Tangmo says it’s not illegal to live with bf before marriage

“Tangmo” Pattarathida and boyfriend “Thank” Pongsakorn are still out promoting their romance. At Tangmo’s recent lakorn launch for “Priew Talard Taek”, her boyfriend Thank accompanied her to the event, as usual.

So it’s time for an update with Mo & her love life.

Lately you don’t seem to have much event work

“Because of the protest. When it got close to those days I cancelled all my jobs and I was a little annoyed too. There’s too much chaos and we all have to suffer from it. I’m annoyed because I lose income”

How much work did you have to cancel?

“3-4 jobs”

How much is that worth?

“Alot of money, 100,000 baht. I don’t even want to think about it”

So you’ll have more time to spend with Thank

“I can spend time with him after work”

How about your presenter jobs?

“I’ve just cancelled some because it’s not fair at all. I’ve got one still photo shoot commercial, one for a coffee and a TV commercial”

How’s your relationship with Thank?

“It’s good. We fight sometimes but we always make up”

You seem very attached to him, you always go everywhere together

“He gets attached to people, his parents, his friends, even me. And no one else wants to hang with me so when I go out with Thank people are use to seeing us, if I don’t go out with him, I go out with my dad”

Are you guys due for another photoshoot together?

“You want more? I don’t want to do a swimsuit one yet, not this year but maybe later. I just don’t want to do one this year. And if I do one, the concept will be the same as the one I did last time, on the beach. I don’t really want perverts buying my photoshoot”

Have you discussed marriage with the elders?

“Not yet, I believe the elders still sees us as children. But if you ask if I’m ready, well yes but do I want to, no not yet. Anyway, I won’t leave it till I get older than 30”

Some people think you’re living with Thank before marriage

“That made news before and I’m not serious about it. The elders are probably worried about us but we’re not hurting anybody and it’s not even illegal”

Source via Entertain Teenee


5 responses to “Tangmo says it’s not illegal to live with bf before marriage

  1. nobody wants to hang out with her? i wonder why??
    she looks so fake too much plastic surgery

    alot of the thai celebrities especially the young ones are becoming more and more americanized now ..

    • i agree! sounds like she needs a whole lot of growing up to do. her “i don’t give a shit” attitude needs some adjustment.

  2. i love mo.. im glad her love life is doing good so far…

    “I don’t really want perverts buying my photoshoot” <– lmfao.. ahahaha.. ooh dear.. this is hilarious!!!!

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