“She is like a mother to me” Says Aof

“Aof” Chanapol Sattaya has recently purchased a new luxury vehicle from a show room but rumour has it that the actor sweet talk his Hiso Lady Love “Khun Ped” Supee Pongpanich to buy it for him.

The actor was quick to dismiss the claims explaining that he never asked her for money, he asked her for advice and she gave him discount credit to buy the car after he had done a presenter job for her company in return.

“The rumour that P’Ped bought me a new car is not true. I worked as a presenter for her company and what she gave me was a Credit card to buy a vehicle. She did not purchase the vehicle for me, she just advised me because I wanted to buy a car and she has the discount credit for it”

“She asked me to be her presenter. She said I should do it because the card will give me a big discount and it’s the amount that’s suitable for me”

“I’m not afraid that other people will think I talked her into buying me a car. P’Ped has a lot of other younger brothers. She is an adorable senior and she would always give me good advice, she is like a mother to me”

Source via Manager

4 responses to ““She is like a mother to me” Says Aof

  1. Sorry, i don’t buy his story. When he used her credit, it means he was using her money. The discount credit stuff was just an excuse. What kind of credit that entitles its holder to great discount when buying luxury car ?

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