ch.7 is just get back at Por for what he said about them only casting new and young people .

  9. just wonder why peter and cherry last lakorn Prajan Son Dao never release….what happen ….i want to see this one…

  10. IM LOOKING FORWARD TO WATCHING THIS LAKORN!!!!!! IM A CH 7 FAN!!! i also like ch. 3 but im a huge fan of CH.7 haha!!!


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