Jay Park’s Story; DIRTII Laundry ranks in 2nd in search of Jay Park

[While searching for Jay Park on Google, DIRTII Laundry comes in as the 3rd link]

Wait, what? I thought this was a Thai blog?

Actually, the majority of it is about Thai entertainment, but we have been throwing in a bit of other Asian entertainment as well.

Ever since Jay Park (former member of 2pm) has put up a video of him singing on Youtube, fans from all over the world couldn’t help but view it with anticipation on seeing their beloved idol speak or sing after 6 months of silence. Not only did fans showed the love and anticipation, but Youtube most viewed videos were filled with curiosity by those wondering, “Why is a guy singing in the bathroom getting more hits then our videos?”

It then leads to curiosity as to who is this Jay Park guy and why is he more popular then us? In search for their answers they of course Google up “Jay Park” and the 3rd link down is our very own blog. I am not proud of it that the main article talks about Jay Park resigning from 2PM and can’t be of any source of information to those that do search him up.

I am not proud at all that our link can not provide as much information as we’d like about Jay and what has led to this phenom on Youtube. All we can say is that after 6 months, Jay is finally free!

Jay Park’s Story

A former leader of a Korean boy band group, called 2PM was rising at an immense progress when their 2nd mini album, “Time For Change” came out. While waiting to start up on their next album “1:59” . With almost about 70% of the album being done, the group was faced with a controversial decision. The decision was regarding Jay‘s Myspace comments that he made towards a friend nearly 5 years ago, that then resurfaced back again in late 2009. It led those to believe that Jay was disrespecting Korea and wanted him out of the country or the worst, to kill himself as there were suicide petitions.

There are various accounts from “insiders” that claim Jay was actually pushed and blamed for his actions from his record company JYPE that Jay had no choice but to resign himself from 2PM.

[2 Million hits since I’ve typed this article up.]

Jay was left to come back to The States and live his life as normal as he could, but with so many fans requesting for Jay back to 2PM, and having hopes that when the next album (which was due to release )would have Jay return to them. Jay never returned back, but 2PM went on as 6 members. Jay was living his life in solitude being surrounded amongst friends and family with occasional break dancing events, Jay was left to not say a word about the situation that has happened to him. He was left to endure criticisms by himself, while his record company did nothing to protect him. He kept everything bottled inside and try to not jeopardize anything anymore for his family.

The boy that worked hard and was willing to sign his life away for 8 years was treated like a murderer over a few mistakes he did that could have easily been saved or abolished if his record company knew how to take care of the situation. Fans demanded for Jay to return back, but Jay‘s fate was determined if he could return back by the success of the 2PM without Jay.

Fast forward to February 2010

After almost 5 months of waiting and anticipating of returning to Korea, Jay finds out he would not be returning back anymore. It was later revealed that Jay had made an unmistakeably terrible thing that JYPE could not reveal to the public. After having been giving hopes of returning to Korea for 2PM‘s next album, it was later announced to the public at the end of February that JYPE has terminated Jay‘s contract.

Jay was given so much hope and when he has met a few fans who asked him, when would he be returning back to Korea? Jay told them soon. He was reported as to have hopes in those eyes and wanted to continue to be a better person for his family. His mom and family, and the loving support that he had from fans were his inspiration. Jay was devastated to find out that he would no longer return back as he has hoped for. It was later rumored (never clarified) that the terrible or “big” mistake that Jay has done was 1, his Myspace comments, and 2, discussing his 10 year contract with others that weren’t his family. The first one is a given, but the 2nd one is still being speculated.

It was also reported that JYPE knew of the situation before hand (since they monitor everything) of the situation that Jay has done, but did nothing to try to save it. They wanted the public and the people to take it into their own hands until the situation came and Jay had no choice but was to take the weight of his management company. They made it seem like Jay wanted to resign, when he was being forced. They used Jay‘s name for the “1:59” album promotions to give fans hope that Jay would be returning back to 2PM, when in actuality they knew of the event before hand that Jay would not be returning because of 2 “terrible things” he has done.

They treated him as if he was a murderer, but could not discuss the situation that led to the event of Jay being terminated from JYPE. In Jay‘s situation to know that you have been let go after having been given so much hopes of returning would have been a stab to his heart, but Jay showed no signs of emotions to family and friends when his whole hopes and dream were being crushed by those who he had trusted. JYPE used Jay as a decoy to lure fans to support the remaining members and they saw that the others were doing fine without Jay, they no longer needed him.

