Chakrit’s New Look

Actor Chakrit Yamnam is about to portray the challenging character of Billionaire “Wikrom Kromsit” in upcoming lakorn “Fai Aumatha” but Chakrit is not too concern about the role – he is more concern about wearing a wig!

“For this lakorn I have to play Khun Wikrom from when he was a teenager and onwards. So a lot has to change through the years, like my hair style, my clothes , my face”

“My real hair is hard to do much to it because it’s so short so the crew gave me a wig of a hair style that was very fashionable back in those days. Before they could come up with this one (as above picture) they tried to choose something that looks the most realistic and most importantly, something that goes with my face too and I think it’s looks handsome”

“The first time I put it on, I was annoyed because I wasn’t used to it and hair pins kept poking into my scalp and I had to wear it all day so it hurt a lot. It was hot, itching and I had to endure it”

“I’m aslso the kind of person who would sweat a lot during the day and with this wig on my head and all the sweat I think it might cause iritation”

“By the time I’m finished with this lakorn, I might go bald”

Source via Siamdara

11 responses to “Chakrit’s New Look

  1. lol he remind me of that comedy dude.. his name starts with a M i think.. And he played a freaken hilarious movie thats super colorful, and the girl with the moe raped him lmfao

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