To sum everything up, Jay was treated like a villain from his record company. They never did anything to try to help him out, but instead pushed him and put the blame on him that he had no choice, but to resign from 2Pm. While he returned back to Seattle, he was still under contract with them and where ever he went, he was to report it to them back in Korea. So there was no room for him to do any “terrible mistake” as reported by JYPE, but instead it was their way of saying they no longer needed Jay when they found out that the other 6 members were doing just fine without him. It was later revealed also that JYPE or JYP himself were trying to tarnish Jay‘s career by posting random articles or “fan accounts” on the Korean interwebs hoping that fans would ruin Jay themselves.

Jay proved to them that he is doing fine without them also. After 6 months of keeping silent and not singing , Jay Park returns back and better beating out everyone in the Youtube world for the 3rd consecutive day with over 2 million views. JYPE can literally kick themselves in the asses now for losing an asset like Jay Park.

23 responses to “Jay Park’s Story; DIRTII Laundry ranks in 2nd in search of Jay Park

  1. aww I miss jaebum! come back to 2pm!!! it’s ok, i’m from Seattle, so there may be a chance I might bump into you! hehe

  2. One of the reasons why your site are ranked highly is because he’s more often referred to as Jaebum instead of Jay Park during his 2PM days.

    It’s a good sign that your site is properly managed anyway.

    And best wishes to Jay too; not really a fan of his, but I don’t enjoy how JYPE is handling the situation.

    • agree. I don’t like what JYPE is doing now. I can’t even see nichkhun’s face for a while now because of this. it’s not the other boys’ fault but it’s still hurt.

      • If it helps, I think Nickkhun actually stood by Jay throughout all this, even through the decision-making time to push Jay out. That was a rough thing to do given his circumstances, but I’m impressed with him.

        JYPE….is awful. It’s a typical entertainment company in Korean standards….but how it handled this whole affair…speaks volumes.

  3. I literally wanted to cry while reading this! Jay worked so hard & to see him again brought tears to my eyes.
    Thank you DL for putting Jay’s story out there for everyone to know.

  4. jay beom video was nice! still be missing him and wanting him back! but i still love and support 2pm all the way! FIGHTING!

  5. Good writing! Thanks for posting this up. Jay story has so much “heart” – it needs to be told properly. Love you guys! xoxo

  6. My younger sisters LOVES that guy but I’m just always like “who cares? what’s so good about him?” lol. I don’t really care for 2pm, nor Jay. Nor do I know his story. I just know that his controversy has been going on for a long time now and my sister told me some things about it a while back when it first started because Jay was EVERYWHERE and I’m just like “who the heck is this guy? why’d he get kicked out?” My sister told me he got in “trouble” and was kicked out because of his comments on myspace, and I was like “umm, that’s his personal business. They need to get off his back.” But I pity him. It’s a shame things have to fall apart for him like that. I really don’t see how JYP can use somebody (with good talents) as a decoy? Oh well, JYP’s lose. My sister said “2pm might be doing fine without him, but it’s not the same.”

  7. I contributed about 100 times of watching Jay YouTube clip lol

    I really miss him so it was really nice to see him sing. It’s very refreshing. Throw tomatoes at JYPE!!! But I still love my other boys.

  8. This is a great site for those who love Thai entertainment as long as other Asian entertainment too! nice entry on Jay Park! it’s good to see that he let the world know that he’s okay with his cover song on youtube! Go DL! Fighting!

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  10. JYPE used Jay Park. And Nichkhun is also uses to promote to fan in Thailand. JYPE and JYP such a bad entertainment company. Jay Park and Nichkhun are young talent but man such to know the pain they go through.

  11. omg! so was it this website that wanted to do the j. what time is it? plane poster thing?!??!?!!? it made the news! :O amazing!

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  13. im a fanatic of 2 pm..please to allow this video because i really want to know what happen actually….

    anyway 2 pm,,i will support you…PLEASE DO THE BEST AND MUST NEVER GOING DOWN.YOU ALL CAN DO IT

    mrz_korean93@yahoo.com or Helmy Zul—> my facebook email or name

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